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This is Captain Zeraulo flying the Survey and Research vessel Cross Eyed Mary.

Been babysitting several researchers from Cambridge when we found ourselves near Toledo... and man is the Isis scary. Anyway, hoping to fly around with the good (and not so good) people of Sirius.
Welcome to Disco!:yahoo:
*hiss of static*


*mutters* "Gorramn experimental doohicky always acting up"

Anyway, I see Zeraulo, that ya failed to mention me.

Ladies, gents and assorted gruesomes; the name is P.T.Gumby. That's Philomenus Thadeo Gumby at yer assorted services. I'm a Zoner trader hired by the Cambridge College of Astrogation to finance Capt. Zera's little adventure. You'll find me thanklessly plowing the trade routes in my trusty ship the Lemon Curry? trying to scrounge up enough creds for Mr. MacSmarmy Pant's repairs and mounting maintenance fees (not to mention the insurance and benefits claims of all those families of the scientists he's lost, galivanting around the systems, no heed to faction politics, docking in right inhospitable locales, sampling space knows wha....*trails off*)


Lemon Curry?
That's the name of me trader, fair travels and see you all (*mutters* except the pirating kind, better not see you at all) in the 'Lanes.

Capt. P.T.Gumby out.

*end transmission*

....static hiss....high pitched beeping....fizzles...clang.

Demned contrapt*click*
Hi, welcome, have fun here, good RP by the looks of it. *whispers* Put him in the "keep" cell. *Realises he's been heard and runs off*
Keep the RP up as it is now, its very good for the beginning!!!