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Full Version: Falster Station
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[Image: Tb35x.png]

Basic Information:

Congratulation, you have successfully reached the Information and Docking Permission site for Falster Trade Center!

Falster Trade Center is located near Aland Shipyard, in the Omega 3 system. Primarily intended to serve as a Trade Center and Refinery, the official commodity dealers sell ore harvested directly from the fields at competitive prices. It is also considered the safest place in the Omegas making it attractive to the lone traveler.

Buying and Selling:
  • Silver Ore ~ 3,500SC/unit
  • Copper Ore ~ 3,500SC/unit
  • Cobalt Ore ~ 3,500SC/unit
  • Beryllium Ore ~ 4,000SC/unit

Fort Siloso, an IMG installation which sells Niobium Ore in Tau-37 system (and relatively close to the Tau-23 jump hole) does not require docking permission anymore. If your reputation standing is at least neutral with the Independent Miners Guild you'll freely be able to dock. Of course Fort Siloso still operates under the IMG Regulations.

Docking Permission:

Falster Trade Center follows the example of other open stations (or freeports) and employs a very easy and quick method to grant your vessel(s) docking access.

Furthermore, we do not only welcome corporations which want to conduct business, but also travelers who are searching for a safe port in the war-torn Omegas.

The are 3 categories of individuals or organizations which are excluded from applying:
  • Yourself or the organization you represent is considered as an enemy of the Guild or is not allowed to dock on IMG installations.
  • For Falster only: You are considered an enemy of the Kingdom of Bretonia.
  • For Falster only: You are marked as an enemy by the Omega Treaty: == Open File: Treaty of Snowdown ==

By applying to be granted docking access to Falster Station, you also agree that:
  • You will not use this station as a base of operations for any unlawful actions. Unlawful actions are defined by House laws of the surrounding area.
  • You will not use the station to escape from law enforcers.
  • The Guild has the authority to withdraw your docking permission at any given time and without warning.

Application for Individuals

Quote:Full Name: ( your full name )
Shipname(s): ( name of ship that requests docking permission)
ID: ( write down the ID your ship uses here )
Reputation with IMG: ( screenshot of your reputation sheet showing IMG as neutral/green )

Your reasons for applying: (what the question says)

Application for Organizations

Quote:Full Name: ( your full name and rank )
The organization's name: ( the organization's name )
The organization's tag: ( the name tag that the ships are using )
Is the organization's tag protected? ( via /maketag encryption. Can be answered with: yes / no )
Identification: ( write down the ID that you use )
Headquarters: ( in which House or independent system is your organization having its headquarters )
Reputation with IMG: ( screenshot of your reputation sheet showing IMG as neutral/green )

Your reasons for applying: (what the question says)
Proof of the transaction: ( please send 5,000,000 credits to: IMG|Guildfunds - no fee for IMG sub-groups )
Full Name: Johann Trochann

Call-Sign: Carrak

Identification: ALG

Citizenship: Rheinland

Your reasons for applying: As ALG subcontractor I think I should earn much more than my current salary. I decided to earn some credits on my own, not relying only on corporation's payment. I will be more than happy to do buisnesses with Guild. Make cash, not war!

Proof of the transaction:

[Image: screen232f.png]
[font=Comic Sans Ms]*** Incoming transmission ***
*** ID: Phil Somersby ***
*** Ship ID: Aluminum:Falcon ***
*** Location: Colorado ***
*** Subject: Registration ***

Hello there ! I have picked up your transmission and I have to admit I am pretty interested.
I am currently flying for the IMG. I don't really come from a House,so I'll just move along.
I decided to earn some credits on my own and while doing that help the Guild expand and solidify it's position in the area.
Attached data:
[Image: 2w33pzr.jpg]

*** Transmission ends ***
------------------------------DATA CONNECTION................................ESTABLISHED-----------
------------------------------RECEIVING MESSAGE DATA.....................DONE---------------------

Encryption: Medium
Sender: Sean Stone, executive director of Stone Bros Ltd/GmbH
Sent from: planet New Berlin, New Berlin system, Rheinland
To: Falster Trade Center administration
Cc: IMG Board of Guildmasters
Subject: Falster docking rights application

[Image: SeanStone-StoneBros1.jpg]

Greetings dear sir or madam from Falster Trade Center administration! My name is Sean Stone and I´m executive director of independent transport company Stone Bros Ltd/GmbH which is affiliated member of IMG. It is great to see IMG effort to make main trade route between Bretonia and Rheinland through Omegas safer. Decisions and hard work like this make us proud that we are affiliated member of IMG and again confirmed that choice of IMG when we were in need of business partner for ships registrations was the best we could did.

But about our docking rights application. Required form is in the data attachment of this message. We are not sure if our company is considered as IMG subcontractor due to fact that we are only affiliated member, so we sent the required fee. But even if the fee is not required from us, please consider the money as a gift of our company and at least little support for Falster. We are sure that you use this money in very useful way and we are also sure that benefits that we get have much more value.

If you have any further questions, please contact me. Have a nice day!


#1 - Required registration form

The organisation's name: Stone Bros Ltd/GmbH
The organisation's tag: Stone.Bros.Ltd/GmbH
Is the organisation's tag protected? Yes
Identification: IMG
Headquarters: planet New Berlin, New Berlin system, Rheinland

Your reasons for applying: We consider Falster as place for possible emergency docking place if our ships will be under attack near Omega-3 - Omega-7 jump gates, because in the past pirates very often attacked ships here. We will be also awaiting if there will be any ores available for purchase for reasonable price.

#2 - Proof of the transaction
[Image: Falster_payment.jpg]

------------------------------END OF THE MESSAGE--------------------------------------------------
------------------------------DATA CONNECTION......................TERMINATED--------------------
Encryption: Erotic
Source: Baffin
From: Dr. Hodge Van Mojo

[Image: 4280g.jpg]


I've heard really good things about this endeavour from my mates at Freeport 1. We Tazzies would love to set foot on your lovely installations. Good spot too!


Dr. Hodge Van Mojo

Quote:The organisation's name: Temporary Autonomous Zoners
The organisation's tag: [TAZ]
Is the organisation's tag protected? Yes
Identification: Zoner
Headquarters: Baffin

Your reasons for applying: Do I really need to spell this out? We are cool with you IMG.
Proof of the transaction:

[Image: screen180l.png]


[Image: Tom%20Devoe.png]

To whom it will concern, Ageira Technologies intends to apply for blanketed docking permissions at the station for which you now advertise them.

Our reasons for doing so, quite simply, are a mutual profit. We're sure you can appreciate this.

You'll find the information as requested below.

The organisation's name: Ageira Technologies
The organisation's tag: Ageira|
Is the organisation's tag protected? Of course.
Identification: Ageira Technologies Level V Authorised Identification
Headquarters: The Republic of Liberty
Proof of the transaction: Files enclosed within.

..:: Incoming transmission: ::..
..:: ID: Toni Tetsu ::..
..:: Location: Planet New Tokyo ::..

Konnichiwa beloved members of the IMG,
I'm adressing you on behalf of Samura Heavy indutries. After some contracts done at the IMG base at Omega 7, Samura heavy industriels would like to do one step more in the benefit of our mutual business.

The quality of your extracted ores are optimal for our industry needs.Your security sytem around the mining fields where the operations takes places and the security levels at Falster Base are more than enought to ensure our shipments too.

This is why on Behalf Samura Heavy industries, we ask for a docking system protocols at your base. The docking rights will be use to do more eficient shipment between Kusari industries and independent miners guild extracted resourceres. Optimizing the time of loading unloading cargo, and receiving an extra protection from the Omegas unlawful parties.

After this lines I attach the information you request in order to get the docking rights.
Thanks for your time and effort

Best regards,

## Toni Tetsu - Samura spaceship captain

form information:
Quote:The organisation's name: Samura Heavy industries
The organisation's tag: Samura|-
Is the organisation's tag protected? Yes
Identification: Samura ID
Headquarters: Planet Tomioka, Nagano system, Kusari space

payment information:
[Image: SAMURA%20SCREEN%20001%20copia.png]

[Image: 264px-ImgLogo.png]

[color=#33CCFF]Falster Administration

[font=Agency FB]Until an Administrator of Falster Station is officially appointed, I will take care of the applications.

Mr Trochann, your request has been accepted. We hope you will find Falster Station's services satisfactory.

Mr Somersby, your request has been accepted. We hope you will find Falster Station's services satisfactory.

Mr Stone, you didn't need to send a fee, as you are indeed an IMG subcontractor. Nevertheless your donation is appreciated. You will soon have docking rights on Falster.

Dr Mojo, docking rights have been granted since yesterday, I'm replying now to make it official as well. We hope you will enjoy your stay at Falster.

Mr Devoe, vessels belonging to Ageira Technologies are now allowed to dock with Falster Station and make use of it's services. The IMG has contacted your corporation on a different channel and the Guild Mastery is still awaiting for a responce. Thank you.

Mr Tetsu-sama, we would like to thank you for your kind words. Samura vessels have now access to Falster Station.

[color=#FFFFFF]Irene Thompson, Secretary of the Guild Masters
.... Incoming Transmission ....
... Opening Channel ...
.. Streaming ..
. Decrypting .

[Image: ianjohnston.jpg]

ID: Ian Johnston
Location: Planet Denver
Subject: Falster Station Docking Rights

Quote:Full Name: Ian P. Johnston
Call-Sign: Sprinter
Identification: [Image: sprinterid.png]

Citizenship: Libertonian
Your reasons for applying: Due to recent tensions between Interspace and Rheinland I am, as a Interspace ID'd independent trader, unable to travel to the ore fields within Omega 7. The current situation has made that route impossible to take. Falster station would be the ideal solution to my problem. And that's it really, short and in a nutshell. Should you have more questions, feel free to ask and I'll be looking forward to our co-operation.

Proof of the transaction: [Image: paymenttranscriptfalste.png]

On a sidenote:
Should you wish it, I am willing to take the superconductors that I always bring to Aland Shipyard directly towards Falster Station. Since this is a commodity that is used in base building and knowing that you are active in that business, I am willing to divert from Aland towards Falster. If of course these conductors are received at a fair price. Just an idea, I hope it is appealing to your organisation.

<div align="right]Sincerely

Ian Johnston
Captain of the independent trader Sprinter

. Decrypting Complete .
.. End of Stream ..
... Closing Channel ...
.... Transmission Terminated ....

From: Lethis Khazar
Subject: Docking Permissions
[font=Comic Sans Ms]
[color=#FFFFFF]The organisation's name:
Jumpy Zoners
[color=#FFFFFF]The organisation's tag:
Is the organisation's tag protected? Yes
Identification: Zoner
Headquarters: Inverness
Your reasons for applying: We want your ore. Seriously.
Proof of the transaction: Proof of transaction

Thank you very much,
Lethis Khazar

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