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Full Version: James.Boyce
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I thought I should do this sooner rather than later. I started playing over a year ago and due to some issues in my life I could not give it the time it deserved so I have never found the need to create a forum account. Well now I have some free time on my hands I just had to come back and get a little serious with my RP and give Disco the attention it deserves. Soon you will see my Junker, James.Boyce around Liberty. So please come interact and any hint and tips you have to help me improve my RP feel free to comment(be gentle never heard of a junker crying). Anyway hope to have alot of fun and I will see you all in space.
well hi ... read the rules, have fun

ps: what'cha wearing?;)

P:S Rubber
heck .. you are the junker i rerouted to fes?:D
Welcome to Disco!:yahoo:
' Wrote:heck .. you are the junker i rerouted to fes?:D

Thats the one :P

' Wrote:Welcome to Disco!:yahoo:

Thank you
Welcome, don't stay in Liberty too long, the lolwuts get overwhelming.
Welcome and have fun!!!
' Wrote:Thats the one :P

well right-o, junker chap. keep up the good work.

im telling you folks, this guy can roleplay a greedy junker properly:D