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Full Version: DarkTubeLoader
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Header: Dark tube loader

Prehistory: There are nice libraries/scripts (Youtube-dl) capable to load videos from youtube and e.t.c.
But they aren't comfortable to use unless you are Linux scripting Guru
and regular browser plugins usually do not allow to save it to mp3(but ffmpeg codecs do), or having trouble downloading entire playlists

This thing can auto convert to mp3 format and download entire playlists
Wrapped into simple GUI for simple usage
with already installed ability to convert into mp3 format
Useful to obtain playlists of audiobooks for mp3 player, or downloading some video lessons.

P.S. it is made with writing just 20 coding phrases ;b

[Image: 165om2E.png]
Link to download

Description: A program to download from youtube one video as video or as mp3 file. Or it can download entire playlist of videos or mp3 files in one click!.

Example: Example: You inserted
or link to it
You can press One MP3 to download it and having it converted to MP3, or you can press One Video to download it as video.

Alternatively if your link is having format
one of from playlist, or looking like
You can press List MP3 or List VIdeo to download entire playlist into MP3 or Video formats
This is really cool I used to use something like this (but not as simple) a long time ago during the wild wild days of the early 2000's when I was an angsty teen internet pirate and music streaming platforms weren't a thing.
I will have good uses for this for when I do video editing, this is a godsend