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The Lane Hackers
"Making the corporate weenies cry, so our kids can live in a free and just galaxy."

"The Lane Hackers are a criminal group with the technical expertise to monitor and disrupt Trade Lanes for the purpose of seizing valuable cargo. The powerful alliance between Lane Hackers, Liberty Rogues and Outcasts serves as the dominant unlawful force in Liberty space and most Independent Worlds."

Diplomatic Protocol

The Lane Hacker Diplomatic Channel is open to any party that wishes to contact the Lane Hackers. Please note, that the Lane Hackers will only consider technology transfer requests from an official executive of your faction. In Rogue-speak, that means "da boss". No requests will be considered if made by anyone else. Individuals will be denied without regard for any prior or existing arrangements.

PATRONAGE POLICY: To all individuals interested in acquiring Lane Hacker technology, spare yourself the trouble and do not ask. Technology transfer requests will be considered only if coming from an official executive of commonly recognized factions.

Diplomatic Relations [Diplomacy Sheet]


Lane Hackers

Liberty Rogues

Outcasts , NC- National Council [Formal Alliance]
*MR| Maltese Renegades
(C~ The Commune


Golden Chrysanthemums , GC| Golden Chrysanthemums [Formal Alliance]



Junkers , JM| Junker Marauders [Business Partnership]

Blood Dragons


Independent Miners Guild , IMG| Independent Miners Guild [Business Partnership]

Red Hessians , [RHA] Red Hessian Army [Formal Treaty]

The Order , Order| The Order [Friendly Partnership]


Gaians , GG- Gaian Guard [Business Partnership]
N|- The Nemesis

Zoners [Special Treatment] , [TAZ] Temporary Autonomous Zoners [Sympathy] , [ZoG] Zoners of Galileo [Business Partnership]
OSI- Omicron Shipping Industries

ALG Waste Disposal [Special Treatment] , ALG- ALG Waste Disposal [Business Partnership]

Gallic Brigands

Technocracy of Auxo , A/) Technocracy of Auxo [Business Partnership]



Marinenachrichtendienst , BDM| Büro des Marinenachrichtendiensts [Business Partnership]


Crayter Republic , =CR= Crayter Republic [Formal Ceasefire]


Bretonian Intelligence Service

B|- Bristol Constructions & Manufacturing [Business Partnership]
.Reaver Reavers [Business Partnership]


Pirates [Special Treatment]



Artificial Intelligence

Bretonia Corporations

Bretonia Forces


Farmers Alliance

Gallia Corporations

Gallia Forces

Gas Miners Guild

Kusari Corporations

Kusari Forces

Rheinland Corporations

Rheinland Forces

The Core

Unione Corse



Liberty Corporations

Liberty Forces



Bounty Hunters Guild

Interspace Commerce

Ageira Technologies

The Archives [Search Archives]

In order to access the Archives click on the image which serves as a portal.

[Image: 23.png]

The Archives is a fabled creation of the Lane Hackers shrouded in mystery and rumors. The concept of its original creation was to defy Liberty's rigid laws concerning copyrights and intellectual property. Subsequently for the first two decades the Archives were periodically connected into the Neural-net offering digital information which was under normal circumstances classified or available only by purchase.

As the Archives' connection into the Neural-net was unstable, it was considered as a quest for a number of users to find the new Neural-net location and share it to the world. This led to a maelstorm of rumors constantly surfacing about the re-appearances of the Archives which rarely were correct but usually they were not. After the first two decades, Liberty's government with the invaluable help of Ageira Technologies had become very efficient in shutting down the Archives and thus a new purpose was conceived. The Archives were converted into a digital library located deep inside Airdie Hideout.

The library spans into two floors and except its original content it now offers all the useful information that can found in the Neural-Net as well as knowledge and data that the Lane Hackers have assembled over the years. Communications between individuals and entities are all listed there, however unlike its former version, the information of the Archives is now highly stratified and restricted content can be viewed only with sufficient access. Despite this change there are still rumors that the Archives can be found somewhere in a dark corner of the net.

Comm ID: Hellfire Legion Supreme Commander Mori
Target ID: Lane Hacker Senior Director Moriarty
Encryption: Hackers Alpha 7.5


I propose, also, the following terms.
  1. Lane Hacker and Hellfire Legion forces will fully assist each other within their jurisdiction against any foe (Excluding foes that are allied to the assister, unless the assisted did not begin hostilities).
  2. Lane Hacker forces will assist the Hellfire Legion in defending the Vespucci system from any intruders who are not allied or friendly with the Hellfire Legion.

*END TRANSMISSION* Director Moriarty recognized.transmission.encrypted..uploading data..

Mutual Protection Pact between The Lane Hackers and The Hellfire Legion

Final Terms:

1. HF and LH pilots will provide each other with strategic and tactical assistance in order to effect the total removal of LSF and SA from their position of oppressorship in Liberty space.
2. HF will conduct Advanced Tactical Combat Training of LH pilots.
3. HF and LH will share all intelligence data detailing the disposition of hostile Liberty forces.
4. HF will grant LH complete access to Vespucci facilities for the purposes of weapon/equipment purchases, fleet berthing, and training.
5. Lane Hacker and Hellfire Legion forces will fully assist each other within their jurisdiction against any foe (Excluding foes that are allied to the assister, unless the assisted did not begin hostilities).
6. Lane Hacker forces will assist the Hellfire Legion in defending the Vespucci system from any intruders who are not allied or friendly with the Hellfire Legion.

Mutual Protection Pact No Longer In Effect terminated..
-=64-bit key acquired.=-
Enter Pass-key: *************************************************
Algorithm Completed, and accepted.

This is Former Mandalore, now Admiral and Intel Center Officer Luc McCloud of the Mandalorians. We welcome the Lane Hackers, and wish to make ourselves quite clear in these Diplomatic Talks. Although the Mandalorians wish to remain Neutral, We do not attack vessels unprovoked, and will treat all factions neutral unless they treat us with hostility. Should our vessels attack one of your craft, chances are that we are under contract, in which case it is strictly business and nothing personal. If you do not believe that one of your vessels were deleted under contact, you can feel free to contact either myself or the current Mandalore (Dieter Schprokets, AKA John Cabot), and we will supply the contract in which the ship was destroyed for.

We also look forward to your business, as we are mercenaries, after all. We will take any job for a reasonable price. Just dont expect us to take a 2 mil contract against a fighter where all the d***ed navy is gonna follow us.

This message will destruct itself as soon as it is closed, or attempted to be saved or sent elsewhere.

Luc McCloud
Admiral and Intel for the Mandalorians

Enter NEW 12-bit Key: ************
Accepted, re-encrypted. Director Moriarty recognized.transmission.encrypted..uploading data..

Seth Driskill of the Slavers Union:

The Lane Hackers will be regularly utilizing our advanced mania-interrogation techniques to persuade pilots to eject from their ships and surrender to us for intelligence debriefings.
Once those debriefings are concluded, we desire to repatriate these pilots, or re-educate them as the case may be, via the services of The Slavers Union.
Currently, one interrogation vessel has been commissioned and will be berthed at a location to be transmitted to you at a later time. Another may be commissioned as needed for berth elsewhere.
Once you have transmitted acceptable terms to us and the prison vessel has passed inspections at Phoenix Shipyard, security codes will be transmitted to you.
The Lane Hackers are debriefing Bounty Hunters, civilians, police, and various military/navy pilots.
As a term of this contract, The Lane Hackers insist upon the following: The Slavers Union will be responsible for staffing the prison vessel with 50 Lane Hacker Pilots whom you have rescued from the foul clutches of our enemies. We do not care how you obtain our brethren from their enemies, only that you deliver them to us safely.
Cardamine is an acceptable form of payment, both for the pilots you collect from us, and the Lane Hackers whom you have rescued and delivered back to our ranks. terminated..
Warning: Intruder detected
First firewall down. Elapsed time: .000005 seconds
Second firewall down. Elapsed time: .000006 seconds
Third firewall down. Elapsed time: .000004 seconds

**Static across screen, then goes blank. A shadowed figure speaks**

Ah, hello gentlemen. A very difficult channel to hack, I must give you that. Carina actually almost broke a sweat. Almost. This is Zacarias Poncho, I believe we have met. I must extend the BLS hand of friendship. I am sure the others will feel the same, as there is profit to be made.

We would be willing to set up gun-running and smuggling operations with your organization, the Lane Hackers. Our organization has the ability to move large quantities of weaponry (Krakens and Wyrms are easiest, though we can get our hands on any Outcast allied weaponry as well as Civilian guns as well) and cardamine, which I believe you are in need of.

I believe I can make the necessary arrangements, and then clear it by the Grand Master: he is a very astute man, and more than likely will see the value in our cooperation.

Good day, sirs.

**Firewalls re-initializing**
**End Transmission** Director Moriarty recognized.transmission.encrypted..uploading data..

Zacarias Poncho:
The Lane Hackers may very well be interested in conducting business with the Blue Lotus Syndicate.
At the moment, our operations are occupying all of our available time, but BLS will be contacted as soon as our current agenda is closer to fulfillment.
In the meantime, our Hackers are ready to operate in conjunction with the Blue Lotus Syndicate for localized, short-notice operations arranged over broadcast channels.
Two of our own smugglers have commenced operations of a nature too secret to mention even on this encrypted channel...but I am sure that you have the means to be apprised of their activities. I expect to hear positive reports from them when they encounter your operatives.
The Blue Lotus Syndicate will be advised when The Lane Hackers are prepared for more extensive business dealings between our enterprises. terminated.. Director Moriarty recognized.transmission.encrypted..uploading data..

Supreme Commander .:UOG:.Z*Proton :

The Lane Hackers desire the formalization of an Alliance with the Union of Gold.
Proposed Terms:

1. UOG and LH pilots will provide each other with strategic and tactical assistance when requested.

2. UOG and LH will share all intelligence data detailing the disposition of hostile forces.

3. UOG will grant LH access to Arranmore facilities for the purposes of smuggling, commodities sales, and ship repairs. No Mollys weaponry will be purchased from the Mollys without prior notification and approval.

4. LH will grant UOG complete access to Mactan Base
for the purposes of smuggling, commodities sales, and ship repairs.

Please advise. terminated..
.Sr. Director Moriarty recognized....transmission.encrypted..uploading data..

[font=Fixedsys]Malaclypse of the Temporary Autonomous Zoners :

The Lane Hackers are in dire need of two Kushan Freighters. Our intelligence hacks have ascertained that these ships are currently available from Shasta Outpost in Baffin.

The Lane Hackers are prepared to fulfill whatever requirements that the TAZ set as conditions for the purchase of these ships (above and beyond the purchase price).

[font=Fixedsys]We will not reveal the exact reasons for the need for these ships, but they will be used exclusively for shipping and storage.
Please advise. terminated..
Malaclypse to Moriarty


You actually want those bloody tubs? I thought Sophie Noir was the only "person" fond of them. She was the one who demanded that they be sold on Shasta...

Oh Well..

Here are the terms:

We sell to anyone. No "alliance", backscratching, handholding, bakshish, or other fooltommery is implied by said sale.

Vessels are sold "as is". No other warranties, implied or otherwise, are in effect.

Vessels come "standard" with rather flakey shields. We leave it you your vivid imagination as to how to remedy this.

Undercoating is optional and at extra charge.

All tax, licensing, registration, etc., is the responsibility of the purchaser.

You accept sole responsibility of getting past those crazed gunners on Shasta Outpost.

If those terms are acceptable, then just drop by and visit our friendly automated sales units.