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Full Version: Faction Section Moderation Requests
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This thread is for requesting for threads to be moved, pinned, unpinned, set invisible, posts removed from threads, etc.

Please provide;
1.) Name of the thread
2.) Link to the thread/post
3.) What you want done - pinned, moved, made invisible, etc
4.) Post #, if not #1.
Please delete this thread as its not relevant anymore and
Also can you guys remove all replies under this post except the main post itself?


Done ~ Alpha Wolf

Can I get this thread here (K'Hara Morph Adoption channel. (Recruitment))

Move to the K'Hara archive section here please

Can I also get the thread locked as well please?

Thank you.

Checking with listed OFL ~Alex
Done ~Alex
Hey there. Please make the following changes to the Legacy of Orillion subforum.

The description for the |O| subforum currently reads:
The Legacy of Orillion, though officially 'The Order', is a splinter cell of the Order as a whole dedicated to the continuation and show of operations against the Nomads.
Please change it to this:
The Legacy of Orillion cell is a considerable subsection of the Order at large dedicated to the founding principles of the founder, Casper Orillion. They openly hunt known infestees and Nomads across the Colonies, and utilize the technology developed in the Order's fortified home to ensure that the Sirius Sector is preserved from the shadows. They rarely, if ever, openly attack civilians, unless they have irrefutable proof of their contamination.

Please place this image in the description for this subforum, and add in the following description:
The catalyst for progress within the Legacy cell.

Please add the following description to this subforum:
Files concerning Legacy HQ - Lisbon Station

Please move this thread to this subforum.

Thank you.

Thread moved. Poking the relevant people to sort the subforum part out - Snoopy
Done forum administration parts ~Alex
Greetings there!

May Volgograd Industrial be added to this list please? The thread from the blue link at the bottom stated that this account does not have permission to view that thread.

Edge Worlds
Tag: *VI|
Faction name: Volgograd Industrial

Thank you

Added. Also poked some people to get you the right perms for this account - Snoopy
Updated forum groups ~Alex
Good day, can This And This

Be moved to our Data Depository located Here thanks

Done - Snoopy
Good day, The LPI- Logo you see here needs to be changed to This Thank you

Done ~Alex

Edit: can This be moved to our Data Depository located here

Done ~Alex
Hello can I get the info on the BD| faction changed to this please

BD Subforum - icon
Description: Unlawful revolutionary faction.
Affiliation: Blood Dragons

Also can I please get a few sub fourms put into our factions space with the following:

Done and done ~Alex
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