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Full Version: LH notice to the Outcasts coming to Liberty
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Greetings dear visitors!

Some recent events made us to disambiguate our policies concerning that remote and hostile solar-system known as 'Kansas'. Some dangers of that area are well known amongst miners, others of unnameable nature are never spoken about by the few who ever survived them. Let it be enough that iridium extraction is one of the most risky occupation one can get in the vicinity of Liberty, and week by week less souls are choosing that way of getting rich.

Our neighbors the NTF and us are putting great efforts to make that area safe(er) for those brave individuals who take their chances on that field. I'm sad to experience that our efforts are jeopardized by independents and sometimes even by our allies.

So hereby I have to express our -hostility- towards freelancing pirates and Outcasts who extorts iridium miners in Kansas or in the Magellan system.

If you suffer or witness an encounter falling under the said conditions, please notify the Lane Hackers either here, or on our designated diplomatic channel for us to be able to take appropriate measures.

(this policy does not protects Ageira, Interspace or IND ID-ed vessels. Anyone who causes loss to these companies are deserve nothing but our gratitude ) terminated...