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Full Version: Bretonian Mining & Manufacturing Recruitment
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Bretonia Mining and Manufacturing        
Applications, Thames Station, New London.

Brief Overview        

BMM is the largest mining firm in Bretonia. When woring with us, you'll be working with a range of professionals that example the company's ability. BMM accepts nothing less than hard labor and endurance from their employees, regardless of rank. We look for people fluent in basic physics, have an understanding of mining and can recite 6 different reasons as to why the Queen is the highest authority and almighty leader of Bretonia.

Think you have what it takes? Fill out the form and we'll get back to you.

[indent][indent][align=center][size=x-large][font=Agency FB][color=#FFC125][b]BMM Recruitment Form #0967:[/b][/color][hr][/size][/align]

[size=medium][color=#FFC125][b][font=Agency FB]Name:[/color][/b][/size][/font]
[indent][font=times new roman]Answer Here[/font][/indent]
[size=medium][color=#FFC125][b][font=Agency FB]Place of Birth:[/color][/b][/size][/font]
[indent][font=times new roman]Answer Here[/font][/indent]
[size=medium][color=#FFC125][b][font=Agency FB]Date of Birth:[/color][/b][/size][/font]
[indent][font=times new roman]Answer Here[/font][/indent]
[size=medium][color=#FFC125][b][font=Agency FB]Gender:[/color][/b][/size][/font]
[indent][font=times new roman]Answer Here[/font][/indent]
[size=medium][color=#FFC125][b][font=Agency FB]Physical Description:[/color][/b][/size][/font]
[indent][font=times new roman]Answer Here[/font][/indent]
[size=medium][color=#FFC125][b][font=Agency FB]Brief Autobiography:[/color][/b][/size][/font]
[indent][font=times new roman]Answer Here[/font][/indent]
[size=medium][color=#FFC125][b][font=Agency FB]Any special notes:[/color][/b][/size][/font]
[indent][font=times new roman]Answer Here[/font][/indent]
[size=medium][color=#FFC125][b][font=Agency FB]Why did you decide to apply for BMM?:[/color][/b][/size][/font]
[indent][font=times new roman]Answer Here[/font][/indent]
[size=medium][color=#FFC125][b][font=Agency FB]Were you referred here by Bowex)?:[/color][/b][/size][/font]
[indent][font=times new roman]Answer Here[/font][/indent]
[size=medium][color=#FFC125][b][font=Agency FB]D.1.5.C.0.R.D Handle:[/font][/color][/b][/size]
[indent][font=times new roman]Answer Here[/font][/indent]

[indent][quote='BMM Terms and Conditions'][i] BMM reserves the right to dismiss you from service and/or employment, temporarily or otherwise, should you not follow the company's guidelines or by placing the company's reputation in jeopardy.[/i][/quote][/indent]

[size=medium][color=#FFC125][b][font=Agency FB]Do you agree to these terms?[/font][/b][/color][/size]
[indent][font=times new roman]Answer Here[/font][/indent]
[size=medium][color=#FFC125][b][font=Agency FB]Signed:[/font][/b][/color][/font][/size]
[indent][font=times new roman]Answer Here[/font][/indent]
-+-Incoming Transmission-+-
-+-Sender: Toby McCloud-+-

Bretonian Mining and Manufacturing Employment Officer;
  • Well, I assume you should know why I am here contacting your Employment Officer today, but if not, I am interested in getting a position in you organization. My application is as follows:

    Name: Toby J McCould
    Place of Birth: Queens Children Hospital, Planet New London
    Date of Birth: 14 July, 789 A.S.
    Sex: Male

    Physical description: Tall with a height of 6' 4", and weighing in a 202 km. Blonde hair with a normal but small shaped nose. Blue Eyes, with light brown eyebrows.

    Biography: Toby grew up in a middle class family on Planet New London, his father a member of Gateway ships, and his mother secretary in a Bretonian Embassy ship in Liberty, she would come home every weekend; and be in Liberty during the week.

    Toby was always a tad of a good shot when it came to flight simulations in his father work. At his company they had a flight simulator so escort pilots could tested before escorts Gateway transports. Toby was wonderful at this and was put on a job when he turned 16 with Gateway to escort his own father.

    In 809 A.S. Toby quit Gateway to work on ships in a hanger on Planet Leeds, where his current home is. He loves working on ship and made his own business out of it.

    One day a mining ship came in and was in bad shape. BMM marks where on this ship and toby though to himself, maybe I would be able to escort these people.

    This is what lead him to want to get a job with BMM, he wants to help those poor souls in Dublin, fend off IMG, and make some money mining himself.

    Why do you want to join Bretonia mining & Manufacturing: Mine and Escort: Mainly Mining.

    BMM keeps the right to release you of service by not following the companys guidelines and bringing the companys reputation in jeopardy!
    Do you agree to these terms? yes/no.


    Toby McCloud

    I would also like to to give you an enclosed copy of my Resume:
  • Quote:Objective: My Goal in to obtain a position in Bretonia mining & Manufacturing as a miner and escort pilot.


  • Able to speak with almost anyone

  • Works well under pressure

  • Capable in Fighting

    Education: Leeds College of Business (801 A.S. - 806 A.S)


  • Escort Pilot

  • Trade Ship Captain

  • Grease Monkey
  • Thats all I have for you all, I hope I can get the job to better serve my Economy!

Toby McCloud

-+-End Transmission-+-
As Rick Occupied Will David's post, He glanced at his new... robot secretary BK404.
"I think Ill call you... Johnny. Yeah thats right you're Johnny. Whats that? AN APPLICANT?! are you sure? WHAT? its too noisy in this side of the office. When are they gonna replace that insulation yet?!.. oh whats the use "
Rick Thought to himself for a moment "People are interested in the manufacturing division?! What? you dialed him up!? tell me next time in advance will yeh!?"

Quickly glancing at the application Rick skimmed at all the parts he cared about, neglecting some portions of McCould's Application
"Mm I see... wonder how you got in that Hegemon miner after being such a good escort. heh!"
*quickly rummaging for the appropriate papers he finally continued*
"Well lad, I'm accepting you into the operation. Just be aware of the followng:
- Mollys forget. so dont forgive em. their lenient side is always shorthanded dont learn to trust them.
- Bowex gits a half price. Always
- You read this, sign it and return it to my office. the keys to using our tag will be handed to yeh the moment yeh bring it back. * attached a 6 page agreement describing BMM policy*
- IMG wont hurt you in bretonia. don't hurt them back.
- dont haul yer ore in yer damn minin ship. it aint a transport. never was meant to be one."

"Congratulations Toby McCould yer a real miner now. Don't disappoint us."

*Leaves the camera, then then returns forgets to tell the lad*
"Oh! After yer done, head to Thames outpost to register yourself."
Hegemons: BMM-(Name of British province)[M]
Mafics, dacites: BMM-(First.Last)[E] //name

(Digital Signature)
Acting Deputy Director of Mining Operations
- RickAstley
BMM application form A24124/D-22.

Name: Alexander Lee
Place of birth: Planet Leeds, Leeds System, Bretonian Space
Date of birth: 14th November, 782 AS
Sex: Male

Physical description: 6'0'', medium build, short brown hair, blue eyes.


Born on Planet Leeds, Alexander never really acheived his full potential. Throught his education he never excelled, despite increased pressure from his parents, and as a result, never proceeded onto the further education programmes.

With no real education, Alexander was left with no prospects other than the most menial and underpaid work. When he turned 18 he looked to the Armed Forces for a future. While he passed the basic literacy and numeracy examinations, he narrowly failed on his flight combat training, but it was enough to keep him out. His drill instructor mockingly commenting that he should "Stick to shooting rocks" instead.

Although he recognised this as a joke, the prospect of mining sounded promising as he enjoyed his time in space, and decided to file an application with Bretonia Mining and Manufacturing.

Why do you want to join Bretonia mining & Manufacturing:

I don't have a whole lot of prospects, and I don't want to waste away planetside. At least this way I still get to represent Bretonia.

BMM keeps the right to release you of service by not following the companys guidelines and bringing the companys reputation in jeopardy!
Do you agree to these terms?

Signed: Alexander Lee
As Rick returned to his office in graves, BK404 announced that there was another applicant for the manufacturing department
"What?! no way this is happening, You were made out of the finest parts, and you are falling apart already? whats that? you printed it? gimme!"
Rick grabbed the papers from his robot secratary's hands and began to read it.
"Hmmm a newbe. And he aint got much fighting experience neither. Good! the less they know, the more we can rip em off, open up a transmission to the fella!"

**incoming transmission**
Hello Mr. Lee.
Congratulations! you've been accepted into the mining operation! Since you are a new guy who at least, knows how to fly a ship, we'll supply you with a snubcraft so you can start shooting em rocks and start your mining career with us!
Enclosed is money for a shuttle ticket to Thames Outpost if you don't have a ship to fly already. There you will register with this organization and start working!
Also a 6 page instruction manual of more terms and conditions to the company, don't think of coming to Thames without agreeing to it!
Oh, and Ship registration is as follows:

Hegemons: BMM-(Name of British province)[M]
Mafics, dacites: BMM-(First.Last)[E] //name

Good Luck!, astley out
(Digital Signature)
Deputy Director of Mining Operations
- RickAstley

*** transmission terminated
|. . .[color=#000000]| I . n . c . o . m . m . i . n . g |. . .| T . r . a . n . s . m . i . s . s . i . o . n |. . .|

Comm ID: [color=#660000]Keith Armstrong
Location: [color=#660000]Planet New London
Subject: [color=#660000]Recruit Application


[color=#FFFFFF]Name: Keith Armstrong

[color=#FFFFFF]Place of birth: Planet Los Angeles, California

Date of birth: May 25th 790 AS

Sex: Male

Physical description:
6' 17" medium build, dark blond hair, brown eyes.

Well there is not much to say, I grew up in Liberty. I spend most of my childhood there with my brother, I have 1 brother. I have no idea where my parents are and I don't care much about that either. My brother is a Junker but I don't really like that style of living. I need more stability in my life that is also why I moved to New London where I own a small appartment now, it's not much but it provides shelter and warmth. I have been working under halfterm contracts for the BMM for some time now and I like the rock shooting business. I haven't earned much with it though but enough to pay the bills. Now I've came to a point where I no longer want to work under halfterm contracts because it's not giving me the stability I require, that's why I want to sign up. I have not much to offer but I do own a Hegemon and I am already well known in Bretonia. You speak of pirates?! I've seen them all from Gaians and Mollys to even Outcasts, Sairs you name em' and I probably have encountered them.

Special notes:
I know how to shoot rocks. I also have a great amount of fighting experience and escape tactics. And I know how to get myself out of tricky situations with both sides satisfied.

Why do you want to join Bretonia mining & Manufacturing:
Because I want to see the official side of the BMM + I have 1 garage (Freelancer Account) with 4 miners on it and I have another one on another account. Also because I have been mining for ever since I joined the Discovery mod a little longer than a year ago and I thought let's make it official.

BMM keeps the right to release you of service by not following the companys guidelines and bringing the companys reputation in jeopardy!
Do you agree to these terms?

Signed: [font=Georgia]Keith Armstrong


[color=#000000]|. . .[color=#000000]| T . r . a . n . s . m . i . s . s . i . o . n |. . .| E . n . d . s |. . .|
As the exhausting week was nearing its end, Rick Did everything he could to return home early.

"Hey Bk404, Send that public contract info about DSE and them Mollys to Jack Porter, he'll know what to do about it."
The robot was going to follow that order, but it was still.
"Whatsamatter? cant stand the fellow? no matter, your problem just do it."
At this point rick realized there had been something wrong. His robot secretary was an experimental model, and it was a fully functional multi-tasker.
Rick checked the local communications channel, and found an application to the Manufacturing division
"Heh, another mongrel to be slaving away. I like it. Looks like he was a bit tipsy, or over the top, but I like 'im" Open up a channel!"

Incoming Transmission
Target: Keith Armstrong
subject: BMM- Acceptance.

Hello Mista Armstrong

Congratulation! you got accepted into BMM manufacturing! I'm sure your transition from the general company wont be too much of a hassle, but you are going to need to learn to do things the 'Manufacturin' way. We'll teach you on the go. Just be warned, we are orginized. you will comply to the chain of command. Manufacturing ain't a bunch of marauders like the general company. So be warned.

Head up to Thames Outpost to register yourself. Our ship registration is as follows:

Hegemons: BMM-(Name of British province)[M]
Mafics, dacites: BMM-(First.Last)[E] //name

Deputy Director of Mining Operations
-Rick Astley

** end Transmission
// OORP note, guys: this is a fully RP app. don't spew OOC into it next time please. Thanks
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Incoming transmission
From: Thames Outpost
[Image: Bmmsymbol.JPG]
As of Today, Bretonia Mining & Manufacturing has reopened Its security division due to increased Molly, Corsair and Kusari Raids. The security division is a non-miner division, focusing on eliminating any threat to the Mining operations that go on every day. The security division has a harsh application. We want the top of the crop that wont just shoot any red flag it sees. Here is the Difference between the Mining Division and the Security Division:
Mining Division

  • Uses Mafic And Dacite and Hegemon Miners. Sometimes uses Bretonian Transports.
  • Focuses primarily on mining. And the safety of the operation leader (most usually the Hegemon super miner).
Security Division
  • [color=#FF9900]
  • Uses everything in the CTE line, Pilots may choose to order Havok II class ships.
  • Focuses on keeping the mining operation safe. Has clearance to hunt enemies, but must do so according to BMM- guidelines.
  • The application is meant to be selective. BMM is not interested in security pilots that would do a better job mining.
  • Security Division pilots must request a miner's education in order to have dual membership to the mining division. This should be done internally.
[color=#FF9966]All of this being said, an existing employee of the Mining division can apply internally, he/she does not need to send any transmission to this section. Additionally we will not need to confirm their entry here.
Name: Alejandro.Sanches

Place of Birth: Graves Station

Date of Birth: 26th April, 779 AS

Sex: Male

Physical description:
6' 11" medium build, dark brown hair, brown eyes.

Skype-Name: m1r4x32

Born as the son of Alejandro and Carla Sanches I grew up at Graves Station. When I was 10 years old my parents were killed by a pirate. I was so angry about it that I decided to plan a revenge. I needed two years to plan something which would hurt the pirates so much that they would never come back to Dublin again, but for this plan I needed a big ship and very good skills. The only problem was that I had just a Hegemon which I inherited from my dad. So I had to save a lot of money by mining. I mined several years now and I think I'm good at it, but I think that as I am alone I will never have the chance to get my revenge. So I need a faction where I can cooperate with other players and I think BMM is a very good joice for this term.

Why you want to join Bretonia mining & Manufacturing[Mining Division]:
I would prefer to work as a miner as I already have a good mining ship and the equipment.

Do you agree to these terms?

With all respect,
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