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Unknown Location, Omicron Alpha
11th of July, 824 A.S.

[Image: HHLpytK.png]

Sender: Marietta Mercante
Recipient: The Lane Hackers Diplomatic Channel
Topic: Information

Buenos diás,

The National Council would like to entreat the help of the best information brookers in Sirius in a matter that is best suited to them. We are on the search for an installation owned by a group called 'Forlorn Hope'. There is little interest in doing harm to it, though we would like to know its location anyways as the proprietors seemed unwilling to disclose it on their own volition, thus a display of Malta's far reaching contacts to the most influential groups in the houses seemed prudent. If any Lane Hacker would be willing to devote a little time of their formidable skills to finding this installation, the Council would repay them in money or a favour of equal value to be used at a later time.

Thank you for your time.

M. Mercante

Transmisión Terminada

[Image: 113a.png][Image: 2.png]

Hello Miss Mercante.

My name is Jaws.
You were correct to contact the Lane Hackers for this information. We are well aware of the mercenary group that call themselves the Forlorn Hope.. They have meddled in our operations on more than one occasion. So much so that we had to send them a little message, as you will see from this recording

We will, of course, launch an immediate operation into finding the location of the installation.

[Image: 113a.png][Image: 2.png]

Hello again Miss Mercante.

I have compiled a report of the information you requested.

We have over the previous weeks, while observing their movements, noticed a concentration of Forlorn Hope activity in the Coronado and Cortez systems. For that reason I focused my attentions there, starting first in Cortez. It is while investigating this system i came across a Freelancer who, through a seemingly casual conversation, told me of an installation in the Coronado system.

I refer you to our conversation detailed in this log:

[13.07.2017 14:57:59] **Removed**: Eh theres hows it goin?

[13.07.2017 14:58:00] LH~Jaws.: Jaws: Greetings

[13.07.2017 14:58:19] LH~Jaws.: Jaws: I see you just came from Coronado

[13.07.2017 14:58:33] **Removed**: Jasper: Been a bit since we worked with the Hackers.

[13.07.2017 14:58:40] **Removed**: Jasper: Indeed I did.

[13.07.2017 14:58:47] LH~Jaws.: Jaws: I wonder..

[13.07.2017 14:59:01] LH~Jaws.: Jaws: I'm looking for an installation that may be there

[13.07.2017 15:00:00] **Removed**: Jasper: Any details on what it looks like?

[13.07.2017 15:00:36] LH~Jaws.: It is a typical instalation, not immedietly visable on the usual routes.. That is all the information i have

[13.07.2017 15:01:35] **Removed**: Jasper: Huh cants say I have I just take the normal go through to barrier and Baffin.

[13.07.2017 15:02:16] LH~Jaws.: Jaws: Thats a shame..

[13.07.2017 15:02:29] LH~Jaws.: Jaws: But you do know of installations there?

[13.07.2017 15:03:22] **Removed**: Jasper: Ive seen some. Mostly Freelancer and them Crayter Folk

[13.07.2017 15:03:43] LH~Jaws.: Jaws: Then you may have some valuable information after all

[13.07.2017 15:04:12] LH~Jaws.: Jaws: If you could tell me the locations of the bases that you do know, it would be of great help.. and worthy of reward of course

[13.07.2017 15:04:35] **Removed**: Jasper: I mean you can see them in open space by the planet thats all I can see really common info.

[13.07.2017 15:04:47] LH~Jaws.: Jaws: I see

[13.07.2017 15:05:07] LH~Jaws.: Jaws: Very well then, I will be on my way..

[13.07.2017 15:05:25] **Removed**: If i see anything new ill let you know....for a price.

[13.07.2017 15:05:35] LH~Jaws.: Jaws: Appreciated

[13.07.2017 15:05:50] **Removed**: Jasper: See ya then.

With this intel i immediately routed to Coronado and began a scan of the system, focusing mainly on the space around the several planets. During this search of the system i was able to find only 1 installation that matched the criteria for my search. The report of that installation is as follows:

Installation Name: Glendalough Orbital
Installation Location: F5
Hostility(To LH): Neutral
Docking: Restricted

It should be noted however that although i observed the station for quite some time, i am unable to confirm 100% that this is indeed Forlorn property. Although, given there activity in the system and the lack of another viable base, it would be probable that they have.. or at least have had, a connection with it

Unknown Location, Omicron Alpha
14th of July, 824 A.S.

[Image: HHLpytK.png]

Sender: Marietta Mercante
Recipient: The Lane Hackers Diplomatic Channel
Topic: RE: Information

Mister Jaws,

Impeccable work, actually. The installation you named is known to the Council, funnily enough. Prior, it belonged to a private interest who paid their due to Malta regularly. We have yet to ascertain whether the base actually did swap ownership, for which there is no real clue yet, but it is a start. The National Council shall keep an eye on the station.

Do let me know if there is anything more you can find. In the meantime, I would like to ask what I can do in return to compensate for your time.

M. Mercante

Transmisión Terminada

[Image: 113a.png][Image: 2.png]

Miss Mercante.

Excellent. I am pleased the information was of value to you.. We will of course be keeping a close eye on the Forlorn group with regards to this installation and will inform you promptly of any findings.

With regards to compensation for time, I feel it would be more prudent to keep the favor of the National Council, and yourself, for the future.
[Image: pMeCdw0.png]


Je m'appele Remy Moreau. I operate a respectable "trading" operation from Gallia, along with my brother.

I had some business in Kusari just a few days ago. I asked my business contact there about information brokering in Sirius, since I'm looking to hire someone in that line of business, and she was kind enough to point me your way. She even went as far as to say that you are the best and only reliable information brokers in all of Sirius.

I'm sending this transmission in the hopes that I can get to meet or talk with one of your representatives.

À bientôt!

[Image: 113b.png][Image: 2.png]

Bonjour Monsieur,

Your business contact has informed you well.

We can discuss your requirements via this secure channel or, should the situation require it, can meet in a location of mutual choice
[Image: pMeCdw0.png]

Bonsoir, monsieur.

Its good to know my contact didn't fool me.

Now to what brings me here. The first thing I'd like to ask is about a group called Hogosha. I was told to stay away from them and even though that is what I've been doing. I was never really told why I should avoid them, I just received the suggestion to do so, you can understand my curiosity. What can you tell me about them?

There are some other things I'd like to discuss, in person if possible. However for now, this is the first thing I'd like to ask your organization.

À bientôt!

[Image: 113a.png][Image: 2.png]

I understand your curiosity Monsieur Moreau. Although your enquiry was rather broad, in the sense that any organisation with the right 'tools' can be considered 'worth staying away from', i have compiled the following information for you:

The Hogosha are indeed, as your informant quite rightly observed, a group worth taking caution with when operating in, through or around Kusari. the Hogosha are a criminal organisation that ostensibly exists to promote the "welfare and prosperity of the Kusari people"... ostensibly!. The group is a confederation ran by collectives of criminal syndicates of several notable groups from the region which gives them a tight grasp on any illicit trade in their zone of operation.

I hope this is satisfactory enough to feed your curiosity Monsieur Moreau and maybe an insight for you as to the reliability of our services should you wish to discuss more
[Image: pMeCdw0.png]

Merci beaucoup.

For now that is all I need. If I ever need your services again, I'll contact the Lane Hackers. Do you require any sort of payment for what you told me regarding the Hogosha?

À bientôt!