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Full Version: Kōkyo Press Release: Peacekeeping Operation within Kyushu and Taus
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Kōkyo, Imperial District, New Tokyo System, House Kusari, 834 A.S

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Shogun Ikeda Yamato

Merchants and travelers passing through Kyushu and the Tau Highway.

In the light of recent worrisome developments indicating large-scale cooperation between the Bretonian Separatists of Dublin, commonly named the Mollys, the Outcast menace and the further disgraced Blood Dragons, the system of Kyushu and the Tau Highway will be subject to an ongoing peacekeeping operation in accordance to Imperial War directives. This status will last until revoked by the Shogunate Office.

Merchants and other law abiding travelers have nothing to fear. Legal business will not be interfered with by our forces. Intruders, pirates and the aforementioned disgusting, untrustworthy and dishonorable scum shall listen and hear:

All of your pilots will face immediate demise. State Police units are advised to only arrest high-profile targets. Every other criminal element found within Kyushu will face their immediate death penalty, as is the will of the Emperor and his people.

Further, the strict fist of the law will extend its reach to the Tau Highway even more. Your futile attempts to stop our cooperation with House Bretonia will never succeed. Our joint forces will continue to hold exercises and counter-piracy operations.

No savage behavior will be tolerated neither within Kyushu nor the Tau Highway, all those suspected of aiding terrorist or criminal organizations may face long-term imprisonment. Please be advised that the new status of the affected systems enables our Intelligence units far reaching autonomy, we urge any and all legal entities to simply comply with their standard questionnaire as resisting their approaches may lead to severe consequences.

In service of Kusari,
Shogun Ikeda Yamato