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Full Version: The Lane Hackers | Diplomatic Channel
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Good day miss Hanako.

Apparently your transmission got lost in a pile of other incoming files... Umm. Su-mi-ma-sen (if I pronounce that right). Anyways we was always aware of the harsh conditions of various spaces in Sirius, so we never got surprised about the lack of expected shipments and people who's visits we lack for a time.

You will also find that the old access-codes to Leiden you have are still valid. We do appreciate shipments of any nature landing there, just as we do about the rights you grant us about Shikoku - your terms make sense, so we have no reason to abuse the offer.

Looking forward to hear from you, and see you on Leiden. terminated...

>>> Incoming transmission <<<
Comm ID: Richard van Pelt
Location: Rochester, New York

Greetings, my name is Richard van Pelt. I believe my name has already been forwarded to your leadership as someone you can trust. I come to you with a request to buy Hellflurry guns and turrets, for several associates of mine. Rest assured, these would be used in a discreet manner, that would not cause harm to yourselves or your interests. We have the resources to pay for said weapons, name a price and we will work something out.

Respectfully, Richard van Pelt, Junker's Congress

<<< Transmission terminated >>> data...

Mr van Pelt, I'm sorry for the delay you experience. Your request started it's long way up on the routine bureaucratic procedure. I'm sure it will result in being accepted but unfortunately I cant hasten the process.

By the way there was an event I wanted to discuss about with a congressman. I guess I'm just going to open that frequency for all of them who didn't have the access yet. One of our operations to cut down Ageira profits was disturbed by one of yours. A vessel callsigned 'Serenity' captained by 'Mia'. She tried to convince us about the wrong nature of our ways, first by nice words, than by gunfire. Since I can't realy stand the latter, we had to damage her ship badly.

[Image: serenity.png]

Because an event like that could have had a lot worse outcome, I thought a that little educational process could be beneficial. Like, we could add 'Serenity' to our valid targets list until we got contacted by her explaining what she did wrong in that particular situation.

I hope you agree that such is our mutual interest right? terminated...
>>>Incoming Transmission<<<
Comm ID: Richard van Pelt
Location: Rochester, NY

Greetings Professor. Is that your title? I'm never sure.

Anyhow, captain of that Pilgrim liner, Mia. Can't say I've heard of her before. As I'm sure you are aware, Junkers are fully independent, captains of their own ships and in charge of their individual businesses. We shall be looking to have a chat with her ourselves, and by all means seek her out for an explanation and re-education. Attacking the good hackers is not something I find acceptable in any circumstances, by any junker.

Take care out there, and be profitable, good sir.

<<<Transmission Terminated>>>
****Incoming Transmission****
****Comm ID: Arbiter Jack Crow****
****Location: Yanagi****

Captain Van Pelt is quite correct, this captain is not a member of the Congress and we cannot claim responsibility. However, we don't like it when Junkers do things that hurt business for the rest of us. We will be looking into this and any action you take on your own toward this captain will not result in any ill feelings from me.

Crow Out

****End Transmission****

}--Incomming Un-Authorised Signal--{

>>>Action?- Access Forced- feed intiating.

***Incomming Transmission***

>>>Recipiant Adress: Phate, Sanguinetti, Morriarty
>>>Encryption Level: High
>>>Sender ID: Chenzo-[101st]
>>>Sender Location: Planet Malta, Omicron Alpha.
>>>Topic: Equipment deals.

**(A familiar face apears, grinning widely, begins to speak)**

Adressing Morriarty, sanguinetti and Phate Only

Greetings once again, Hackers.

Last time I recieved word from you all, Thing's were in a tight spot where the request I made wouldn't have been possible with the Lane Hacker's current focus. I trust by now thing's may have been resolved, if not, then tell us what you need and be sure, We will aid.

There have however also been developments on our end of the scale. Whereas the request I made before is still the same, Si, The vessle it affects is now under full Maltese flags and defence protocalls.

So, Just to re-cap, I am requesting 11 of your Hacker Battleship Primary turrets for use on the:


This will allow us to ensure a greater defence of what we call home, plus i hope strenghen relations between us.

Should you accept, I shall send a vessle capable of transporting the weaponry to a location you deem fit immedeatly. A list of instructions for my engineer's may be needed for fitting the weaponry to the loyalist's hardponts.

You may freely ask for what you would like within reason in return for such a honourable helping hand. The 101st would be most gratful. Administrator Jameson may be contacted if need be to confirm the request.

I look forward to hearing from you soon and once again, I hope everything is well and good in your area.

Thankyou for your time once again, I am contactable on channel 243690, Encryption code 846.

>>>Initiating encryption and lock down---Complete

***Transmission Terminated*** data...

To Mr Frost and leaders of the Colonial Remnant

The logs of our conversation has been reviewed by those authorized to make decisions in that matter. Our response is the following: We answer diplomatic messages that reach us in appropriate channels - like that one for example. However we -do- answer threats no matter how hidden or subtle are those what reach us any way. Like that one.
' Wrote:Keep in mind we keep battlegroup near Magellan.
Discussing the matter brought us to the decision that we will evaluate any proposal from your people if it arrives with an attached apology for the quoted line - manifested in ten million Sirius Credits transferred to LH.R&D. terminated...
[font=Agency FB][Incoming transmission]
[Pilot ID: Lieutenaunt Daniel Frost, 44th]
I won't let personal greed to affect diplomacy.
Actually I have to admit that wasn't threat at all.
[Image: luctransinc.png]
This message is intended for Mr. Sanquinetti or the personnel in charge of shipping or transport.

My name is Capt. Tomorren Garrick of the borderworlds tradeship '€œLucrativeTransport.Inc.'€. I have had my comm'€™s officer hack your communications network in an attempt to reach someone about possible work for your organization.
In the past I had spoken to Mr. Sanquinetti about this possibility as he had given us some '€œgoods'€ that he happened to come across. *laughs* He had stated we needed to get in touch with the shipping and/or smuggling department to find out more details if we can work with you boys or not. Our work used to keep us out of Liberty for the most part, but lately we find ourselves in Liberty more and more often. We also have a much harder time finding constant work due to the unpredictable environment we all live in. Seeing as we are in your guys'€™ part of space more and more, maybe we can help you out in some way.

We remain neutral with most factions allowing us to travel mostly anywhere we please, it doesn'€™t make us many friends, but we obtain those by the work we do for those groups. We would like to do some work for your group if possible. We can offer about anything a transport ship can. We'€™re experienced smugglers having done many smuggling runs for various under the table organizations. We also have access to the various markets where most legitimate goods would receive top dollar. We do a lot of work for legal companies and other individuals, so for the most part, the authorities never even look our way. The work we'€™ve done for our less than reputable friends helps in getting a blind eye from them as well. *laughs*

So I would like to thank you gent'€™s for taking the time on looking over this offer and directing it to the right personnel. I hope we can work out an arrangement beneficial to both parties. Our more secure skype protocal channel is "lr-garrick" if you would like to contact us using that method.
Capt. Garrick signing out.
[Image: luctransincend.png]