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Full Version: BDM rollcall
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All members should post here using the following template:

[b]Skype name:[/b]
[b]Character name(s):[/b]
[b]Ship name(s):[/b]


Skype name: jarltharog
Character name(s): Elien Jaeger
Ship name(s): BDM|Dkt-Elien.Jaeger
Rank: Direktor
Skype name: you know that
Character name(s): Kirk.Lahm
Ship name(s): BDM|Sgt-Kirk.Lahm
Rank: Sargent
Skype name: Cawdor
Character name(s): Wotan Steiner
Ship name(s): BDM|Agt-Wotan Steiner
Rank: Agent (please leave it at that)
Skype name: nathaw1
Character name(s): Josef Von Papen
Ship name(s): BDM|Agt-Josef.V.Papen
Rank: Agent
Skype name: Lobster_Lord
Character name(s): Stein Sankt
Ship name(s): BDM|Albrecht
Rank: Stellvertretender Direktor
Skype name: kaiwren107
Character name(s): Roman Gerolf
Ship name(s): BMD|S.Agt-Roman.Gerolf
Rank: Special Agent
The U-Korps is ready for action.

Active Boats
U-552 (Erich Topp)
U-19 (Wilhelm Strauss)
U-571 (Viktor Schutze)
U-80 (Ewald Strauss)
U-47 (Heinrech Riddeltoffen)
U-1154 (Strauss Jergenmeyer)
U-1156 (Viktor Linz)

You know who we are.
Skype name: Profile
Character name(s): Marco.Hausen
Ship name(s):BDM|Schwarz-1
Rank: On the bottom.
Skype name: swipter88
Character name(s): Otto Kretschmer
Ship name(s): BDM|Ins-Otto.Kretschmer
Rank: Inspektor
Skype name: sebydeejay
Character name(s): Andreas Kreuz
Ship name(s): BDM|Agt-Andreas.Kreuz
Rank: Agent
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