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So I take it you're some sort of mercenaries? It would be nice if we could check your ID cards, either in relay or in person.
Source: [color=#CC99CC]Somewhere around California
Viva Emilia Velasquez
Recipient(s): The man they call Phate
Subject: Them ID cards.

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[color=#CCBBCC]Calling us Mercenaries works, as much of a entertaining part time job it is.
Sending you visual of the ID cards, I reckon that should do 'less if you need anything else.

[font=Palatino Linotype][color=#CCDDCC]Message ends.
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**- Incoming Transmission -**

Ship ID: HH|Haze

- Text Only -

Good evening.

I would like to enquire into registration to claim the bounties you have on offer. Attached is a copy of my identification papers and current standing among the lower echelons of your organisation. If you require further personal information I am willing to send it over a more secure means, however, I'd like to maintain as much anonymity as possible. I'm sure you understand.

I look forward to coming to a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Attached Files:

**- Transmission Lost -**
[Image: animatedtranmsission2f.gif]

Greetings Lane Hackers, this is the Captain of "Distinguishable.Inferno".

I'll work on completing some of your tasks if I may.
They shall be eliminated slowly and painfully.

//Registering for the bounty board.

[Image: animatedtranmsission2en.gif]
Incoming Transmission

Comm ID: Rogue_9x
Location: Arranmore Base, Dublin

Greetings from the gold fields of Dublin,

Unfortunately, my lackluster interest in the Mollys has ended. The policies of that organization have moved in a direction that don'€™t agree with my philosophy of piracy. Before leaving the Mollys for a life of an independent pirate I would like to have access to a gunboat class of ship to call my own. I have seen the Hacker Gunship in action and was extremely impressed. At this moment, I would like to make a formal request to use the Hacker Gunship and 6 Lane Hacker Gunboat Turrets. I do not wish to bring disgrace to the Lane Hackers or Mollys while using this technology. Thank you in advance for considering my request.

Happy Hunting

End Transmission
' Wrote:Calling us Mercenaries works, as much of a entertaining part time job it is.
Sending you visual of the ID cards, I reckon that should do 'less if you need anything else.
Sorry for the slight delay. Your names should be stickied to the board now, with some free space for reward claims next to them.

' Wrote:**- Incoming Transmission -**

Ship ID: HH|Haze
Haze, your alignment seems to check out. Go get the bad guys ... and your credit bonuses.

' Wrote:Greetings Lane Hackers, this is the Captain of "Distinguishable.Inferno"
Why the huge fanfares, when you actually have nothiing useful to say, or even a card to show? Never heard of you, anyway. Might be a good idea to replace your headers and footers with proper introductions. Concisely, of course.

' Wrote:Comm ID: Rogue_9x
Location: Arranmore Base, Dublin
You need to get a reputable "boss" to put in a good word for you, otherwise we can't deal with individuals, sorry. It would be just too much paperwork. Official notice at the beginning of this channel:
Moriarty Wrote:To All individuals interested in the acquisition of Lane Hacker Technology :

Do not ask.

The Lane Hackers will only consider technology transfer requests from an official executive of your faction. In Rogue-speak, that means 'da boss'. No requests will be considered if made by anyone else. Individuals will be denied without regard for any prior or existing arrangements.
That reminds me I need to ask our Senior Professor to better textually emphasize that notice, so it's harder to overlook.
Greetings, gentlemen. Unfortunately I have to act with little disobeyince of proffesor Moriarty's statement, as at the present, you're my leaders, or "bosses". During my time in the Lane Hackers, I am technician for quite long time. Hopefully and obviliously you're aware I've learnt to build and utilize lethal abilities of our beloved tachyon-filling "Hellflurries".

Unfortunately not long ago I decided to give up my current activities, and let's say... Take a little break. I want to travel around the world, and seeing as our glorious corporation is always pleasing its employees, I thought you'd not mind giving me little protection, most notably by technology. While being technician, I leant to manufacture "Hellflurries" without much problems myself, so as long as you don't mind, I'd like to build them without any limits for myself only. No distribution rights. If someone gets caught with them, I assure you, his delightful head explode in few minutes, as we both are aware what systems "Hellflurry" contains.

On another hand, I'd like to keep my "Schmittar" class light fighter, since I don't have anything to travel in at the moment.

Milton, which part of "da boss" do you not-

OH. Hahaha.

You realize it's Moriarty himself you have to convince, yes?
Sure I do, colleague.

Bad news I bring today, the Legion has decided we're not friends anymore. A few days ago I have been atacked by 2 of these so-called allies, and barely made it out alive. I will transmit the audio files, so that you can judge for yourselves. I will try to keep it as short as possible:

[09.01.2011 20:07:32] [HF]-Sagittarius: Well let's see, for one you're no more than a petty thief, hiding behind the guise of stealing to the rich and giving to the
[09.01.2011 20:07:37] [HF]-Sagittarius: poor or some crap like that.
[09.01.2011 20:07:49] [HF]-Sagittarius: When in actuality you just use extortion to fund your own agendas.
[09.01.2011 20:08:30] [HF]-Sagittarius: Nope, which is exactly why you're getting kicked out of Vespucci, the lot of you. You should be *grateful* that we're giving
[09.01.2011 20:08:33] [HF]-Sagittarius: you time to move your assets.
[09.01.2011 20:09:01] [HF]-Sagittarius: Who the hell do I think I am?
[09.01.2011 20:09:16] [HF]-Sagittarius: The guy who pulls the strings behind the Legion, not some petty thief like yourself.
[09.01.2011 20:12:05] [HF]-Sagittarius: Let me make this clear, that system? You know the one I'm talking about.
[09.01.2011 20:12:20] Alagars.Wrath: Oh, the one people are not supposed to know about?
[09.01.2011 20:12:26] [HF]-Sagittarius: It is *ours* it does not belong to the Hackers. The legion have you by the neck, so...
[09.01.2011 20:12:29] [HF]-Sagittarius: If I were you.
[09.01.2011 20:12:31] Alagars.Wrath: Well, since you made it clear that it doesn't belong to us anymore
[09.01.2011 20:12:33] [HF]-Sagittarius: I'd watch my tongue.
[09.01.2011 20:12:40] Alagars.Wrath: I could as well yell it's name to everyone *smiles*
[09.01.2011 20:13:07] [HF]-Sagittarius: Cochrane Depot. Secondary Lane Hacker outpost, sector G 6/7, Ontario.
[09.01.2011 20:14:27] [HF]-John"Eagle"Fox: Yes sir?
[09.01.2011 20:14:28] [HF]-Sagittarius: Execute him.
[09.01.2011 20:14:33] [HF]-Sagittarius: Leaking Legion information,
[09.01.2011 20:28:03] Alagars.Wrath: Something occured to me
[09.01.2011 20:28:08] [HF]-Sagittarius: And that is?
[09.01.2011 20:28:12] Alagars.Wrath: You want to "expel" the hackers
[09.01.2011 20:28:16] [HF]-Sagittarius: Correct.
[09.01.2011 20:28:19] Alagars.Wrath: Yet you use hacker guns and ships....
[09.01.2011 20:28:29] Alagars.Wrath: Mhmmmm
[09.01.2011 20:28:44] [HF]-Sagittarius: Yes. Our "greatest secret" lacks manufacturing facilities.
[09.01.2011 20:28:50] Alagars.Wrath: Curious, to say the least
[09.01.2011 20:29:15] Death: [HF]-John"Eagle"Fox was put out of action by Alagars.Wrath (Gun).

Fortunately, I managed to defend myself, yet my ship has been severly damage, and now is gathering dust in the back of a scrapyard.
They made their intent very clear, attacked me, even tried to force me to join their ranks. Hope this will not go without consequences.

Alagar out.