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Full Version: The Lane Hackers | Diplomatic Channel
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####Incoming Transmission###

Comm ID: Buffalo Base
From: Rogue Commander Felix Valdar
To: Senior Director Moriarty

I am perfectly willing to allow you to use our fine Barghest bombers but i do wish for something in exchange. Are you able to get your hands on some torpedos of the minirazor or supernova variety? Our own bomber wing, here at Buffalo, is severely lacking such torpedos and because of that finds it difficult to bring down larger vessels.

Awaiting your response.

Valdar out.

####End Transmission####

Commander Felix Valdar :
Indeed, The Lane Hackers know just where to acquire the weapons that you desire. They are quite expensive, however. We can easily acquire as many as you need, and deposit them at Alcatraz Depot for your use.

Send me a quantity on my private channel, and I will make it a top priority. terminated...

********************UNAUTHERIZED TRANSMISSION*****************************************

*1 minute later*

********************UNAUTHERIZED TRANSMISSION*****************************************

*30 seconds later*

********************UNAUTHERIZED TRANSMISSION*****************************************

*15 seconds Later*

********************UNAUTHERIZED TRANSMISSION*****************************************
********************Security protocals engaged**********************************************
Comm channel LOCKED,Comm channel LOCKED,Comm channel LOCKED,Comm channel LOCKED,Comm channel LOCKED,Comm channel LOCKED,Comm channel LOCKED,Comm channel LOCKED,Comm channel gw637356e857378eghwy.....................................................................

********************SECURITY OVERLOAD DETECTED*****************************************

* Just then EVERY comm devise in the entirety of Mactan and America spring into unified chatter overrideing and overwhelming all current comm.*

I have been directed to locate a organizational entity know to us as the CYLON COLLECTIVE. Your Collective will asist with DATA regaurding them. Our collective will trade resources for the DATA.

********************END TRANSSMISSION**************************************************

**********Your computers easily trace the 1 billion signals from planet Gammu**********************

RE: Transmission received at Mactan Base

As the transmission comes into focus, it reveals a man with a serious expression sitting in a leather chair behind a desk. He leans forward slightly.

[Image: th_Moriarty.jpg]
"My dear Jinx, it appears that you have experienced an unfortunate encounter with one of the Lane Witches. You should know that Morgan Le Fay is often barely in control of her own..."

The transmission is interrupted by a blinding flash of light and an explosion of sound followed by intense static. The static finally clears to reveal an entirely different room. A woman with hair as dark as midnight [size=small]steps into the picture and crosses her arms.

[Image: th_MorganLeFaymagician.jpg]
[font=Fixedsys]"Moriarty is a fool of a man, and so are you if you trust in him to give you any satisfaction, you little trollop! The moment your sneaky little IFF crossed my scanners I suspected that you were a troublesome little imp, and now I am certain of it. You were given ample opportunity to avoid a sound spanking but you preferred to simper and moan like a little boy. So now you are going to get what's coming to you!"

The woman picks up an enormous tome from a small nearby display stand and begins turning pages.

"I warned you that I would spell the very barnacles off your ship's hull and switch your eyes out with your ears and now you are going to see what...WHAT'S THIS?!!"

She looks up from the tome and the air seems to crackle with electricity. Only now can the viewer see that her eyes are as black as her tresses, yet they seem to radiate with a light of their own.

"And now the perfidy of the little imp is revealed in full," she whispers darkly. "I gave you the chance to buy back the remainder of your paltry life for the measly sum of 1 million credits, but now you've snuck into my lair and stolen a page from my book of spells! When I get my hands on you..."

Her speech falters and her gaze seems to dance around the room in momentary confusion before rising to a crescendo as she next speaks.

"Next time we meet the price will be 1 MILLION AND 1 CREDITS AND YOU WILL RETURN THAT PAGE! Otherwise I will spell your toenails off and replace them with your gizzard! Let's see you pilot a ship like that!"

There is a blinding flash and a tremendous cacophony of sound followed by static. terminated...

from: E.Tate, freeport 11
to: freeport 4

"blimey, the personell on freeport 4 must think i am a loony for sending pointless messages to their terminal. well, whatever. mind, i don t think it needs much comment anyway. if any pirate charges me more than my ship is worth, and 8 times what my profit is worth he will get nothing at all. by the time, you may have noticed that it might have been more profitable to accept my offer to receive a donation instead of insisting on such an outragous fee.

it is interesting how you define "a target of opportunity" as ... well, the opportunity wasn t really ... opportune. you went through quite some troubles, just to loose me after a long time. flying a wing of fighters after a freigher.

but tell you that one. after yesterdays experience, i must say, you at least worked for your money, that wouldn t come. i was flying through dublin; and some molly asked me to "halt". mind you, he wasn t even on long range scanners. - i halted. ... after an embarrassed pause, he asked... "mind giving me your coordinates?" - that made me laugh and i engaged cruise and left dublin after flying across the whole system to gran canaria.

such actions make me think that pirates these days simply don t deserve to be payed anymore. so far, we have two hackers that ask for money that simply cannot be payed or how do you expect a dromedrary to pay up one million? - and we have mollies that try to pirate me from well over 60.000 clicks away ( it turned out he was idling at arrenmoore )

so from my point of view, you guys are allways welcome to receive a little donation, as you are certainly hard working men and women; but be asured that you won t find a single trader that would pay more than 50% of his profits. - maybe you guys become to fat in your comfy cockpits and think that each trader earns a fortune. - but let me tell you again that my profit from this run was exactly 159.000 credits - and i would have loved to part 70.000 with you. come to think of it, 70.000 credits is enough to feed an average family on manhatten for allmost a year.

so, my dear hackers, or should i say, my dear witch, - don t become as decadent as the average manhatten high society. charge me 1 million credits again, and you will again receive nothing. oh, and when i pay up, - i am expecting something in return. there is no taking without giving. we zoners are not doing charity runs here.

allright, now i advice you to take some target practice. it was too easy to escape and evade you.

Elizabeth "Jinx" Tate out, and have a nice day

postscript: consider me an easy target of opportunity again and its time for a bit of bad luck."
RE : Post 125
Admiral Kress :
"Bomb your base down to the ground", eh? If the Liberty Navy were capable of such a feat, do doubt they would have done so long before this display of their gross ineptitude. After reviewing my logs of past encounters with the Liberty Navy, the scoreboard is decidedly in The Lane Hackers' favor.
But no matter. Jake Benson has yielded all the intel that we care to extract from him, and he eats entirely too much. You may have him back, and I will send you the bill for the fantastic quantities of rations that he has consumed while in our custody.

Admiral Kress :
Here are the instructions for the exchange of Jake Benson.
One of our interrogation vessels will meet precisely ONE SA fighter to make the exchange. The SA fighter will deliver the amount of credits that you think your pilot is worth to us. The Lane Hackers may bring as much force to this meeting as we wish to. All other SA forces must remain outside of scanner range for the duration of the meeting.
If SA or any other lawful forces approach before or during the exchange, your officer will be terminated immediately.
The Lane Hackers will not be approached until they have left the system in which the exchange takes place.

Incoming transmission
Transmission not authorized - termi
denepo lennahC
noissimsnatr gimocnI
]]]]nsmission accepppppted. Elves are evil.

I have a question for you, gents and gentettes.
Do you now toll independent Zoners passing by?
I was approached today by a tagged, id:d and iff:d coder dude that ordered me to pay 'for passing close to a Lane Hacker base'.

Now I have delivered goods to that very base on many an occasion, and taken care of... exports, and I am ID:d, IFF:ed and a member of the Zoner Council.

Are the Lane Hackers no longer interested in third party shipping services?

Best Regards,

Abnormal leprechaun error.
Transmission terminated.

I would like to inform you that counterfait software which you were smuggling, probably to Arranmore base which is, as you surely know not our base, was totally useless for us. Anyway softwere which you had was just a poor substitute of kind of softwere that we use. And you can't even dream or imagine what kind of complexity our softwere, which we apply for our use, presents.

I also wonder from when Zoners participate in unlawful actions which is smuggling counterfait softwere?

Logging out. terminated...

Incoming transmission
Transmission not authorized by 'cheese'

That is an outrageous accusation to state in an all-but public channel.
Nevertheless, if what you said would be true, that would mean you tax transport to you allies, no?

I'll think what you say is that you will indeed tax if you feel like it. Very well, no sweat. I'll find other customers than LH in the future.

Beware of the man with a pipe and a grin.

Beast Regards,

Normal midget error.
Transmission assasinated.