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[Image: nZQs4hb.png]
ID: Liberty Navy

IFF: Liberty Navy

TAG: 1st|

Discord: Join now!

High Command Permanent Residence: Juneau Shipyard, Alaska

Internal Award System Explained: First Armada Awards System
Award holders: First Armada Award Holders List


We are an Armada of the Liberty Navy. We maintain state control in systems claimed by Liberty, patrol border systems and assist in law enforcement. We trust in the righteousness of all that the Republic of Liberty stands for. The First Armada prefers to rush to the vanguard of all military operations, many would say recklessly, in blind faith in their orders.

They leave no stones and new opportunities unturned in their quest to keep peace and order and enforce the Liberty Law, stop smugglers and assist in the expansion of Liberty's values to new regions. They care more about the principles of upholding the Law rather than the income from monetary fines. They have many specialised divisions that allow their officers to focus on what they excel in.


Divisions and Squads Explained

Pegasus Division:
PEGASUS Unleashed [Press Release of the First Armada]
[Image: 1dee5a9dfda3d515e9e145ff9476b194.gif]
Our logistical and transport division

The Office of Naval Intelligence:
1st| Office of Naval Intelligence - Reports
[Image: 98a705079965010786b1790af4986347-removebg-preview.png]
Our Military Intelligence and Scouting division

Raptor Squadron:
Raptor Squad: Smugglers' BANE[Press Release of the First Armada]
1st| Raptor Classified Reports
[Image: cTGS0am.png]
Our hostile supplier and neutral law-breaker hunting squadron. They do not engage in conventional combat operations unless forced to.

The Spectre Company:
Spectre Company: Ambition Personified [Press Release of the First Armada]
[Image: 8E0NxhW.png]
Our purely combat oriented Company deployed to the most dangerous operations and behind enemy lines

The Combat Academy:
Combat Academy, Explained
[Image: 1ST-ACADEMY.png]
Our academy with top instructors for officers who wish to focus on learning combat

Viper Squad:

[Image: qJWXC5e.png]
Viper Squad - A well tuned Bomber strike group with intent on being the best, and able to strike hard and fast against all enemies


Allies: Liberty Navy, LPI, LSF, Liberty Corporations
Partners: Bretonia Armed Forces, Crayter Republic, The Core
Enemies: Factions listed in Liberty Law 3.0:Hostile Organizations


You are expected to be taught the basics of duty by our officers. You simply make your first steps in the First Armada and learn, often by mistakes how to advance to the Crewman.
So you passed the Naval Academy at West Point and are eager to fly your newly acquired ship.
In this rank, you will experience all you learned in theory on the field. Patrolling, enforcing laws, low-level duty on warships, chasing smugglers, and who knows, if you get lucky you may even get a chance at arresting an actual high-ranking criminal or hostile! (Hope you put some time in the simulator on West Point)

You have been working, patrolling, arresting and chasing criminals all around Liberty.
Thanks to your efforts there are less drugs, guns and slaves in Liberty.
You know how to work the laws in the field and learned the tricks of smugglers and maybe got into a dance with some highly wanted criminals. Now you are ready to be the backbone of the Fleet. As a junior officer you will take part in direct combat operations, lead and educate crewmen, and be ready to take more responsibility aboard warships.

Reaching this rank is the biggest step within the First Armada. You can promote Ranks below your level. You can recruit new Cadets and Crewmen, command warships, grant personal awards and take part in the internal workings of the First Armada.
Lieutenant Commander
You are considered a commanding officer. You are starting to be given responsibility for dealing with stakeholders across Liberty - other fleets, corporations and others. You frequently promote officers, introduce new recruits and lead by example.
Everyone looks up to you. You command multiple squadrons, and lead missions you yourself often commission. You take the initiative in directing stakeholders in Liberty and are fully trusted by the Admiralty to do so autonomously without much oversight. In wartimes, you can even command entire battle groups in the field in case of an absence of higher ranks. You take part in the command structure of the First Armada, keeping tabs on people under your command, and taking charge of promotions and squadrons when required.
Welcome to High Command. The Captain of the Armada is an experienced pilot who knows how to lead multiple battle groups if necessary. Your name is known not only to your fellow heroes but to Liberty's enemies too.
Lower ranks admire and look up to you hoping one day to be Captains themselves. You are entirely entrusted to speak on behalf of the First Armada in all matters but those that really must involve the Admiralty.

The Commodore is ready to organize large-scale operations and mould the First Armada. You frequently recruit and promote new officers when you reach this rank, have given out custom awards and are ready to take charge whenever required.
You are the Admiralty. You make the highest-level decisions. In the First Armada, you are not expected to only sit behind the desk. Our admirals unless consumed by their High Command duty are fully expected to lead by example on the front lines. They even perform low-level patrols to motivate the officers under their command whenever they can and charge head-on in battle on their commanding vessels.

Vessel Designations:

Fighters, Bombers: 1st|Name.Surname or Codename
Capital Vessels: 1st|LNS-Name
Transports/Liners: 1st|PEGASUS- or 1st|P-
Office of Naval Intelligence, Drones, Corvo: 1st|ONI-
Raptor Squadron: 1st|Raptor- or 1st|R-
Spectre Company: 1st|Spectre-


Aiden Pearce
Alex Connor
Alex Freeman
Arnold Takeshi
Bill Curtis
Blue Diesel
Blake Wayne Van Leer / Hawk Jones
Bryce Walker
Dean Harrison
Diesel Knight
Felix Gustafson
Frank Mitchell
James Silverton
Jason RedBloom
Jens Busing
Julius Fox
Johan van Wyk
John Jink
John Walter
Kain Hicks
Knight Black
Larry Irons
Lewis Petrovski
Lewis Williams
Libby Harrison (Inactive)
Lockwood Holloway
Lilith Ayaka
Lucky Jackson
Luke Lukas
Lya Robbins
Mahdi Bakeri
Matt Cooper
Miranda Nur
Miguel Diaz
Nastaha Kudo, Akagi Kudo
Nineth Legion
Preston Cole
Robert Sanchez
Sam Preble
Sly Quin / Black Quin
Stanley Colt
Tim Kahan
Victor Callotis
William Hawkins
William Nelson

CLASSIFIED identity alt roster

Awards meaning

Combat Awards with 1,000,000,000 top prize
Awarded for taking down Liberty's enemies and recording so in our bounty board
The Heart of a Lion Award
[Image: 4e2b0ddbc5dc40d64c6bd2c901eed329.png]
This award is granted for exceptional selfless courage, sacrifice, or heroism shown in high-stakes scenarios.

The Sniper Award
[Image: 9020fef7fb5e23421f14345cb92053cc.png]
Van Leer's personal Sniper Award is granted for out-of-this-world gunnery performance.

Best Patrolman Award
[Image: a9d398f6cdd2acc2bb48a9a881a502d3.png]
Awarded for catching and logging most neutral law-breakers or hostile transports/smugglers in a monthly period

Guardian of the Watch Award
Awarded for patrolling, curbing and reporting on smuggling and law-breaking
Snub Tournament winner awards
Awarded for placement in internal tournament

Exemplary Commitment Award
[Image: 15353a795d328f79aa1ae7ce8fc0af73.png]
Awarded to the most active vessel in a monthly period

Clutch Kusarian Impression Award
[Image: fce49f2b066b5180c398cd9549774be5.png]
Granted to one-off sacrificial moves that defeat a tough enemy.

Supreme Dedication Award

For being the most active officers of the First Armada in quarter
Mastery - event link

Akagi Kudo Escape Artist Award
[Image: eaf0552d478e39cbcd8b3e1e24444a6f.png]
Granted for amazing feats of survival and escape during a classified mission, awarded by the Office of Naval Intelligence

Master Recruiter award
[Image: d67ad5129b4e7811c483989bfef28aca.png]
Granted for bringing in and assisting multiple new Cadets or Recruits within a calendar month!

Envoy award
[Image: 0401e189d6e66f508b0f6cc7bbaec772.png]
for excellent representation of the First Armada in missions and events not organized by us!

Captain's Star
[Image: 10dbf7b3daa6b22003be4851ad5b3784.png]
The Captain's Star is Sy Quin's personal award granted for earning the Captain's Respect for exceptional performance.

[Image: d13644aeba31286afc86a9e27245461b.png]
This award is granted for sacrificially and bravely standing your ground and holding down multiple enemies before victorious reinforcements arrive!

[Image: afb09ad04b135f391865ceb6c54514bd.png]
Granted for newly found exemplary improvement and pro-activity

Pegasus wings
[Image: 50ca6b90560760f231d07c27d0bccae2.png]
Granted for assisting heavily contested Pegasus convoys get to their destination.

Rules of Engagement Mentor Award
[Image: fa67005c5eddfceebc994202d2b46e82.png]
Granted to members who lift up other members and help them out with playing by server rules after they make mistakes.

The Frontier award
[Image: cdb7275c26916eb17d43d02cff72cc6f.png]
Lewis and Clark, John Glenn, Amelia Earhart, Neil Armstrong, the Liberty sleeper ship colonists. And now the following First Armada heroes. These are the spears of Humanity who boldly went into the unknown, and were ready to risk paying the ultimate price in the name of exploration and progress. Today's mission was a hazardous test of our Carrier deep space exploration technology. The entire fabric of space-time shook several times as we pushed the boundaries of the experimental jump drive and docking module technology in faraway lands of the unknown.

Tactial Mastery Award
[Image: e04d45976269a5b89cd029e15a8a1cff.png]
Granted for tactical innovation.

Akagi Kudo
[Image: eaf0552d478e39cbcd8b3e1e24444a6f.png][Image: 0401e189d6e66f508b0f6cc7bbaec772.png][Image: 50ca6b90560760f231d07c27d0bccae2.png]

Alex Connor
[Image: 61f1b35eee235c79283f4e35dc2594af.png][Image: 7e9f666e36ef40d154c96732e5af8dc6.png][Image: 4e2b0ddbc5dc40d64c6bd2c901eed329.png][Image: 50ca6b90560760f231d07c27d0bccae2.png][Image: 7e9f666e36ef40d154c96732e5af8dc6.png][Image: fa67005c5eddfceebc994202d2b46e82.png][Image: cdb7275c26916eb17d43d02cff72cc6f.png]

Aiden Pearce
[Image: 9020fef7fb5e23421f14345cb92053cc.png][Image: 61f1b35eee235c79283f4e35dc2594af.png][Image: 2a1c40168ce4c6473ef8dc99de9152c7.png]

Alvin Reed
[Image: 4e2b0ddbc5dc40d64c6bd2c901eed329.png]

Arnold Takeshi
[Image: 3e78e3825cc8deab82a567d105b609cf.png][Image: e04d45976269a5b89cd029e15a8a1cff.png]

Bill Curtis
[Image: 4e2b0ddbc5dc40d64c6bd2c901eed329.png][Image: 15353a795d328f79aa1ae7ce8fc0af73.png][Image: f363dff1e7add928c7c52949847da7e5.png][Image: 50ca6b90560760f231d07c27d0bccae2.png][Image: 7e9f666e36ef40d154c96732e5af8dc6.png][Image: 20c8957214f9df20361a2043d4d5a295.png][Image: 8544fd1dbe956ddc08229afd0c1e79e9.png]

Billy Turner
[Image: 89dde5749248a5b4ac4383df8dd4c57b.png]

[Image: a9d398f6cdd2acc2bb48a9a881a502d3.png][Image: 142db00e1e5f88cdc703708492e30eb2.png]

Blake Wayne Van Leer
[Image: 61f1b35eee235c79283f4e35dc2594af.png][Image: 37319c94c76ac9ba239878a778548a32.png][Image: 142db00e1e5f88cdc703708492e30eb2.png][Image: ab78b45424a93d14063a19680b1d23b8.png][Image: 063525c08693b90a18ee3d0b34c4da97.png][Image: d6efe9b08b231d4f4d4cfb11a96da99a.png][Image: 142db00e1e5f88cdc703708492e30eb2.png][Image: 61f1b35eee235c79283f4e35dc2594af.png][Image: 37319c94c76ac9ba239878a778548a32.png][Image: c95097d41db3ddc818539ea99be41736.png][Image: 37319c94c76ac9ba239878a778548a32.png][Image: 61f1b35eee235c79283f4e35dc2594af.png][Image: 61f1b35eee235c79283f4e35dc2594af.png][Image: 37319c94c76ac9ba239878a778548a32.png][Image: 3cb1e6e60fa77509f36417658af7f132.png][Image: 61f1b35eee235c79283f4e35dc2594af.png][Image: 37319c94c76ac9ba239878a778548a32.png][Image: 61f1b35eee235c79283f4e35dc2594af.png][Image: e04d45976269a5b89cd029e15a8a1cff.png][Image: 61f1b35eee235c79283f4e35dc2594af.png][Image: 37319c94c76ac9ba239878a778548a32.png][Image: 20c8957214f9df20361a2043d4d5a295.png]

Bryce Walker
[Image: 61f1b35eee235c79283f4e35dc2594af.png][Image: 37319c94c76ac9ba239878a778548a32.png][Image: 4e2b0ddbc5dc40d64c6bd2c901eed329.png]

James Silverton
[Image: 4e2b0ddbc5dc40d64c6bd2c901eed329.png][Image: 9020fef7fb5e23421f14345cb92053cc.png][Image: d13644aeba31286afc86a9e27245461b.png][Image: afb09ad04b135f391865ceb6c54514bd.png][Image: da1fed8056bb231baf7f6c542b80d39e.png][Image: 61f1b35eee235c79283f4e35dc2594af.png][Image: 28d02ff9a69c89a9ec96dd6be2e1cdbb.png]

Jens Busing
[Image: 10dbf7b3daa6b22003be4851ad5b3784.png][Image: cdb7275c26916eb17d43d02cff72cc6f.png]

Jonathan Odgar
[Image: 23278eac40f03af1fcf882a3eba771ff.png]

Jhon Anderson
[Image: 61f1b35eee235c79283f4e35dc2594af.png]

Knight Black
[Image: 50ca6b90560760f231d07c27d0bccae2.png][Image: 7e9f666e36ef40d154c96732e5af8dc6.png][Image: cdb7275c26916eb17d43d02cff72cc6f.png]

Lewis Williams
[Image: 4e2b0ddbc5dc40d64c6bd2c901eed329.png]

Luke Lukas
[Image: 4e2b0ddbc5dc40d64c6bd2c901eed329.png][Image: 15353a795d328f79aa1ae7ce8fc0af73.png][Image: fce49f2b066b5180c398cd9549774be5.png][Image: da73f4074a9ae7c5bb55268df09cc00f.png][Image: 4e2b0ddbc5dc40d64c6bd2c901eed329.png][Image: 0401e189d6e66f508b0f6cc7bbaec772.png][Image: 920ff988a79ffaf78787fb7d59cf1291.png][Image: e04d45976269a5b89cd029e15a8a1cff.png]

Luke Cydaea
[Image: 0401e189d6e66f508b0f6cc7bbaec772.png][Image: c6f4de73b23bf64b970787afd566200e.png][Image: fce49f2b066b5180c398cd9549774be5.png][Image: 7e9f666e36ef40d154c96732e5af8dc6.png]

Lilith Cydaea
[Image: 4e2b0ddbc5dc40d64c6bd2c901eed329.png][Image: 7e9f666e36ef40d154c96732e5af8dc6.png]

Lockwood Holloway
[Image: 9020fef7fb5e23421f14345cb92053cc.png][Image: 1128de7bc0d3c5320b145fac758c848c.png][Image: 61f1b35eee235c79283f4e35dc2594af.png][Image: 4e2b0ddbc5dc40d64c6bd2c901eed329.png][Image: 4e2b0ddbc5dc40d64c6bd2c901eed329.png]

Libby Harrison
[Image: a257e5683a921980395f005abc15f767.png][Image: d67ad5129b4e7811c483989bfef28aca.png][Image: d13644aeba31286afc86a9e27245461b.png][Image: bb142ddd1d830b723b93e6900e4a5b83.png][Image: 50ca6b90560760f231d07c27d0bccae2.png][Image: 147a4ac48a60b41ef58549f274e0e348.png][Image: cdb7275c26916eb17d43d02cff72cc6f.png][Image: d67ad5129b4e7811c483989bfef28aca.png][Image: 0c59dabd739cc7771a653f325266832d.png]

Lya Robbins
[Image: 6be1c61c51ea2c9f6e42d371cfcd9801.png]

Nate Penguine
[Image: 50ca6b90560760f231d07c27d0bccae2.png][Image: cdb7275c26916eb17d43d02cff72cc6f.png]

Mahdi Bakeri
[Image: 4e2b0ddbc5dc40d64c6bd2c901eed329.png][Image: afb09ad04b135f391865ceb6c54514bd.png][Image: d67ad5129b4e7811c483989bfef28aca.png][Image: 15353a795d328f79aa1ae7ce8fc0af73.png][Image: 61f1b35eee235c79283f4e35dc2594af.png][Image: cdb7275c26916eb17d43d02cff72cc6f.png][Image: cdb7275c26916eb17d43d02cff72cc6f.png][Image: 4e2b0ddbc5dc40d64c6bd2c901eed329.png]

Matt Cooper
[Image: 7e9f666e36ef40d154c96732e5af8dc6.png][Image: e04d45976269a5b89cd029e15a8a1cff.png%5D][Image: cdb7275c26916eb17d43d02cff72cc6f.png]

Miguel Diaz
[Image: 7e9f666e36ef40d154c96732e5af8dc6.png][Image: 4e2b0ddbc5dc40d64c6bd2c901eed329.png][Image: 50ca6b90560760f231d07c27d0bccae2.png][Image: 7e9f666e36ef40d154c96732e5af8dc6.png]

Miranda Nur
[Image: 8b365f8b9aedcd8dbef4db51cbe9bf48.png]

Nineth Legion
[Image: 61f1b35eee235c79283f4e35dc2594af.png]

Robert Sanchez
[Image: 4e2b0ddbc5dc40d64c6bd2c901eed329.png]

Sam Perble
[Image: 3a458d4df3d174aa020ca65a11ed4e2c.png][Image: 15353a795d328f79aa1ae7ce8fc0af73.png]

[Image: 142db00e1e5f88cdc703708492e30eb2.png][Image: a9d398f6cdd2acc2bb48a9a881a502d3.png][Image: 063525c08693b90a18ee3d0b34c4da97.png][Image: 142db00e1e5f88cdc703708492e30eb2.png][Image: a9d398f6cdd2acc2bb48a9a881a502d3.png][Image: 7e9f666e36ef40d154c96732e5af8dc6.png][Image: 4e2b0ddbc5dc40d64c6bd2c901eed329.png][Image: 142db00e1e5f88cdc703708492e30eb2.png][Image: a9d398f6cdd2acc2bb48a9a881a502d3.png]

[Image: 7e9f666e36ef40d154c96732e5af8dc6.png][Image: 4e2b0ddbc5dc40d64c6bd2c901eed329.png]

[Image: 7e9f666e36ef40d154c96732e5af8dc6.png][Image: 4e2b0ddbc5dc40d64c6bd2c901eed329.png]
Event Videos

Mahdi Bakeri is the brand new Crewman of the First Armada
Erast Starfield has heard our call and is also a brand-new Crewman

Aiden Pearce is a new Crewman of the First Armada
Lewis Williams joins us also on the Crewman rank

And Last but not least this recruitment wave we have the Crewman Nineth Legion joining us!

For the heroic Supergate resistance against the Corsair Hordes in Omicron NU, we are granting the following promotions:

For taking down three Corsair enemies during the massive battle.

Both are promoted for their amazing dexterity, drawing five or more vessels each away and saving the Supergate.

Our Kansas Search and Rescue Mission went extremely smoothly! As promised, top searchers get their rewards.

200,000,000 Bonus and a promotion for finding the lost Cruiser in Kansas first!

100,000,000 and a promotion for finding the Liberty Siege Cruiser second!

For assisting in the Single Largest Artifact Interception in the History of Liberty Navy from a Libertonian Company

15,000 Units of Artifacts found on Universal Shipping vessels. 10,000 units were Destroyed and 5,000 Units were moved to Manhattan as evidence. A find like this comes once per every hundred years, and you happened to be the one who helped make it happen!

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