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Full Version: To Evangeline McDowell, from the Junkers Congress
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COMM ID: Amy Carmichael, Director of Liberty Operations, Junkers Congress
LOCATION: Rochester Base, New York System
TARGET ID: Evangeline McDowell
SUBJECT: Explanation needed.

Recently, one of our higher-ups, Jack Crow, spotted a Recycler with the callsign "Kagaku no Railgun" fraternising with Xenos and attacking the LSF. Upon examination of our records, the ship in question is registered to you.

Now, frankly, I say more power to you for getting those ornery bastards to actually cooperate with you - honestly, I'd like to know how you pulled it off - but attacking lawful forces is unacceptable. Already the Congress has bountied your ship.

Would you mind kindly explaining to us why you were shooting at the LSF? Until you do, all our docks will be closed to you as a matter of course - as I'm sure you know, we don't look kindly upon people who cause us trouble.

I'm sure this is all an unfortunate misunderstanding, so please contact me so I can sort all this out.

***Type: Personal Message***
***Location: Unknown ((Proxy detected))***
***Title: Untitled. ***

I do not deny that I attacked the LSF and Navy ships in co-operation with the Xeno ships. I understand that this is likely to have caused problems for you.

My reasoning for what I did was to attempt to gain the trust of the Xenos I was working with. Their party engaged the Liberty ships and I came under fire as they had grouped me together with the Xenos. I assisted to shoot down an independently-operated gunboat and disengaged when the remaining Liberty fighters opened fire on me. It was at that time the Congress ships arrived at the location of the battle.

However, the actions of the members of the Congress in the field have forced me to desert the Junker faction. I was not given a chance to explain myself, the Congress ships despatched the Railgun without hesitation. I do not feel as though I can achieve my goals to establish a truce between the two factions so long as pig-headed people like the ones involved exist in positions of power.


She has deserted the Junkers because we are trying to protect them from a possible traitor? Well you've chosen your faction now enjoy your Xeno life.