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Full Version: Player Banned: Sally
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Sally has been sanctioned for:

Quote:Server Administrators are obliged:

To develop and safeguard the health of the Discovery Freelancer community, official server, and forums.


We've had about enough of your horrible attitude on Discord, on the forums, and in-game.

You are banned indefinitely, and may appeal the decision in six months.

If you require evidence, you may request such via PM from a Staff member. Only the accused or an official faction leader of the accused person's faction may request such. Once you have the evidence, and if you wish to dispute it, you may post in the Sanction Thread below. Do not continue PM'ing a staff member, as that will result in your Appeal being denied. If you PM a staff or post in the sanction thread and you are not directly involved, you are consenting to be subjected to the reprisal of my choice which may involve in game repercussions up to a ban. Blaming members of your immediate family, neighbors, friends, pets, and assorted Orcs, Trolls and any other legendary creatures may result in the use of Admin Right #CTE 750AE