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Full Version: To the Corsair council of elders
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=Incoming Transmition=
=Error: Source unknown=
=Id provided: High_Charity=
=Target: All corsairs, mainly Council of elders' members=
=Playing Unsourced message=

*The screen fizzes in and out, then after a moment or two, comes into focus*

*What could be seen next is a room full of blood and body parts. As if no part of the room was ment not to be red and the bodies were ment to be obvious. A single Corsair embulem can be seen slashed and torn but still plain and obvious and then the screen fades out. Words start to appear:

You prayed to your gods, and they did nothing for you...
These words are then faded and replaced:

You have now lost some of your brothers due to your arrogance...

I gave you didn't notice? Too bad....

You will....all.....die....

=Transmition ended=
=Messaged ended=