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Full Version: To: Rheinland Military
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----- Incoming Transmission -----
----- Signal Strenth: Strong [color=#CC66CC]-----

[Image: emilyandersonincomingtr.png]
[font=system]----- Location: New London -----
----- Ship ID Coding: Royal Oak -----

[color=#FFFFFF]Good Day,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Emily Anderson, I am the new Diplomatic Officer of Convoy.

I would like to inform you that, Convoy has had a addition to our security division. We have acquired 2 Military 'Templar' class fighters. Ofcourse, we will only use these crafts to protect our shipments.If you have a problem with us using Templars within Rhienland space. I doubt this would come between our contract to allow our armed gunboats entering your space, but if it does, I am more than willing to discuss this matter.

Emily Anderson.


SOURCE: [color=#FFCC00][color=#FF0000]Unknown,[color=#33CC00] Braunschweig System.
[font=Impact]ENCRYPTION: [color=#FFCC00]Medium, port RM-CH-HC-23-F.


[font=Verdana][color=#33CC00]SUBMITTER: [color=#FFCC00]Anna Kirsch, Rheinland Military Secretary.

[color=#33CC00]RECIPIENT: [color=#FFCC00]Emily Anderson, [Convoy] diplomat.
[color=#33CC00]SUBJECT: [color=#FFCC00]Vessel entry permission granted.

Sehr geehrte Frau Anderson,

The gunboat has been behaving strictly within the guidelines we issued, thus we endorse the presence of two more Templars with the Convoy organization's supply lines. Of course, the same criteria as before apply to these vessels as well, keep them close to the traders, observe house laws and port regulations and do not enter Rheinland without having anything to escort.

Also note that the Rheinwehr is constantly patrolling Rheinland space and is always ready to help you if you run across any issues the Convoy security can't handle or requires assistance with.

I wish you a continued, pleasant stay.


Anna Kirsch,
Secretary of Admiral Alec Voelkel.


[color=#009900][font=Tahoma]=[[color=#33CC00]TRANSMISSION TERMINATED]=