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Bretonia Mining and Manufacturing

Information Center, Thames Station, New London.

[Image: BMM_Logo.png]

One of the largest Bretonian corporations, specialised in mining operations and ship manufacturing. With 80% of profits coming from mining operations, the company has been extremely profitable for the last 500 years. BMM has grown from a government-subsidised company, to an extremely influential and powerful corporation with many different commercial interests across Bretonia, the Taus and the Omega systems. Ever since the early days, employees have been mining and constructing ships, infrastructure, factories and industrial products, most of the time under harsh working conditions, to make BMM what it is today. BMM's shares are entirely owned by the Crown, making the corporation nationalised like its partner Bowex, and giving the Bretonian Government control over appointments to the Board of Directors and the setting of company policy. This is exercised through the company's Royal Charter, and by weekly meetings between the BMM Board of Directors and members of the Department for Trade and Industry. The former CEO William Relic stepped down in early March 817 A.S., so the company now starts a new chapter of its history under a new board of directors.

Our company has stations throughout Bretonian space and is under constant attack from pirates and occasionally other companies. Mollies are particularly aggressive towards us throughout most parts of Bretonia, but especially in Dublin where we maintain Graves Mining Station. The rich history of Graves Station begain in 752 AS, in what came to be known as the Founders Day Revolt. The mollies attacked our station and murdered BMM Chief of Operations Sir Edmund Graves and his senior staff. Ever since that day they have fantasized that Dublin is their own. Since that date we have been at war with them. Now the station is under the command of Lord Graves' granddaughter Selena Graves. The extremist movement of violent eco-terrorists known as Gaians, who hold unfounded objections against our industrial activity in Leeds on the grounds that it is polluting, also terrorise us. Nonsense. Everyone knows that Leeds is an extremely clean and healthy system, and the smog clouds only add to the attractive features and tourism industry of it.

BMM was considered by some to be the prime instigator of the brutal Kusari-Bretonia war in the Tau systems, due to its admirable exploration and expansion at the expense of the IMG and Kusari corporations in Tau 23 and Tau 29 respectively. The IMG risks the saftey of their workers daily by using jumpholes to work within the Taus. BMM started the construction of the Tau 31-Tau 23 Jump Gate and trade lane network with Deep Space Engineering and Ageira to help grow the economy of the system. Trade lane construction in Tau 23 had been postponed, due to the Kusarian war, however progress is now beliefed to have been adversely affected by the Gallic Onslaught. BMM however had maintained their construction site in Tau 23 during the Kusarian conflict which served as a major supply base for Bretonian forces in the Tau region, and was regularly attacked by Colonial Remnant and Kusari-aligned forces. In 819 however, the base was infiltrated and overwhelmed by the Gallics. Most employees were evacuated although the current status of the station is unknown. BAF information reports there to still be a station in the same area. The station had earlier been considered a waste of resources by some though at the time BMM understood the profitability of the Tau region as well as the importance of the station as a staging post for BAF in the Tau and Orkney systems. The Gallic Onslaught then progressed to Leeds, where BMM stations were under constant siege and got defended by the ever-brave BAF. The stations remained fully operational with armoured transports being used in place of conventional, weaker transports, but after one year of fighting the system was lost. Now BMM pushes on in the face of war in its 500 year history, more likely than ever to come through it strong and ready for the next age of Bretonia.

BMM Stations and Operations
Mining Operations

[*]Bristol Mineral Extraction Facility
- In Cambridge.
[*]Birmingham Polymer Production Plant.
- In Manchester.
[*]Graves Mineral Extraction Facility
- In Dublin.
[*]Douglas Mineral Extraction Facility
- In Snowdown (Omega 3).

Manufacturing Depots

[*]Southampton Shipyard

This is the massive assemblage of floating steel where most of the BAF Naval Fleet is constructed, at the heart of New London. The yard is organized around an enormous structure known by most employees as "The Bridge." The Bridge is a well recognized object of pride for most Bretonians, symbolizing the brilliance and dedication of the Bretonian people. Though Southampton is largely controlled by Bretonia Mining and Manufacturing (BMM) and the Bretonia Armed Forces, it is frequented by almost anybody who has business in New London space.

[Image: 250px-Southampton_Shipyard.jpg]

Administrative Headquarters

[*]Thames outpost

This is the company's headquarters located in New London.
Every new employee has to report here to get their ID and IFF transponder.
Most of the time the BMM-Wolverhampton is stationed in the area of Thames.
This ship is used as a transport for high-security materials or personnel, or is used as the vessel for diplomatic envoys to other houses.

[Image: 250px-Thames_Outpost.jpg]

The BMM Fleet

Mining Vessels
[*]Surveyor Light Miner
[*]Scraper Medium Miner
[*]Arrastra Heavy Miner
[*]Hegemon Mining Ship
The backbone of our company, because without these vessels how would we get to all those precious minerals?

[*]Hercules Heavy Lifter
The little workhorse for small transport operations over short distances.
[*]Percheron Transport
This large Clydesdale is perfect for moving cargo safely from one destination to another.
[*]Serenity Transport
A Bretonian built and endorsed ship, the Serenity can bear any form of space with the good ol' BMM pride.
[*]Shire Heavy Container Transport
A new train which has gone on to replace the standard trains over the years in the service of BMM.
[*]Titanic Heavy Tanker
These are currently The basis of large scale mining operations. The slim large, transport is ideal for cruising through asteroid fields.
[*]Shetland Bretonian Train
There are rumours that a few of this class fly under the flag of BMM. They are very expensive and to lose one to a inexperienced captain is not an option.
[*]Bretonian Royal Liner
Only one ship of this type flies under the BMM flag at this moment. It is used for official business in other Houses and to transport senior BMM officials.

Escort Ships
Keep in mind we are a mining company, not a military corps. We don't search for pirates but we maintain vessels to defend our fleet in times of need.
[*]Griffin Light Fighter
A small and agile fighter used mainly for scouting.
[*]Falcon Heavy Fighter
An agile fighter used mainly for scouting.
[*]Eagle Very Heavy Fighter
For escorts and security.
[*]Roc Bomber
Used widely as heavy escorts for BMM. Protecting bases from capital threats in a limited fashion, useful for intercepting enemy ore shipments stolen from BMM fields.
[*]Havoc Mk II Bomber
An alternative to the Roc, able to perform a similiar role.
[*]Raven's Talon Very Heavy Fighter
Although its manufacturers aren't to be supported and its reputation is questionable, when it comes down to it having heavy escorts is often essential to a successful operation.
[*]Waran Heavy Bomber
A heavier bomber alternative to the Roc and Havoc Mk II, utilized primarily against larger targets such as battleship, destroyer or cruiser class vessels.

[*]Civilian Weaponry
[*]Bretonian Military-Grade Weaponry
[*]Missiles, Torpedoes and Mines
[*]Codename Weapons
While little is known of these weapons, pilots can use them at their own discretion. These weapons are not subsidised by the company due to their mysterious nature.


Bretonia Intelligence Service
Borderworlds Exports
Bretonian Armed Forces
Bretonian Police Authority
Planetform Inc
Bretonian Intelligence Service.

Liberty Navy
Liberty Police Force
Liberty Security Force
Liberty Corporations
Orbital Spa & Cruise
Cryer Pharmaceuticals
Interspace Commerce.

Rheinland Military
Rheinland Federal Police
Rheinland Corporations
Junkers, Kusari Naval Forces
Kusari State Police
Kusari Corporations

Lane Hackers
Gallic Corporations
Nomad and Infested Forces
Liberty Rogues
Farmers Alliance
Sirius Coalition,
Hellfire Legion
The Order
Red Hessians
Independant Miners Guild

Gallic Royal Navy
Gallic Royal Police

Structure of the Company

Chief Executive Officer:
-The CEO lies at the top of the food chain, the most powerful man/woman in the whole company. They are overall, in charge of everything and require their appointed Chiefs of Shipping, Security and Mining to work closely with them for Corporation growth.

Current Chief Execute Officer: James Goldberg

Chief of Security:
-The Chief of Security is the man/woman directing all of the escort vessels under BMM command. They are responsible for making sure that every convoy gets to where it is designated to get to without harm or damage being done to the Transports.

Chief of Mining Operations:
-The Chief of Mining Operations is the man/woman who oversees the mining done by the corporation. All miners are under their command and guidance. They work closely with the Chiefs of Security and Shipping to ensure the ores are safe and hauled quickly.

Chief of Shipping Operations:
-Shipping of the ores to the BMM Depots is an important part of the company. So the Chief of Shipping Operations has to make sure they all get there in time
and in safety. There's nothing like losing a Shetland of ore.

-Miners are the heart and soul of BMM, nearly everyone has worked aboard a miner once. These men/women are the backbone of the company and are paid well for their hardships and work.

-Shipping is one of the important jobs which requires brave men and women to face the dangerous trade lanes. Their holds, full of ore, are the main priority always - profit for the company is a lot of profit for them.

Security Officers:
-The Security ensures that all vessels flying BMM colours are safe and sound. They take pride in blowing up Mollys and other pirates, especially when it gets them bonuses.

General Company Guidelines

Our number one goals: make profits by mining the resource fields in Bretonia, the Taus and the Omegas, transport resources to their respective destinations, and construct ships for the Bretonian interest. Avoid Gauls and support the war effort. Support the Bretonian Government and the Crown; not only because we are loyal citizens, but they pay our wages. When you are stopped by a pirate you have to use common sense: escape if you can, if not then pay up - whatever you do don't lose your ship, crew or cargo. Never, ever smuggle contraband; BMM is not involved in that kind of business. If you are captured with contraband aboard, you will be fired from the company and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Remember that you represent the company; all your actions will affect BMM. Act with pride, honour, and on occasion, dignity. Every pilot or captain is responsible for maintaining their own ship and conduct and actions will be taken to maintain the public image of BMM.

[Image: BMM_Logo.png]

Small bump, we are back in business. Recruitment is open once again.

May I suggest maybe adding [align=justify] to the main info and company guidlines ? Everything else is fine, I mean... make it great again.
[Image: BMM_Logo.png]

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[Image: BMM_Logo.png]

Greetings one and all,

It is my great pleasure to announce the opening of BMM's Research Department. Our mission will be to gather Scientific Data utilize it for advanced research. This undertaking will be lead by myself, and we are open to entrants who are interested in applying their scientific credentials to both data acquisition and research based from our New London premises.

Recruitment to this division can be filed through our usual channels;

Please do mention that the R&D arm is your preferred division and provide a suitable profile to boot.

Professor Arthur Morrison, Cambridge University & BMM R&D Division

University of Cambridge

[Image: 6nzoUbl.gif]

Professor Arthur Morrison