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Full Version: Uh oh.. late?
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Few years later shows what I was when I came here.. I never even looked here.
There was something missing .. and I guess this was missing. I thought should i post or not but why not eh?
So.. better now then never.

I never made a welcome post anyway.
My welcome was the [RM] message dump when I joined I think *laughs*

well Hello there Sead!
Hi, read the rules and be nice!
(and dont beat me:P)
dont leave:(
Hola, Sead. This would like 3616'th time when we are waving ourselves.
Hehe, hello Sead.:P

(One fingered mexican wave is best...)
ah yes Sead welcome back:Dand yes i also did not done my welcome post ... maybe next month or in one year:D
Welcome to discovery, read the rules and RP in sistem chat.

If you kill someone, tell them to leave sistem for 4 hours or ban.



Ohai Sead-o:D