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Full Version: BDM Leadership change
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Apparently BDM had no longer any leader and Malenka asked me if I would like to become the new one.

So uh... yeah, that means I am now the boss here :cool:
And where's Avalanche?
Volksfront sig mandatory :cool:
Good luck Jarl, perhaps moar Bundie-BDM events in future.
Gone apparently. Dunno exactly what happened but I heard he just left.
Oh great.

Omicron, bring out your Revenant.

I think Harbinger's back.


Good luck Jarl.
Well. It's the second faction he led to official status. I suppose he is trying to break some record.

And good luck to ya! I'll try joining ya after exams.
I'll try to be helping out as much as possible with this. Can't see BDM flop, it has too much RP potential. Avalanche was a good leader, and we'll all miss him.