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Full Version: The Lane Hackers | Diplomatic Channel
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[Image: neasatransmissionbar.png]

Ahoy 'dere. Meh superior wanted to let you know that all mining and transport facilities are working on full speed to come and meet yah demand.

We'll be available to transport the 10,000 pieces of gold ore from our transports to yours. All we want in return are:
  1. 4x Falcatas
  2. 4x Sabres
With regards,

[Molly Mianadoir Corpariad]

*** Transmission terminated ***

[color=#FFCC33]You've got a message!
Excuse me from this unexpected intreferance on their behalf, but I still haven't received answer.
I'd like to mention, though, I'm going to lay down somewhere for some time, so I'll handle official business either to governor Lance, or to ms. Neasa.

Thank you for attention.
[size=medium][color=#FFCC33]~ "Long" Ben Tenn

**** SENDER: [color=#FFCC99]Jack Henderson, IMG Dublin Operations Coordinator

**** TO: [color=#FFCC99]Lane Hackers


** C O N N E C T I N G ** ** ** ** C O N N E C T I N G ** ** ** ** C O N N E C T I N G **

[Image: jack_henderson.jpg]


Dear Sirs and Madams,

I only wanted to let you know that the IMG has resumed the Dublin mining operations again and thus there will be an increased probability for Lane Hacker ships and IMG convoys meeting each other in space.

I will instruct my pilots again on the "special relations" between our groups and I would appreciate if you could do the same.

As the IMG has started to recruit new miners for Dublin, and as we employ everybody who is willing to work hard to make a living, there is also a slightly increased chance of conflicts. We try to have experienced escorts with the convoys, but I cannot guarantee complete coverage.

So what I'd like to ask from you is a certain... leniency if there is some trouble. I will not exaggerate any incidents that might happen in that time of rebuilding and restructuring the Dublin mining operations. I'd ask for pods to be delivered to Freeport 4 with haste in case of shooting incidents, so that only material damage is caused and nothing that cannot be rebuilt, repaired or healed.

As I haven't heard of you for some time (which is not surpirsing after our forced retreat from Dublin 4 weeks ago), I also wanted to use the opportunity to ask whether the Freeport 4 cooperation and racing plans are still something you'd like to discuss and expand.

Let me know if there is any trouble. And also let me know if the IMG can do anything for you to feel... let's say... more comfortable with the situation of possibly temporarily hightened conflict potential.

Yours sincerely

Jack Henderson


To the Mollys:
It is entirely unclear to me why our assistance is required in your purchase of ships that are widely available on the open market. I'm sure you understand that we neither manufacture nor stock such ships. We are Lane Hackers, not ship wholesalers. Our permission is not needed for your purchase, since it cannot be withheld to any practical effect. If our bases happen to have enough stock on hand to meets your needs, then you are welcome to requisition them. Our further assistance is not required.

To Jack Henderson:
A memo to all Lane Hackers regarding increased IMG activities in Dublin will be prepared.
Due to personnel changes, our plans that you refer to have been delayed. We will notify you of their resumption, hopefully soon.
[Image: commslinkofficesilver2.png]

Evening, Professor Moriarty.

I am Silver from the Reaver Merc. Co., and i bid you greetings..

*Lights up a cigar*

As you know, our business relations were always of the best category in the past,
at the present and with much confidence, it will be so in the future.

You know our work from your 'Assassination' List and i know you hear also of our work
with the outcasts in the Taus and much more.

I bet that you hear a lot more.

*Puffs a smoke*

We came to notice your mighty guns and those slick Bayo's of yours...
So i'm inquiring of the capability of ordering 30'ish Hellflurries, alongside a Bayo or two.

With a kiss,
Reaver Associate,
K. Silver.

[Image: commslinkend.png]

To The Reavers:
I must place upon you the same requirements as were placed upon the Shinobi Company.
We will grant your request if the pilots receiving the technology agree to the following conditions:
- Pilots using Lane Hacker technology may not, under any circumstances, engage in hostilities against Lane Hackers, Junkers, Liberty Rogues, Mollys, or Outcasts.
- Pilots using Lane Hacker technology may not, under any circumstances, dock on stations that are under the administration of the Liberty government or its corporations.

If you agree, I will have the requisitions processed.
[Image: commslinkofficesilver2.png]


Meanwhile, we'll be giving you a 'thank you'.
Reaver style.

And that means body parts of people that you want dead.

Thank you for this.

By the way, the tech will be dispersed by the several associates in the Company.
Since we tend to use the best tools for the worse 'killable' problems.

*Slighty bows her head*

Reaver Associate,
K. Silver.

[Image: commslinkend.png]
---------------Incoming Transmission---------------

---------------Sender: Xavier, G-41, Red Hessians---------------

---------------To: Lane Hackers---------------

---Connection... Connection granted---

Guten Tag... Or Good day.

Many rumors about great Lane Hackers reached us in Rheinland and about your ships Bayonets.
Some people says that this is the best ship in whole world so we want to ask you to give us permission to use one Bayonet.

And maybe you know that our mining fields in Omega-7 are reach by Gold ore... so... that deal could be good for us both... Think about it...

I hope we'll become friends in future.

---------------Transmission Ended---------------

[[ Incoming Transmission ]]
[[ Comm ID:
Eamon O'Malley ]]
[[ Recipient:
Lane Hacker Diplomatic Channel ]]
[[ Location:
Omega Systems

Greetings, Hackers. My name is Eamon O'Malley, leader of a mercenary outfit named the Wild Geese. We are associated with the Mollys of Bretonia, and work to fund their movement and further their relations with other factions throughout Sirius. With Hacker space being close to Bretonia and our enemies being similar, it only makes sense that we could work for you under a bounty contract. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the matter.

[[ Closing Transmission ]]
[Image: commslinkoffice.png]

*Automatic re-send signal*

[Image: commslinkend.png]