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Full Version: hello everyone
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I have been playing freelancer for a while, but have only recently discovered the discovery modification, it is a fantastic adaptation of an already brilliant game, although the rules and regulations are a little daunting at first, the rewards look promising. I've been looking for this "tech" chart for a couple of days as i would like to get out of my mammoth freighter and get into a more comfortable fighter.

I was looking at buying the Virage to start off with, until i had the faction rep needed for the Ravens Talon, but then i discovered it wasn't as simple as that:). i need faction permission, but i can't seem to find the tech chart, if someone could point me in the right direction i would be most grateful

and thanks for keeping up a very well organized server.
Welcome to Disco!:yahoo:

You need faction permission for certain ship/ID combinations.;)
Ok well, I am looking for the virage fighter, it says in the DiscFL wiki, that it is civilian, but someone on the server told me i need zoner permission, the ship it self is civilian built, but it's on a zoner base.. can someone help me here?
If it is a civilian ship? you need no ones permission.anyone who can land on a zoner base,can buy a civi ship sold there. Only if it states it is a zoner ship,do you need permission.
Welcome onboard tazzy :yahoo:

here a few links for you:

The Official Guidelines of Technology Use(the one you were looking for)

Discovery Server Rules

And the whole section as well

That are the basics to get started with.
Try to look at the people doing the roleplay and you soon get the idea what it is about.
You are the pilot or captain. Thats Sirius. Choose how you will be and you will have a lot of fun out there.

Rules are just common sense really (well - most of them are). I'm sure you will know them soon.

Welcome, and have fun.