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Full Version: Food Issues on Metz
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Food Issues on Metz

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View on planet Metz
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Food issues on Metz

Planet Metz, Lorraine – Ever since the very first day of human settlement on Metz, the terraforming of the planet faced numerous challenges, and the most prominent of them was the development of agriculture. Metz only receives enough light to warm the equatorial regions above freezing while the warmest summers rarely exceed 20 degrees celsius, and only where the warm waters hold sway over the weather. Despite the climate not being favourable, the Gallic authorities never questioned the potential of the planet, and the Gallic Office des Eaux et des Forêts, the successor of the Office Royal des Eaux et Forêts ordered several projects to undertake the terraforming of the frigid world of Metz.

The most ambitious project was by far the Metz Mirror Array or MMA, which consisted of a vast phalanx of reflective satellites in orbit of the planet meant to increase the sunlight during Metz’s 28 hours day. Contracted by EFL, the project was about to be finished when Kusari began its invasion of our Home. Most of the MMA satellites were spared during the earliest hours of the war as the initial fighting occurred around the stations of Roanne and Montigny. Unfortunately, the rest of the MMA was completely destroyed by the scorched earth tactic of Kusari’s retreat.

On the planet's surface, the 70 million inhabitants suffered the long six months of the war. Being unsupplied, the oil reserves necessary to provide energy to the generators of the water reclamation facilities were dry by the end of the summer. As consequence, the quantity of water collected for agriculture was well below the required quantities for sufficient production. This was also coupled with a very early winter, with the first frosts in the equatorial regions by the end of September. These multiple factors resulted in serious consequences on Metz’s food production and reserves, to the point that the possibility of famine was even evoked.

While this statement is revealed to be false, the food situation on Metz is more than worrisome and the confusion created by the end of the war and the Reunification makes the Metz supplying mission in food even more complex.