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Full Version: Awake
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I really did try.

I worked an honest career. Didn't take any bribes or kickbacks. I took my (meager) pension an tried to settle down.
At first, I thought I'd try farming down in Stuttgart . That lasted all of about a year. Then, It was back to the trades, working with my hands. I repaired drilling lasers for the Miner's Guild. Next, I tried steady work processing shipments for the GMG.
Luxury food, rocks or gas. It was all just a diversion for me.

I got bored, and began to drink and gamble... real bad. Did some stuff both illegal and immoral. What few friends I had left wouldn't answer their comm links. I was so low. I really thought about an early check-out.
I remember I woke-up in some back alley in Edinburgh, just rolled by some young Mollys . I saw an ad in the Bretonia Times adverting some used cryotubes for sale. Suddenly, I felt tired. I felt like taking a nap. A long one. So I did.

So, here it is, many years later. I'm defrosted, and having a look around.

You might see me out there. Or, maybe not. I like to just hang back. I might be in a transport (for a while).

See ya in space !