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Full Version: Greetings...
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Hello all peoples, you may have seen me in space flying around... well now you can see me on the "Forums" typing around (Yay!). And if you dont know me... Im very poor, not a good fighter and get low level Lawls syndrome... any comments?
Welcome to Disco!:yahoo:

You get low level lawl syndrome? Uhh.... Uhm... No comment.
Hi there and welcome to the community! :)

Be sure to not not read the rules and have fun.

(I lolled at your sig :happy:)
' Wrote:Hi there and welcome to the community! :)

Be sure to not not read the rules and have fun.

(I lolled at your sig :happy:)

It took me a long time to get that Sig on... Im glad you like it.
Welcome, read the rules and move out of Liberty, that is a first step to get rid of the lawl syndrom:P
Welcome to Discovery.

I'd suggest reading the rules and finding a faction to join, since factions will often help cure "lawl syndrome" and many will supply credits or a ship to get you started, which can be a huge boost (I admit to syphoning off about 1 million credits of my BAF starting cash to buy my trader an X-shuttle back in 4.84, although I had already repped my ship and bought a Templar)

With regard to your combat skills, here are 5 rules which should be followed if you want to survive:

1. Never joust a bomber. They have a slow moving anti-cap weapon which will obliterate any fighter which it hits, and in a straight line you're easy to hit
2. Strafe, strafe and strafe to dodge and make yourself difficult to hit
3. A heavy weapon which hits your shield will only take down the shield, not your hull as well
4. Listen for the sound of SNACs or razors, and learn to start panicdodging when you hear them
5. Never, and I repeat, Never bring any sort of hostile capital ship into the Leeds system after 9pm on a saturday. That is BAF| v [KNF] event time, or at least a while before it, and so if you take your shiny capital ship near the planet, you are likely to meet between 5 and 10 BAF| in fighters and bombers, and the BAF| are good at scary bomberswarms.
I do happen to Be in a faction, a player faction... the STF/GTF.