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Full Version: [Poll] Revert Kepler and reactivate gates
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As titled.

Did anyone get anything out of this? Have you found a reason to go to Kepler now that it's a pain to travel through without the gates? Has gameplay been meaningfully improved by forcing you to go through the artificial bottleneck of Galileo? Was it negatively impacted?

I'd like to know.
I still need to go to kepler for equipment and trade reasons but now it's just a pain in the ass because of everything being shut down. Nothing but losses
I mean, the change made it 3000 times easier to sit on a lane in Galileo with a Junker SHF and pirate anything that breaths. Also, those two PoBs on top of Ames are dead and basically dead, which cut the lag when flying across the system in half. Also, I guess sometimes I use foolish people who get there from Galileo jumphole and don't know where the Ontario jumphole is as aim practice. Other than that, the change has done nothing good.
We could line the two systems up?
The systems team should look into cutting other deadweight systems from the mod, rather than making vital systems to the base game redundant and breaking the complex web of lore that surrounds them. But I already know I'm expecting too much by thinking this, given the tendency of everyone in said positions to not have anything that resembles a spine.
I dont normally like changes to the basic route network we had for years but this one could have been worse. One of those systems was dead traffic wise either way.

I'll never understand why people think shrinking up the mod will make things better. Better for a few at the expense of many! The walls are already closing in enough here. I know what they say about low player population but the better solution is to do something major about attracting players. People won't feel that compelled to join in upon learning of shrink or stagnation. What attracts players is the prospect of opportunity, options, and new growth.

Apparently the general consensus is that this place is a write off...? Yet little is done outside the norm to really change that. Those in charge have their arms trapped in the vending machines and wont entertain the notion of letting go of the candy to save themselves. Meaning how can anyone ever expect anything different to happen here if people won't let go of their old way of thinking? I guarantee that with just a few changes to the rules here and a few simple changes to the mod we could fill these routes with people again. People just need to hear that this place is opening up from now on instead of staying locked. There's no point to it anymore.

Just saying, its hard under the current set up for factions to flesh out any purpose or actually achievable long term goals. There's tons we could be doing to keep this world rolling instead of frozen between big story updates (I don't bother with factions for that reason). That development alone will generate some refreshed interest! If there are no major plans story wise and people favor smaller conflicts, why not let player factions make real moves and give them something to work on again, like a real chance to achieve stuff!
Galileo is just such an ugly system it's not fun pirate in

I go to Shikoku where rogues have Zoi instead, and has a bottleneck for both systems

The change also has a very unfortunate side effect - screwing the Gallia - Kepler smuggle route of

Human Organs - Counterfeit Software. It was fun going through Kusari and giving it activity instead of the standard Liberty route. It was circular, didn't involve slaves gallic unlawfuls and quasi lawfuls besides brigands (who are more about abusing people who sign themselves to servitude willingly to erase debts anyways) wouldn't really go for.

I just think the solution should be different. And personally I'd pick Kepler over Galileo if there is one to pick.
If we want to continue with bottleneck sharade
I think we just should move valuable stuff from kepler (like stations) to galileo
And keeping kepler closed

Or well better move galileo stuff to kepler, and closing galileo.
leaky dark matter
(02-22-2021, 11:37 AM)James Greed Wrote: [ -> ]leaky dark matter

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