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Full Version: To: Nikolaus Rheinhardt, Kanzler of Rheiland
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Nikolaus Rheinhardt i must request you contact me at once i have Important Information pertaining to the War with Liberty, i privately Funded and performed a deep recon mission into the system known as "Minnesota" with in the Bering Bypass i have information that will come in very useful for the higherups of the Rheinland Military High Command Please Contact me urgently at
===Incoming Transmission===

[Image: dhcsignature.png]

[Image: up9yo.png]

From: Lienden Kessler, Intelligence and base security Division, The Ring.
To: The hacker known as Vulkhard.

Gut day Herr Muller!

I have bad news for you, I will tell you about them in due time, first set of bad news is that the no one from the bundestag(Specially not Herr Rheinhardt) will answer to this transmission because this comm link was closed months ago; but maybe we could be of help, maybe. We need your vessel name, along with any other useful information, like curent location(with pictures would be nice) equipment(weapons, ship type, and so on) and we will proceed to contact the authorities regarding your actions, deal?

===Transmission Terminated===