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Full Version: A newbie oldie, or an oldie newbie?
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Hi everyone,

I originally started in the very early days of Discovery's existence. I played a vanilla version before that on (I think) the UK IGN server, until the servers all vanished! (Thanks MS).

I'm sure I had another account on here under the name of '6316' which I can't find a trace of anywhere - but this back up account I had from 2012 has let me in at least!

I've jumped into space and everything has changed. The NavMaps, the station locations, the ships, the costs of everything(!) but I'm happy to see the starting ship isn't a Starflier and that it has some decent kit! So for the last few hours I've just flown around system to system to see what's going on. I was enjoying the adventure of all the new systems and places until someone pointed out that there's a Navmap available on here! (I'm trying to ignore it, lol)

Anyway, it's a bit lonely out there with no real sense of direction. Back in the day I ran a border clan/group - but I can't really remember the dynamics of it. If anyone would like an old newbie under their wing out there - let me know!

- 6
Welcome back!

Maybe you will appreciate this: Veteran Package

Or just ping anyone on Discord.
(02-20-2021, 10:10 PM)Skorak Wrote: [ -> ]Welcome back!

Maybe you will appreciate this: Veteran Package

Or just ping anyone on Discord.

I've just had a look into that. Missed it hiding up at the plain sight.

I'll load up the Discord on my phone once it has some life in it Smile
welcome back to discovery after all this time

Welcome back to Discovery! Big Grin
Welcome back comrade!
Welcome to Disco
Welcome back!
Welcome home dad
Welcome back
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