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Full Version: To: Admiral David Hale
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[Image: LSFINCheaderbasicV1.gif]
Firewall Status...[color=#66FFFF]Online
Verify Encryption Keys...[color=#66FFFF]Ok

Identification confirmed...Anna Brown Recognised
Establishing video uplink...

[Image: annabrown.jpg]
Initialise Transmission


"Her blonde hair is blocking half of the visual comm link and while putting the lipstick she said" Pardon me Admiral, it'll be over in second.

"Visual comm scrambled"

I'm here to forward important information regarding Omicron Minor and discovery of new hole that might be key to our investigation, so far we have only basic scans that doesn't solving anything but our scientists believe it is worth of effort. However, it might be path of assault on the Order homeworld.

This mission is being discussed only in top levels of the LSF and currently has lack of materials and force, many remaining order forces are causing us many problems, unnecessary cost of credits and available force but I do believe that you can handle it Admiral? So, we all could focuse on real mission.

For maximum cooperation, I've let the docking bay 2 cleared for your research team on Kodiak station. Dr.Lawson will be pleased to meet them.

I'll be waiting on your reply Admiral, stay safe "winking".

Miss Anna Brown
Director of Liberty Security Force
Liberty Security Force

[color=#ccFFFF]Enabling Feedback Loop...
Closing Transmission...
Signal Lost...
[Image: LSFINCfooterbasicV1.gif]
:::Re-transmitting signal:::

COMM ID: [color=#99FFFF]Fleet Admiral David Hale
TARGET ID: Director Brown
SUBJECT: Research team

Evening Miss Brown.

I'll have a team assembled at earliest convenience, expect my men to arrive within the week. I also have a number of individuals of a suitably discrete nature who will act as security for the duration of the operation.

Dr. Lawson is not someone I wish to personally work with, following his behaviour towards officers under my command on previous occasions, however I will be briefing the operatives who are assigned to this mission, to treat the 'good' doctor with all the respect he deserves.

Times and dates will be required however. This is your operation, and thus will be operating on your time schedule.

Hale out.

[font=agency fb]****TRANSMISSION TERMINATED****