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Full Version: Moding
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OK, so i was lookin around Lancer today and found nice Editor for FL, had fun and all but need help with one thing, the Editor can't Find the File(s) for the Hispania, id like to mess around with it but have no idea what to do Igiss, or anyone know what to do???
I would also like to know of a good program for modding FL, as i have alot of free time. I could also use it to help with discovery modding when i understand it all.
The Program im using now is Freelancer Explorer, its pretty good, you get about 90% of everything in the Game, as basics i think to get the rest u need to rename files, i think :unsure: :wacko: :unsure:
I think I'll try it when i get home tomorrow. If anyone else ahs any other sugestions for FL modding programs post them here.
Ok, Dab, and everyone interested, Found out some that FL doesn't like when you Mod it, one is Patrols, almost every patrol i placed had fatal errors on it, so to fix it you sould put in population Zones.

Example you want a Base For the Asgard Warriors in Orbit around Malta, place a outpost there of a base that you favor, then make a Population Zone around the base,(Outcasts maybe) make it as large as you want, and put the max Combat encounter to four, any more and they just split up and go different ways, makes sure to set the encounter % at 100 and the Faction % at 100, so that you see this...

Encounter type:area_defend 100% Faction: Outcasts 100%

Difficulty: 12

This will make Outcast Patrols of Lvl 12 and higher patrol in that area
Then just repeat the process and instead of Outcasts have this

Encounter:area_nomads 100% Faction: Nomads 100%

Difficulty: 12

That should spice up your encounters if your lookin for a challenge, well good luck PM or post me if u need help, im finding new things everyday :yahoo: