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Full Version: Stormhawk | Special Operative ID
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1. Forum name of the owner:


2. What exactly are you requesting?

I would like to request a SRP / Special operative ID
I am looking for something similar to a Zoner/Order hybrid setup. The ship is a Zoner Carrier. I would prefer a standard Zoner rep setup and maintain a +0.90 fixed friendly rep with both Zoners and Outworlders to hold onto the Zoner roots of where the ship and crew comes from. I would also like a rephack of about +0.70 fixed rep friendly with the Order. I do not need any other special rephacks or ship adjustments.

3. Exact name, identification and affiliation of the character:

Zoner ID
Zoner IFF

4. Why is this request necessary for the continuation of this character's roleplay?

My goal is to drive this character's story in a certain direction that as a standard Zoner may not fully fit in line with. The backstory has most of the crew originating out of the Zoners but also hiring outside contractors and personnel to accomplish their goals. The leaders of the Delta 4 unit and Stormhawk want to push their agenda farther than what Zoners would normally do. They have gone to significant effort to assault the Nomads and capture their technology, so a expansion on this I believe would be in order.

5. What short-term and long-term goals are you planning to achieve on this character?

Short term-wise I want to continue to add on to the RP I have started with it, trying to go after some more ingame interactions which I am working at.

Long term-wise I will continue to make some RP posts about the mission log and try to establish connections with other groups to help improve the character's RP standard. I will also put constant effort on making sure the RP stays as fully balanced as possible.

6. Provide links to the relevant forum roleplay.


7. Provide a cliffnote/summary for the links provided above.

1. The main mission log for the ship's Captain.
2. Comm sent to Phoenix about exchange deal, they reply that for a fee, can install new sensor system to help detect both Nomad and infected ships more easily.
3. Comm sent to HS> about trade deal to get Thorium MOX and is used later for testing and upgrades. May add more to this later.
4. Cooperative efforts with the Order to assist them with a number of operations, the Order appears to be happy to have another ally to combat the Nomads. This RP will be ongoing.
5. A log entry of the founding of the Delta 4 Unit which transformed from a science-based initiative to a acquiring their own ship and making a very aggressive stance to make offensive actions against the Nomads and capture some of their technology.
6. Comm to BMF about adapting some Nomad technology to the Stormhawk and making use of the Thorium MOX to have better functioning of the Phoenix sensor system
7. Stormhawk responding to assistance request made by HS>

8. How long has this character been building its backstory?

I have been working on this character's story since probably late last year, but it wasn't until a few months ago that I reworked it and became more serious with it.

9. If you feel that you would like to provide us with character references, specify whom.

- This fine man I think has had the biggest impact on me for designing my roleplay. He suggested I look to modify certain things from what I originally had so that it would make more sense. He has really taken time to be patient with me and help me to understand Discovery storyline and roleplay better.

– Shawn has stuck with me since the start and he also helped me work through a few things on here to help my RP. It been great to work with him on several occasions.

– Xenon's experience from his long-haul time on Discovery has been a huge help to me. He helped me greatly in how to make RP comms on the forums and assisted me in getting my overall RP activity started on here. I have worked with him on many occasions to assist with not only building my character's RP but with a number of other aspects as well.

– For being around and helping me a lot also since I started and got me more interested in this type of RP.

and some other Phoenix members - for helping with some Zoner RP and giving a few ideas.

Money may be taken from Stormhawk