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Recipients: Ryan Walthers, Enma Loyola


It's been made available to me an... ominous report on Ms. Loyola by the leaders of Battlegroup Auxeia. If my reading comprehension skills are what they used to be, it appears as though this is critical incriminating evidence as to Ms. Loyola's current status.

Auxesian High Command Wrote:
[Image: xwYEVjy.jpg?2]

AGE: Twenties
ORIGIN: Planet Malta, Omicron Alpha - Omicrons
STATUS: Confirmed
RISK: Moderate


Former Sentinel Enma Loyola returned to the Maltese after the initial collapse of Battlegroup Auxesia early in 823. One of the original members to defect from the Core, Loyola was a friend of the Keepers, as well as those who were within the Battlegroup. Maltese origin, not an outstanding combat pilot. Initial contact was brief after the resurfacing of the Battlegroup, and all appeared well until the surfacing of the National Council. Heightened Infested and Nomad traffic in the region, including miss Loyola. A fallen comrade who succumbed to the foe she stood to fight.

Last known location: Cortez


Kamal Khan.
Barrier Gate Station
October 27th, 826 A.S.

[Image: 0OPM8Vj.jpg]

Sender: Dona Enma de Loyola.
Recipient: Kage Tenshi, Kamal Khan.
Topic: Information.


You still have doubts that I am having first-hand information about the Orange Treaty status, alright, one more teaser. I have no trouble with waiting for a professorship to have time for me. Until then.
[Image: BU7dlK2.png]
República Unitaria Maltesa de Hispania

Incoming Message

[Image: 3Mjboss.gif]

Sender: Consul Hernan Escudero
Recipient: [redacted]
Subject: [redacted]

Senorita Loyola,


As to your proposal. As you know, Maltese Hispania has withdrew itself from the Orange Treaty. One of the reasons for it is Maltese Hispania not being interested in [redacted]

End of Message


Oh, such a cute writing my senorita Raven, I miss her, will call her sometime. You see she was upset that I have left her. If you could just read what I wrote in my first message. It's all the same. I said that I did cooperate with the Nomad cults in the early days of NC, received some special gifts as they tried to buy my loyalty. Pieces, if you could say so about those things, Nomad technology. Those are pretty powerful, but sadly that ship was destroyed, so I cannot provide you with an actual sample. But those looked like they grown inside and were triggered by ship electric impulses. Excuse me, I am not big into tech.

As for the Nomad of infested traffic, Nomads would fly around the Outcasts back then, here and there. There were no hostilities, they would sometimes join the Outcast attacks. You could blame the absolute majority of the Outcasts in what I am being blamed with. With direct Nomad worshipers, you did sign a treaty, I doubt that you have treated them in the same way you are treating me.

At the attack on Crayter that I have declared two years ago, LH~ have joined us, you had no problems back then, but now you are pissing me off. So did the Nomads, somehow. Gladly it's all been recorded. I could use those as a piece of evidence that Professorship is infested and coordinates its attacks with the Nomads. We both understand that it's not the case. Now I want you and mr. Walthers to proceed into the separate comm as planned. I will wait for the message from your professor, until then.



Dona Enma de Loyola
Loyola Tactical Solutions Group Ltd

Transmission End
To: LH~
From: IRMM - Outcast Guards
Subject: Your views, opinions and evidence

[Image: MNZDWbA.png]
I bid you a good day esteemed representatives of the Lane Hackers,

Recently we met with one of your haulers named LH~Midnight.Traverser. And from what we gathered, the Inner Circle doesn't seem to be pleased with the steps Enma Loyola takes. And we'd also like your operative to know that while Don Hernan Escudero has stepped down, it doesn't mean Malta will fall into anarchy unless you falsely believed he was a supreme ruler of Malta.

Another point is that your operative hinted us you might be in a possession of valuable information on this woman. IF she is a threat to Malta and you can prove this information to be of value, then you will receive a gracious reward.

~IRMM Outcast Guards

[Image: CygGpT5.png][Image: 4.png]
[Image: 109.png][Image: 94.png][Image: 95.png][Image: 100.png]

Guards of the Outcasts,

I am afraid but this woman is not a threat to Malta. Subsequently I don't think you'd be interested in what we have unless you consider her a rival and are interested in damaging her politically. If she were a threat to Malta you can trust me by saying that we would have shared this intel with you for free. As loyal allies ought to do.


While you are here, may we inquire on your opinions concerning the Orange Alliance? Would you prefer to take the isolationist approach of the Cadiz Cartel or you might be interested in following on the footsteps of every previous administration?

Kind regards,
Wolfgang Weisen
[Image: 6PXBXoN.png]
COMM-ID: Ryan Walthers
TARGET-ID: Lane Hackers


Mister Khan,

No, I don't believe your reading comprehension skills are what they used to be. Considering you've retitled Auxesia to Auxeia. Now that prompts two assumptions. One is that you have a lisp, in which case I would suggest corrective speech therapy. The second is, that of course, you aren't nearly as smart as you claim to be.

Now if you're done citing "evidence" which in turn cites no respective evidence, then we can talk business. In fact if you're so concerned, why don't you go extort one of the corporate slaves roaming around Liberty, purchase some scanning technology, install it on a nice luxury liner and we'll all have a delightful evening of looking at each other's insides.

Though if your "evidence" is any hint of what lies beneath all that anatomical baggage of yours, I expect to see little substance.

Ryan Walthers


To: LH~
From: IRMM - Outcast Guards
Subject: Re: Orange Alliance

[Image: MNZDWbA.png]
Emissary Wolfgang Weisen,

We do not deem the Orange Alliance relevant or beneficial to ourselves or the Maltese people as a whole, and as such we have no interest in joining said alliance. Cardamine market is free, you may buy as much as you want and our people will protect your convoys even without a treaty.

~IRMM Outcast Guards

[Image: dcr9Wjn.png][Image: 4.png]
[Image: 109.png][Image: 94.png][Image: 95.png][Image: 100.png]


You may personally find the Orange Alliance as irrelevant or powerless but I would strongly recommend to abide by its rules within Liberty or you might set yourself for a surprise.

Good day my friend,
Wolfgang Weisen
To: LH~
From: IRMM - Outcast Guards
Subject: Re: Recommendation

[Image: MNZDWbA.png]
Emissary Wolfgang Weisen,

We don't need treaties in places where common sense and logic should apply as your direct supplier. And for good relations, we'd prefer if you don't touch Maltese pilots.

~IRMM Outcast Guards

[Image: 74a.png][Image: 3.png]
[Image: 13i.png][Image: 23i.png][Image: 30i.png][Image: 43i.png]

Recepient: 'Embolist', Gazal Initiative

Greetings, 'Embolist' of the Gazal Initiative. I am Deceiver Maximillian Largo.

I will be brief, so I'll go straight to the point: here is the information about GRG that you requested.
As a foot note, I've personally attended a lengthy meeting with the GRG representative on Cali Base, in Tau-23; however, I still consider them as a highly suspicious faction because of the lack of clear and solid answers on many questions I had posed.

This all said, I hope it satisfies your request,

Maximillian Largo
[Image: iaITbXS.png]

[Image: 4d85908b826d5d7db4d41136b9495521.png]

From: Alexandro Torres
To: Lane Hacker Job Administration
Subject: Registration

Hola, amigos

If you would kindly allow members of the Coalición Imperial Maltesa to complete jobs and bounties listed by yourselves, that would be most appreciated.

The creation of the Maltese Imperial Coalition's Bounty Board, in which a select few Lane Hackers have enriched themselves greatly, has so far been a great success. I do hope opening the Hacker's board will allow the favor to be returned.

Adios for now.

Alexandro Torres
Coalición Imperial Maltesa

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