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Good day.

The intel part... If it doesn't mean suicide recon on BAF fleets, sounds good to me.
I'm willing to send you over requested intel and share some... pearls we may find.

Also, just to clear some things. I'm pretty sure that you do consirder California system as your turf.
I hope you wont mind us hitting a convoy here and there around California Minor?

Well, either way, I'm good with the terms you proposed.

Awaiting your response.

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By checking our databases I have found that you have been interrogated by LH operatives in the past and one of things we learned was about the peace you were forced to strike with King Charles. This is understandable but it does not explain why you assisted the GRN forces when they were fighting our operatives.

I have personally studied a lot about the ideology of your movement, Flora. You may even call me a sympathizer. However your ideas are not aligned with your diplomacy. The savages calling themselves Corsairs have destroyed an entire, natural planet, Cork, in their war against the Mollys. And they are your allies. In sharp contrast, the Lane Hackers were created by Ageira's greatest failures. I am sure you have visited Texas and witnessed the extensive pollution in the entire system.

In short, I believe there is a lot of room for improvement, perhaps we can even have a friendship in good time. However you have to prove your intentions are genuine and lasting. Would you be interested in such a development Flora?

PS. I intentionally did not refer to your request about California, as I would like first to hear your thoughts about all this.
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Cork, Cork... No, I haven't heard about it. Care to elaborate?
Yes, I did visited Texas. I saw the hypergate's core. It doesn't make us love Ageira even a tiny bit.

Back to today's incident.
You can't use one single incident from months ago as a valid argument. We can simply counter it with sir Scorpius' unprovocked attack on Wildcat, no?
Also, since when Hackers are part of the Artifact trade on Liberty-Bretonia border? Would you happen to pick them up directly from Trafalgar, thus intruding upon our turf in Manchester?
Did you asked us to let you fly through Manchester? No, you didn't. How can we cultivate any solid relations between our groups while you contradict yourself?

I still belive we can work something out. However, we need to actually stop barking at each other and be willing to work on anything, don't you think?

Awaiting your response.
Clean skies.

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Dear Ms Flora,

I am truly happy to hear from you again. It has been a while since our last meeting and I was quite anxious to see how your career will develop. I am afraid I have to ask your forgiveness. I am pretty much sure you are a kind and gentle person, but there is simply no polite way of telling you what I have to say.

First of all you were mislead by Mr Yoshida's exquisite manners which could have led you to believe that The Watchers might be an important partner or even an ally for The Lane Hackers. I feel really bad for telling you that this is not really the case, at least not now. For decades The Lane Hackers maintained presence in Bretonia and frequently exchanged Tachyon bolts with your more aggressive predecessors, for instance a group calling themselves Nature Last Hope. When recently The Watchers emerged from the internal struggle and chaos that reigned amongst Gaians after NLH dissolution, we have investigated your movement to assess its threat potential to our operations and formulate our strategy to deal with it. Since the assessment was that you are majorly a harmless group lacking adequate numbers, combat and special operations training to pose a significant threat to us, instead of eliminating your ships and assets whenever possible we decided to ignore you as long as you do not interfere in our operations.

Please, do not mistake my intentions. It is neither my will to mock you, hurt your ego nor boost mine. On the contrary, I believe that only understanding of our perspective will allow you to make fully aware decision of what approach to take from now. You have basically three options. First, you may take affront and step into path of aggression escalation. Secondly, you may decide to simply ignore us and due to limited overlapping of operational zones we may barely see each other in future.

Finally, you may decide to carefully consider all the points below and rethink your approach and long term goals concerning our mutual stance. First of all, while a permanent ceasefire with Gaians is a low priority for us due to reasons stated above, it would be impractical and imprudent to deny such possibility for no apparent reason. You do need to know, however, that The Lane Hackers control a significant portion of Alien Artifacts market in Liberty thanks to our business partners in Kusari. It is our long lasting practice to destroy any Alien Artifact shipments going from Rheinland or Bretonia border, obviously with the exception of our closest allies, simply to not spoil the market. The higher the price and demand in Liberty the higher our profits as intermediaries, so the incident you mentioned was strictly business - a genuine conflict of commercial interests.

Now, at this point I do not believe any closer or warmer relationship between our organizations is possible or beneficial. We have too little to offer each other and too much to lose having practically no mutual friends. I do think that neither your Gallic masters nor Corsair benefactors would be happy to see you shaking hands with us. With that being said, it is within our interest to chill your relations with the residents of Omicron Gamma and thus weaken their influence in Bretonia. Therefore, while we do not share your environmental zeal, we are willing to benefit from it by providing you with intelligence on Planet Cork, a habitable planet nuked into ashes by Corsairs in their war against Mollys. If for pragmatic reasons after seeing and confirming provided evidence you would still be willing to stay under Corsair patronage, I see no other way of warming our relations than to broker similar agreement concerning Alien Artifacts trade as with our partners in Kusari.

I have laid out several paths you may take, Flora. Please enlighten me which one is most to your liking.

Kind regards,
Nicole Hunter
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Good day, miss Hunter.

I've never consirdered the possibility of us becoming any kind of "important partners" for Lane Hackers.
Why would we?

If you want me to be honest, I'd go for the second option. There are no reasons for neither of us to actually interfere with each other, not now, not anytime soon.

However, I'm really curious about the "evidence" you have about planet Cork.
I'll be more than happy to give you a chance to chill our relations with Corsairs.
I'd be grateful ot have it sent on a separate channel. If you'll be so nice to send it, that is.

Clean skies.

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Dear Ms Flora,

Mr Yoshida will make all necessary preparations and get in touch with you in due time.

Kind regards,
Nicole Hunter
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We have carefully checked our senior members and discussed the issue we talked about. Tinkers trade fleet accepts the buisness partnership with the Lane Hackers and we are setting up 3 ships specifically assigned to pickup and delivery purpose.

All three Serenitys will be supplied with Nanobots and Batteries up to their normal maximum while on station and will trade these on demand.

The T&T/California is already stationed at Los Angeles
The T&T/NewYork is just being commissioned to set up at Norfolk Shipjard,
and the T&T/Colorado will in a few hours be waiting at Planet Denver.

I hope this arrangement meets your approval.

The deal has inofficially been approved by the Board of Trustees who will openly be able to deny any knowledge with a plausible dementi.

Well met

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In the Mactan Headquarter Professor Hunter receives an encrypted communication intended for Mr Yoshida while going to a launching deck. She quickly translates it and suddenly she stops walking. Her usually emotionless face suddenly betrays a range of strong emotions from anger through puzzlement to commitment. After a while she calms down and continues her walk to the lower deck. The message reads: "He lives. I have witnessed. New Tokyo."

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It's good to see some sense among your skippers, Fynn. I can assure you it will be profitable for both of us.

On our end, I can confirm that the deal has been officially approved by the Lane Hackers and knowledge of it has been openly shared to our operatives.