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The Laws of Sirius
An index of the laws and regulations imposed by House governments.
Contained herein are the Laws governing the House Colonies as set forth by their duly appointed governing bodies.
Each Colonial Government is entitled to one submission detailing all applicable laws within their sovereign territories.
All such submissions should include a table of contents at the beginning of their submission.
Unlike the CNS press release service, which contains time sensitive information that may become out of date, these submissions are concrete and permanent, and open only to the House governments.

An index of the laws and regulations imposed by non-House organisations.
  • The Zoner Freeports:
    A collection of policies and regulations imposed by various Zoner Freeports and organisations.
  • The Corsair Empire:
    A collection of policies and regulations imposed by the Council of Elders within Corsair space.
  • The Outcasts
    A collection of policies and regulations imposed by the Loyola Group.
  • GMG Sovereign Space:
    A collection of laws and regulations imposed by the Guild Masters within GMG.
  • The Crayter Republic:
    A collection of laws and regulations imposed by the Crayter Republic within Crayterian space.
  • The Core
    A collection of laws and regulations imposed by The Core as the Charter of Omicronia
  • The Coalition People's Republic:
    A collection of laws and regulations imposed by the State Duma within Coalition space.
    A collection of laws and regulations imposed by the Council High Command within Council space.
  • The Order Overwatch Protectorate:
    A collection of laws and regulations imposed by The Order Overwatch Protectorate within Order controlled space.

[Image: 220px-Flag-liberty.png]

The Laws of Liberty

0. Law enforcement
Liberty Forces (Liberty Navy, Liberty Police and Liberty Security Force) are authorized to uphold these laws in Liberty systems (New York, Alaska, California, Colorado, Ontario, Texas, Virginia, Alberta, Pennsylvania, Kansas) and connecting independent systems (Cortez, Hudson, Magellan, Bering, Galileo, Kepler, Puerto Rico).

Liberty Forces are authorized to issue punishments based on severity of a crime which can range from verbal warning to use of lethal force.

Primary Fleets ([LN], 5th|, LPI-, and =LSF=) are considered ranking officers and their judgement and order stands higher in case of disparity.

Monetary fines for crimes can be up to ten million credits on the scene. Higher penalties can be issued by Primary Fleets or Liberty Government via Neural-Net.

Liberty Forces are subject to judicial review of their actions and will be punished if their conduct is found to be unjust.

Hostile organisations forfeit all protection that these laws provide.

Law abiding pilots within Liberty can report instances of crime when officers were not on scene. Please follow the instructions listed in Police Report System.

Latest changes to Liberty laws are regularly posted in Public Service Announcements by the Republic of Liberty

Treaties between Liberty and other organisations are posted in Republic of Liberty: Treaty, Contract and Agreement Database.

1. Trade regulations
The possession of Civilian pilots and Liberty personnel is not permitted.

Liberty Forces are allowed to confiscate these goods and transport them for evidence storage.

For exceptions to these laws, please visit List of approved special licenses that were granted via License Requisition Center.

1.1 Contraband commodities
It is illegal to have any amount of these commodities:
- Artifacts
- Black Market Light Arms
- Black Market Munitions
- Blood Diamonds
- Cardamine
- Counterfeit Software
- Demolition Charges
- EFL Blue Packs
- Hypnotainment Bands
- Kemwer Munitions
- Liquid Cardamine
- Nomad Remains or materials
- Nox
- Separatist Materiel
- Slaves
- Sorted Artifacts
- Volgograd Ordinance
- Xeno Relics

1.2 Restricted commodities
Only organisations listed in parenthesis can transport these commodities:
- Ageira White Boxes (Ageira Technologies, Deep Space Engineering, Universal Shipping)
- Azurite Gas (Universal Shipping Incorporated)
- Human Organs (Cryer Pharmaceuticals)
- Military Salvage (Liberty and Bretonia corporations, [ALG], Bristol Constructions, Junker Congress)
- Stabiline (Cryer Pharmaceuticals)
- Synthetic Marijuana (Cryer Pharmaceuticals)

1.3 Improper passenger conditions
Only Freighters, Armored "Pelican" Transport, Liners and Yachts may transport various classifications of passengers.

1.4 Supplying illegal modular base
It is illegal to deliver any materials to a modular base not on the List of approved modular bases.

1.5 Breaching embargo
These systems are under embargo and no commodities (except various forms of passengers) may be transported into them:
- Bering
- Kansas
- Vespucci

2. Trespassing
Alaska, Virginia systems and Zone-21 in New York are off-limits to civilians and trespassing may result in lethal force used. Current exceptions are:
- Zone-21 in New York and the Trans-Alaska Corridor in Alaska may be passed only by Ageira Technologies, Deep Space Engineering, Liberty Police and Universal Shipping.
- The stretch between the Texas Jump Gate and Richmond Military Academy in Virginia system may be passed by anyone.

3. Hostile organisations
It is illegal to affiliate with, work for, possess identification, ship, equipment, technology or weaponry from these organisations:
- Blood Dragons
- Coalition
- Corsairs
- Farmers Alliance
- Gaians
- Gallic Brigands
- Gallic Royal Enclave
- Gammu Artificial Intelligence
- Golden Chrysanthemums
- Hellfire Legion
- IMG|
- Lane Hackers
- Liberty Rogues
- Liberty Separatists
- Mollys
- Nomads
- Order
- Outcasts
- Pirates
- Reaver Mercenaries
- Red Hessians
- Unioners
- Wild
- Xenos

4. Restricted technology
Liberty Forces are allowed to use any technology necessary to perform their duties.

4.1 Restricted equipment
Possessing identification, ship, equipment or weaponry from known hostiles is restricted. List of approved special licenses has registered exceptions granted via Special Licenses Center.

Possession of Liberty Navy technology is restricted. This includes, but is not limited to "Liberator", "Executioner", "Guardian", "Avenger" snubcrafts, "Defiant" gunboat, "Magma Hammer" and "Vengeance" series weaponry, etc. Only Liberty Forces and ships within List of approved surplus licenses are permitted to use such technology. If you are looking to receive license, please visit Surplus Requisitioning Center.

4.2 Warships
"Corvo" Civilian Deep Space Explorer and "Bustard" Civilian Light Carrier are not considered Warships.

Only Liberty Forces can operate Capital Ships (e.g. Cruisers, Destroyers, Battlecruisers, Battleships, Dreadnoughts, Carriers, etc.) in Liberty.

Only Liberty Forces and ships within List of approved surplus licenses can operate Liberty Capital Ships (e.g. "Archer", "Interdictor", "Overlord", "Atlantis", etc.) anywhere in Sirius.

Temporary permission to enter or traverse Liberty with Capital Ships must be gained from Liberty Government and must be escorted by Primary Fleets at all times.

5. Obstructing justice
It is illegal to prevent, evade or delay the administration of justice. Examples are:
- Fleeing from an officer when ordered to stop via verbal command or cruise disruptor.
- Destroying or stealing cargo from the wreck of a criminal despite being told not to
- Allowing criminals to dock on a station within the House of Liberty
- Other attempts to protect or hide criminals or evidence from Liberty Forces

6. Piracy
It is illegal to attempt unlawfully disrupt any traffic and/or threaten to extort cargo, credits, equipment, personnel, etc.

7. Assault
It is illegal to assault Liberty forces unless specifically ordered by the high command of Primary Fleets.

It is illegal to assault any civilian unless:
- Civilian assaulted you and you are self-defending.
- Civilian broke laws and you are permitted by Liberty Forces.
- Civilian is marked within Liberty Bounty Board and you are a registered contractor.

8. Base Licenses
In order to legally register a modular base in the Republic of Liberty, it is required that the owner obtain license from Liberty Government. The following license plans and their fees are possible:
- 50.000.000 per month
- 500.000.000 per year
- one-time

Each application will be considered on a case-by-case basis. There may be problems with certain base positioning, such as in the middle of a trade lane route or directly across an area of space that sees heavy traffic or being in close proximity to established station. As such, we reserve the right to refuse or request that you modify your application.

Any change to affiliation, name, location, ownership, cruise disruptor or weapon platforms must be approved by Liberty Government.

Current List of approved modular bases that were approved via License Requisition Center.

9. Espionage
Any attempt or intent to conduct espionage in Liberty can result in severe punishments.

9.1 Corporate espionage
Any attempt or intent to obtain and/or share, without the consent of the relevant parent corporation, classified information. This includes possessing, salvaging, purchasing, distributing or trying to reverse-engineer Liberty corporations' proprietary research, technology or products, including but not limited to Ageira White Boxes, without their express written consent.

9.2 Military espionage
Any attempt or intent to obtain and/or share, without the consent of the Liberty Government, classified information on any matter deemed to contribute to national security.

9.3 Foreign agencies
Foreign military, intelligence or police agencies are not allowed in Liberty unless permission from Liberty Government is granted.

10. Non-violent crimes
Following miscellaneous crimes are considered non-violent in case there is no damage to health or property.

10.1 Impersonating an officer
False claim to be part of any branch of the Liberty Forces or act in a manner which would vindicate such a claim.

10.2 Gross indecency
Massively inconsiderate acts, such as being nude or semi-nude, participating or instigating an act of a sexual nature, displaying sexually explicit material in the public domain, etc.

10.3 Flying under the influence
Pilot a ship while being affected by any substance, which impair ability to fly in a safe and respectable manner.

10.4 Public disturbance
Encouraging or be a part of a public disturbance, which includes, but is not limited to, verbal or physical altercations, polluting or littering in Liberty, damaging property.

10.5 Hacking
Any sort of hacking, including but not limited to docking points or transmissions.

Bretonian Charter of Interstellar Law

Within the Domain of Her Majesty Carina I, Queen of Bretonia, Empress of the Taus, Sovereign of the stars of Orkney, Inverness, Poole, Exeter and the Near Omegas, the following Rules and Regulations shall be enforced by the agents of Her Majesty, the Crown.

Fines, detention or lethal force may be levied against persons or organisations found to be acting in contravention to the law. The sum of any potential fines, the length of detention or the degree of force utilized will depend entirely on the severity of the situation in question.

Primarily, all persons and organisations are granted - so far as they conduct themselves in a manner that does not inhibit these same rights in others - the rights of protection under the law, freedom of assembly, passage, and transport, with the following restrictions:

1. Definition of Entities

1.1 The following Entities, Factions and Organisations are recognised as being native to the Kingdom of Bretonia and afforded the status of Native Citizens:

Bretonian Entities
Borderworld ExportsBretonia Armed ForcesBretonian Intelligence ServicePlanetform, Inc.
Bretonia Police AuthorityBretonia Mining and ManufacturingGateway Shipping

1.2 Allied Entities
The following Entities, Factions and Organisations are recognised as being stalwart friends and allies of the Queen, the Realm and all its peoples:

The Republic of Liberty
Ageira TechnologiesDeep Space EngineeringInterspace CommerceLiberty Navy
Liberty Police IncorporatedLiberty Security ForceUniversal Shipping

1.3 Friendly Entities
The following entities, Factions and Organisations are considered to be viewed favourably by the Kingdom of Bretonia:

Bounty Hunters GuildCrayter RepublicCryer Pharmaceuticals
Gas Miners GuildGolden ChrysanthemumsOrbital Spa & Cruise
Synth Foods Inc.Queen Carina's Privateers

1.4 Neutral Entities
The following Entities, Factions and Organisations are considered to be viewed indifferently by the Kingdom of Bretonia:

CoreBlood DragonsIndependent Miners GuildJunkersNatio Octavarium
Nation of MaltaZoners
Federal Republic of Rheinland
ALG Waste DisposalDaumann Heavy ConstructionKruger MineralsMarinenachrichtendienstRepublican Shipping
Rheinland Federal PoliceRheinland Military
Reformed Empire of Kusari
KempeitaiKusari Naval ForcesKusari State PoliceSamuraKishiro

1.5 Unfriendly Entities
The following Entities, Factions and Organisations have earned the ire of the Kingdom of Bretonia though prior action or undertaking:

[td]Gallic Confederate Navy
BundschuhGallic BrigandsHellfire Legion
MaquisOrderUnione CorseUnioners
Kingdom of Gallia[/color][/b]
Gallic Confederate PoliceIlle-de-France ShippingEFL Oil and MachineryGallic Metal

1.6 Hostile Entities
The following Entities, Factions and Organisations are considered to be responsible for direct attacks on the Realm, and are to be treated with due contempt and reprisal:

Farmers AllianceHogoshaNomadsInfectedPirates
EnclaveLiberty RoguesMollysRed HessiansLane HackersGaians
Sirius Coalition Revolutionary ArmyXenos

//Bretonia's stance, publicly, to QCP appears to be as if listed one section down ie a Neutral Entity

3. Restricted Items
3.1 - Fines For The Transport of Contraband
The minimum fine for all fully restricted contraband items is 500,000 credits per 1000 units. The cargo in question may be confiscated and destroyed, or impounded.
Restricted goods have separate fines found within the BPA Licensing transmission. Violations of 3.1 may also be combined with 4.2, based on the circumstances and contraband in question.

3.2 - Goods Classified as Fully Restricted Contraband
  • Ageira White Boxes
  • Artifacts
  • Black Market Munitions
  • Cardamine
  • Counterfeit Software
  • Kenwer Munitions
  • Liquid Cardamine
  • Nox
  • Royal Marines
  • Slaves
  • Sorted Artifacts
  • Xeno Relics

3.2.1 - Artifacts, Sorted Artifacts and Xeno Relics
Shipments of Artifacts, sorted or otherwise or Xeno Relics, will be seized and transported to Planet Cambridge for safekeeping. Should this be impractical, the cargo is to be destroyed.

3.2.2 - Black Market Munitions
Shipments of Black Market Munitions will be seized and transported to the nearest BAF or BPA Installation for sorting and the controlled demolition of hazardous materials. Should this be impractical, the cargo is to be destroyed.

3.2.3 - Cardamine, Liquid Cardamine
The possession and use of Cardamine for those afflicted by it is not illegal in Bretonia, with a maximum of five units (5) allowed to be carried per ship at one time.
Cardamine shipments above five units (5) will be seized and transported to licensed pharmacies on CRS, Cambridge, New London or the Liner Shetland. Should this be impractical, the cargo is to be destroyed.
Liquid Cardamine is not tolerated in any quantity, and is to be confiscated or destroyed immediately.

3.2.4 - Counterfeit Software
Smuggling of Counterfeit Software is covered under Article III, Clause 5 of the Treaty of Curacao:
'Treaty of Curacao - Article III, Clause 5: The trafficking of Counterfeit Software from Liberty to Bretonia is to be considered a serious offence by both Houses. Any vessel caught with Counterfeit Software anywhere in Liberty Space, Bretonian Space, Magellan or Cortez Space, shall be considered guilty of a crime against both Liberty and Bretonia. Any Lawful Agents, of either Government, catching such offenders are to seize and destroy all such Software, and impose a fine of 500 credits per unit upon the vessel, half payable to the Government of each Nation. This to be done regardless of where the vessel, in question, was apprehended.'

3.2.5 - Nox
Shipments of Nox will be immediately seized, samples taken to Cambridge Research Station, the rest being destroyed on the spot.

3.2.6 - Royal Marines
Shipment of any number of Gallic Royal Marines within Bretonian Territory will have their detachment placed under arrest and transferred to a Lawful Transport if one is available, or escorted to the nearest Bretonian Facility to off-load them.

3.2.7 - Slaves
Shipment of Slaves in any number will be forced to transfer them to a Lawful Transport if one is available, or escorted to the nearest Bretonian Facility to off-load them.

3.2.8 - Pilots of Lawful Affiliation
Any person that is carrying Pilots of Lawful Affiliation will be forced to transfer them to a Lawful Transport if one is available, or escorted to the nearest Bretonian Facility to off-load them.

3.2.9 - Ageira White Boxes
Ageira White Boxes are only allowed to be transported, within Bretonia's Territories by Ageira Technologies, Deep Space Engineering, Universal Shipping and their Affiliates.

3.3 - Goods Classified as Partially Restricted, Requiring Licences
  • APM Advanced Hardware
  • Armaments
  • Criminals
  • Gaian Wildlife
  • Human Organs
  • Light Arms
  • Maltese Light Arms
  • Marines
  • Med-Stasis Bands
  • Military Vehicles
  • MOX
  • Munitions
  • Nomad Remains
  • Nuclear Devices
  • Plutonium
  • Prisoners
  • Side Arms
  • Stabiline
  • Synthetic Marijuana

3.4 - Equipment Produced by Hostile Nations
Anyone found utilising equipment produced by Bretonia's enemies will be halted and questioned about their activities. Mere possession of such equipment without corresponding ID papers constitutes as sufficient grounds for fines, prosecution or arrest. Vessels acting in contravention of this order will face a minimum fine of 2,000,000 credits and immediate expulsion from Bretonian borders or impounding. Banned equipment lines include:
  • Corsair equipment
  • Gaian Equipment
  • Farmers Alliance/Hogosha Equipment
  • Enclave Military Equipment
  • Lane Hacker Equipment
  • Liberty Rogue Equipment
  • Molly Equipment

3.5 - Ships Manufactured by Hostile Nations
Anyone found flying Ships produced by Bretonia's Enemies will be halted and questioned about their activities. Mere possession of such a Ship without corresponding ID Papers constitutes as sufficient grounds for fines, prosecution or arrest. Vessels acting in contravention of this order will face a minimum fine of 2,000,000 credits and immediate expulsion from Bretonian Borders or impounding. Banned ship lines include:
  • Corsair Ships
  • Gaian Ships
  • Enclave Military Ships
  • Hogosha/Farmers Alliance Ships.
  • Pirate Transport and Train (unless flown by Friendly, Allied or Junker Entities)

3.6 - Cloaking Devices, Jump Drives, Survey Modules and Docking Bays
Cloaking Devices, Jump Drives, Survey Modules and Docking Modules are not illegal to possess.
Cloaking Devices and Docking Modules are open for use by any lawful ship.
The use of Jump Drives or Survey Modules and the ships required to use them are illegal by the laws laid out in the following section, unless registered in the Bretonian Office of Jumpdrive and Hyperspace Scanning Registry and Reporting.

4. Crimes and Illegal Conduct

4.1 - Assault on a Lawful Entity
Anyone who fires on any Lawful Entity will be fined a minimum of 4,000,000 credits. Failure to immediately cease hostilities will result in the use of lethal force. This pertains to firing on Individuals, Ships, Installations or Infrastructure, i.e. a BAF Templar, Isle of Skye, Kensington's Cargo Depots.

4.2 - Assisting Hostile Forces
Assisting any party declared hostile to the Kingdom of Bretonia (see: 1.5 - Definition of Entities), either through direct hostile action, association with a hostile entity or trading on their bases will result in a minimum fine of 2,000,000 credits. Violations of 4.2 may also be combined with 3.1, based on the circumstances and the nature of the cargo traded.

4.3 - Espionage
It is prohibited to publish or sell scans of Military or Police Equipment, Ships, Operations or Installations. Members of Foreign Intelligence Agencies, Militaries and Police Forces are also hereby prohibited from entering the Kingdom of Bretonia, save with explicit permission via Government, Treaty, BAF Admiralty Board, BPA High Commission, SIS Directorate, or Liberty Navy Vessels stationed in defence against the Gallic Invasion. This applies but is not strictly limited to: KNF, KSP, KTP; LSF, LPI; RM, RFP, MND, BDM.
Espionage within Bretonia will result in a minimum fine of 50,000,000 credits, immediate expulsion from Bretonian Borders and diplomatic repercussions in the case of an unsanctioned House incursion.

4.4 - Piracy
Piracy constitutes as the attempted or successful coercion or extortion of money, cargo, services or information from any party not declared hostile to the Kingdom of Bretonia (see: 1.5 - Definition of Entities) within the borders of the Kingdom. Attempted piracy within Bretonia results in a 2,000,000 credit minimum fine - this may be combined with assault if shots have been fired.

4.5 - Inciting Violence
Anyone found to be attempting to instigate violence against any other party not declared hostile to the Kingdom of Bretonia (see: 1.5 - Definition of Entities) will face a minimum fine of 2,000,000 credits, and the use of lethal force, dependent on the severity of the situation. Attempting to incite violence can include but is not limited to; hiring third parties to attack others, verbally encouraging violence, deliberately instigating conflict, publishing sensitive information.

4.6 - Use of Hostile or Unfriendly Transponders or Papers
Those ships found to be identifying themselves either by their IFF transponders or paperwork and identification as an unwelcome or hostile entity in Bretonia shall be subject to a minimum fine of 2,000,000 credits.

4.7 - Foreign Warships
Foreign warships are banned from Bretonian borders, without prior permission of the Bretonian Government or The Bretonian Police Authority. Capital ships may also be escorted through Bretonian-claimed space by a ranking officer of the BPA) or BAF|.
Vessels acting in contravention of this order will face a minimum fine of 5,000,000 credits and immediate expulsion from Bretonian borders. Warships are classified as Cruisers/Destroyers and larger.

4.8 - Unregistered Jump-Trading
Those using Hyperspace Jump Drives to without prior registry are to be further fined. Any capital vessel with an unregistered Jumpdrive will be fined an additional 20,000,000 credits. Each transport being jumped will be fined 10,000,000 credits.

4.9 - Unregistered Hyperspace Coordinate Scanning
The unregistered use of Hyperspace Scanners, inviting the entrance of foreign capital vessels into Bretonia, is prohibited.
Any capital vessel with an unregistered Scanning device will be fined an additional 10,000,000 credits.

Any other vessel supplying a Jump or Scanner Ship with fuel before, during or after jumping/scanning will be fined 5,000,000 credits.

4.10 - Disrupting the Smooth Flow of Trade
A smooth running Trade Lane system is essential to the Bretonian economy, so anyone found disrupting Trade Lanes in Bretonian space will face a minimum fine of 1,000,000 credits, if not found to be engaged in piracy. Should the offender be engaged in piracy, they will be treated as an enemy combatant and the authorities will respond accordingly.

4.10.1 - Bustards
All Bustards are considered warships and must be registered with the Bretonian Police Authority as individual warships, or in the case of organisations, as warships belonging to a specific organisation. If wanting to use Jump Drives, please refer to the Bretonian Police Authority application page.

4.11 - Miscellaneous Offences
The Bretonian government retains the right to alter the laws of the Realm to suit developing situations. Similarly, law enforcement agencies may levy fines for actions considered detrimental to the realm, which are not otherwise specifically mentioned in the Laws of Bretonia. These fines can be appealed by petitioning a government delegate.

5.1 - Powers of Lawful Entities in Enforcing Base Regulations
All bases must be registered before construction commences. Any unregistered base will be deconstructed as soon as possible, following a declaration of intent through the public channels. If, during these operations, the base administrators are present or otherwise contact us, they will be given one chance to register and comply with Bretonia's demands. The base may be placed under siege to ensure compliance.
Bretonia does not accept liability for loss of life or property due to the construction of an illegal installation. Best effort shall be made to recover the crew of any station outfitted with escape pods - stations commanders which fail to fit life pods to their stations will also be charged with gross negligence and manslaughter. Crews who surrender themselves to the Crown's justice will be held by the BPA, prior to a sentence being passed.
Installations operated by Hostile entities (see: 1.5 - Definition of Entities) will be given no quarter and destroyed on sight.
Registered bases may be subject to consequences, up to and including deconstruction after a declaration of intent, for breaching any of the below or above conditions.

5.2 - Registration Conditions for Bases
Permission for base construction is to be granted by writ of the War Cabinet, and is considered on a case-by-case basis. For a base to be registered, the following conditions must be met. Failure to provide any of the points listed below will result in the immediate non-reimbursable voiding of the registration process.
  • The owner must not belong to an entity considered Hostile or Unfriendly to the Kingdom of Bretonia (see: 1.4, 1.5 - Definition of Entities).
  • The location and name of the base must be explicitly detailed (can be broadcast privately for the sake of confidentiality).
  • The base's intended purpose and duties must be explained.
  • Entities to be permitted docking rights must be listed.
  • A 50,000,000 credit deposit must be filed with the QCG|HMS-Victory or QCG|HMS-Endeavour (subtracted from zoning costs)

5.3 - Registration Zones for Bases
Bases already permitted at the time of these zoning regulations coming into effect will not be required to pay further licensing fees. The cost of registering a new installation varies, depending on the cartographic region the structure is located in. This registration fee is paid only once. Systems not mentioned below - i.e. Leeds, Salisbury, Edinburgh, the near Taus - are not open for public construction. Pricing is as follows:
  • Zone 1: Cambridge, New London - 350,000,000 credits.
  • Zone 2: Dublin, Manchester, Newcastle, Poole - 300,000,000 credits.
  • Zone 3: Inverness, Nottingham, Exeter - 250,000,000 credits.
  • Zone 4: Cortez, Magellan - 150,000,000 credits and permission from the Libertonian Government.
For existing bases which are not currently registered and thus deemed illegal, an additional fine up to the registration fee will also be put in place. Permission must always be sought prior to construction being initiated.

5.4 - Base Operational Regulations
The following regulations are expected to be consistently and permanently observed by all station owners, in regards to their installations. Failure to comply with these regulations may result in the structure's siege and destruction. Regulations are as follows:
  • Bases must be no closer than 10K from any existing base or jumpgate, unless special permission is granted by the War Cabinet.
  • No Hostile entities (see: 1.5 - Definition of Entities) may be permitted to land on the station. Authorities may request evidence of docking permission logs at any time to confirm this. Unfriendly Entities will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • No station may leave their docking rights unrestricted - "defencemode 2" - due to potential abuse by unlawful parties.
  • All stations must have docking permission at all times for Bretonian law enforcement agencies: this includes the BAF|, [SIS] and BPA).
  • All bases must be fitted with sufficient evacuation equipment to prevent the loss of life of residents and crew, should the base become compromised via circumstances artificial or natural.
  • Bases are to be no nearer than 10k from any Mining Field.

5.5 - Base Modification Protocols
Station owners are free to make whichever internal station modifications they see fit, including the construction of shield relays, storage berths and factories. Despite this, permission must be sought from the War Cabinet or the BAF Admiralty Board before the placement of weapon platforms, due to the highly dangerous nature of the structures. Once permission has been granted, the owners of the structure may only place up to four platforms unless given special permission.

6. Appendix

6.1 - Newcastle Restricted Zone
By Order of the Military Governor of the Newcastle System, as authorized by Whitehall and the Director of Military Intelligence, Planet Darlington is henceforth considered a Restricted Military Zone. Any vessel found within, shall be neutralized/impounded and the Pilot arrested under Bretonia's Official Secrets Act.

6.2 - Ban on Suing the Government and Armed Forces
Under the Articles of War, it is now illegal in Bretonia to file civil or criminal actions against the Armed Forces or the Crown during a time of war. This is to prevent distractions from the war effort. Any such attempt shall incur a hefty fine to the person breaking this law, and be subject to arrest.
Other Information

If possible, BPA/BAF will respond to distress calls from any Bretonians and ships in Bretonia so long as they are of a Lawful Faction.
The BAF and the BPA will cooperate in full with any other Lawful Agencies regarding terrorism and piracy.
Failing to obey the instructions of a Law Enforcement Officer may result in force being used.

[Image: UGnitfJ.png]
Gallic Laws: Extra-Atmosphérique

§1: Definitions

§1.1: Supremacy
The supremacy of Confederation Laws is absolute within Confederacy Space, In the event of conflict between regional laws, Confederation Laws overrule regional laws.

§1.2: The Confederacy of Gallia
The Confederacy of Gallia has the following members:

The République of Gallia
(Orléanais, Champagne, Picardy)

The Grand Duchy of Burgundy
(Burgundy, Lorraine)

The Minarchy of Provence
(Provence, Languedoc, Dauphine)

The States of the Confederation are indivisible. The principle of all sovereignty essentially resides in the Confederation. No corporation, no individual can exercise authority which does not emanate from it specifically.

These are the systems currently under control of the Confederacy:
Ile-de-France, Burgundy, Lorraine, Orléanais, Champagne, Picardy, Provence, Languedoc, Dauphine

The Confederacy currently claims, and enforces law in the following systems:
Zurich, Berne (Omicron-Tau), Brittany

The Confederacy partially controls and enforces law in the following systems:
Gironde (Tau-23), Tau-53.

Systems owned and claimed by members of the Confederacy are considered Confederacy Space.

§1.3: The Parisian Assembly
The Parisian Assembly is based in Ille-de-France, and is a mixed government with representatives from all members of the Confederacy. It is the governing body over all matters relating to the Confederacy as a whole.

§1.4: Gallic Forces
- The Confederate Gallic Defense Forces are defined as the Gallic Navy.
- The Gallic Gendamerie are defined as Gallic Police.
- The Office of Confederal Intelligence are defined as Gallic Intelligence.

All Gallic Forces answer to the Parisian Assembly.

§1.5: Gallic Corporations
The following companies are considered Gallic Corporations:
- EFL Oil and Machinery
- Gallic Metal Service
- Ille-de-France Shipping

§1.6: Law Enforcement Authorities
The law-enforcement authorities in Gallia are the Gallic Gendamerie, the Confederate Gallic Defense Forces and agents belonging to the Office of Confederal Intelligence.
Every law-enforcement authority is allowed to enforce the law in Confederacy Space.

§2: Powers of the Confederacy

§2.1: Law Enforcement Authority Powers
All Gallic Law-Enforcement Authorities have the right to:
Restrict access to secure areas, including entry into the Confederacy

Impose punishments and restrictions on pilots and organisations for violating Confederacy laws or any actions that could be deemed illegal/harmful to the Confederacy, or its interests, at the enforcing Officer's discretion

Destroy any vessel that is not following the orders of Law-Enforcement Authorities, or showing IFF of a hostile organisation

Request the confiscation of restricted or forbidden technology and cargo without a license and destroy the subject without further discussion

§3: Trade & Mining Regulations

§3.1: Restricted Exports
The following cargo is restricted and can only be exported by Gallic Forces or Gallic Corporations*:
Military Vehicles

* Gallic Corporations must seek approval from the Parisian Assembly before exporting these commodities.

§3.2: Licensed Exports & Imports
The following cargo is restricted to license holders, Gallic Forces and Gallic Corporations. You may apply for a license here:
Xeno Relics
Kemwer Munitions

§3.3: Restricted Imports
The following cargo is restricted and can only be imported by Gallic Forces or Gallic Corporations:
Military Vehicles

§3.4: Contraband
The following items are considered contraband within the Confederacy of Gallia:
Black Market Munitions
Counterfeit Software
Exotic Entertainers
Human Organs
Hydrogen Cyanide
Hypnotainment Bands
Liquid Cardamine
Nuclear Devices
Royal Marines (when not carried by Gallic Forces)
Sunbucks Coffee and Donuts
Synth Gel
Synth Paste
Synthetic Marijuana

§3.5: Foreign Traders
All non-Gallic trade vessels are banned from entering Gallia without a Visa (see here). The Parisian Assembly reserves the right to grant exceptions to this law.

§3.6: Mining
Mining within the Confederacy of Gallia and its Territories is prohibited for all non-Gallic Corporations unless vouched for by a Gallic corporation or law enforcement authority. The Independent Miners Guild have an allowance to mine in Gironde (Tau-23). The Parisian Assembly reserves the right to grant exceptions to this law.

§4: Technology Restrictions

§4.1: Unrestricted Gallic Civilian Ships
The following ships are freely available:
Moonbeam, Sunbeam, Aurochs & Briller

§4.2: Restricted Gallic Civilian Ships
Entities that do not belong to Gallic Corporations or Gallic Forces require a license for the following ships that can be requested here.
Fighters: Tournez, Plier, Courbe
Transports: Rock Badger, Taureau, Vache, Pachyderme
Liner: Lucullus

§4.3: Restricted Gallic Corporation Ships
The following ships are available to Gallic Corporations, and a license for them can be requested here.
Fighter: Caracal NG, Serval NG, Lynx NG
Bomber: Cougar NG
Gunboat: Ardent-class

§4.4: Licenses
A license must be applied for and issued before the ship can start for the first time.

§4.5: Banned Ships
The following ship classes are banned within Confederacy Space and claimed territories:
Non-Gallic House Military ships
Colonial Republic combat vessels - except those in use by the primary Independent Miners Guild fleet (IMG|)
Gallic Brigands
The Order
Sirius Coalition
Commonly used Sirian pirate vessels (e.g. Pirate Transport, Pirate Train)
ALL vessels of Cruiser-class or higher, unless flown by Gallic Forces

§4.6: Gallic Military Grade Weapons
The use of Gallic Military Grade Weapons is restricted to Confederate Gallic Defense Forces, Gallic Gendamerie, agents from the Office of Confederal Intelligence and Gallic Corporations.

§4.7: Restricted Equipment
The Following Equipment requires a License that can be requested here.
Hyperspace Matrix
Hyperspace Modules
Jump Drives

§4.8: Forbidden Equipment
The following equipment is forbidden within the Confederacy unless with the exception of Gallic Forces. The Parisian Assembly reserves the right to grant exceptions to this law.
Cloak Disruptor
Cloaking Device

§5: Hostiles and Undesirables

§5.1: Hostile Entities
All hostile entities found in this list are not welcome within the Confederacy and will be shot on sight by Law Enforcement Authorities. All Gallic citizens have a duty to report any sightings to the nearest law enforcer; not doing such is considered a criminal offense.
Gallic Brigands
Pirates from Foreign Houses
Terrorists from Foreign Houses

§5.2: Unwelcome Entities
All entities found in this list are not welcome within the Confederacy and will be turned away if found within Confederacy space. Refusal to leave Confederacy space, or multiple occasions of entry, will result in the destruction of the entity.
House Police, Militaries & Intelligence
Borderworlds Exports
Bretonian Mining & Manufacturing
Gateway Shipping

§5.3:Hebridges Embargo
A trade embargo between the Confederacy and the Hebrides is in effect. Any ships that do not belong to Gallic Law Enforcement that are witnessed crossing the Languedoc Mine Field will be considered associates of the Gallic Enclave. Entities arriving from the Hebrides will be questioned thoroughly and potentially turned away or treated as an enemy of Gallia.

§6: Base Construction

§6.1: Base Licensing
Every base in Gallia requires a license. Bases without a license will be destroyed by Law-Enforcement Authorities.
Licenses can be requested here.

§6.2: Docking Rights
Base owners have to grant docking rights to the following Law Enforcement Authorities: MNG| & PN|

§6.3: Weapon Platforms
All bases require permission from the Assembly before it is allowed to place weapon platforms, you may find the form here.

[Image: 5ER2BVy.png]


Article One: The definition, territorial jurisdiction and enforcement of the Empire of Rheinland laws

§1. The supremacy of Rheinland laws is absolute in Rheinland Imperial space.

§2.Imperial Rheinland space is defined as the combination of the following systems: Cologne, Dresden, Frankfurt, Hamburg, New Berlin, Munich, Omega-7, Sigma-15, Sigma-21 (jointly), Stuttgart and Thuringia, and also the southern part of the Hudson system (sectors A-H 5, 6, 7, 8 with exception of 15 kilometres perimeter around planet Atka).

§3. The following systems are considered neutral or border zones where Rheinland forces send patrols to provide protection: Omicron Xi, Zurich, and the southern part of the Bering system (sectors A-H 5-8).

§4. Following systems are considered as a war zone where respective Rheinland forces are allowed to act in the interest of the Empire of Rheinland, including arresting or eliminating all enemy or hostile entities: Sigma-13 and Sigma-17.

§5. Rheinland law-enforcement authorities are represented by the Rheinland Military and the Rheinland Police. Rulings by the Reichstag always supersede decisions made by law enforcement authorities.

§6. Rheinland has signed a number of treaties and agreements which are publicly accessible in this database. In case of conflict, ratified agreements supersede local House law. The Empire of Rheinland is bound by treaties ratified by the former Federal Republic.

§7. Ignorance of the Rheinland laws does not exempt from liability.

Article Two: The Rheinland criminal code

§1. Rheinland Criminal Code is fundamental and the only source of penal law in Rheinland. It describes activities subject to punishment by law-enforcement authorities and regulates responsibility for the perpetration of them.

§2. The following activities are defined as unlawful in Rheinland Space:

§2.1. Contraband smuggling and/or trafficking: Possession, shipping, trading or any manipulation with the following goods, in general, is illegal in Rheinland space (note the exceptions below):
  • Artifacts (of any sort)
  • Black Market Arms (of any sort)
  • Black Market Munitions
  • Blood Diamonds
  • Cardamine (of any sort)
  • Counterfeit Software
  • Human Organs
  • Kemwer Munitions
  • Nomad Materials (of any sort)
  • Nox
  • Slaves
  • Stabiline
  • Synthetic Marijuana
  • Xeno Relics
Exceptions are as follows:

§2.1.1. Cryer Pharmaceuticals and its affiliates are for medical purposes licensed to carry an unlimited amount of Human Organs, Stabiline and Synthetic Marijuana. Any other ship may legally carry up to 5 cargo units of Stabiline.

§2.1.2. Rheinland law-enforcement authorities are allowed to transport confiscated contraband to relevant stations or planets for further investigation.

§2.1.3. Other regulations regarding the shipping of certain goods may be implemented after official publication on the Communication channel.

§2.1.4. The following regulations are implemented in case of contraband possession:

§ All contraband must be always confiscated and handed over to a relevant station or in case of non-human contraband destroyed on site.

§ Violator is obliged to pay 1.000 SC fine for every cargo unit of contraband, however, the minimum sum is 250.000 credits regardless of the amount of contraband.

§ In the case of 5 cargo units of contraband or less, law enforcer may waive from issuing fine and use only formal warning, if they see fit.

§2.2. Possession of following illegal equipment:

§2.2.1. Restricted equipment specified in Rheinland restricted technology registry such as Firekiss or Hornviper weapons, combat vessels (e.g. Wraith, Bergelmir, Fafnir, Mjolnir, Oder class gunboat and capital ships) and other equipment. Special authorization can be obtained by submitting a request in the registry.

§2.2.2. Nomad equipment or equipment constructed on basis of it, except experimental technology used by the Imperial intelligence agencies.

§2.2.3. Equipment and ships that belong to or are manufactured by hostile organizations, terrorist groups and criminal organizations as defined in Article Five, §1.

§2.2.4. Cloaking Devices, Jump Drives and Hyperspace Survey Modules mounted on ships that do not belong to the Rheinland Military, the Rheinland Police or Rheinland corporations or permitted individuals which are registered in Extraordinary equipment registry.

§2.2.5. The following regulations are implemented in case of illegal equipment possession:

§ Unmounted equipment is to be confiscated in space.

§ Ships with mounted equipment are to be banned from Rheinland until the equipment is demounted or they are cleared to re-enter. Law enforcers are also allowed to issue fines from 500.000 to 10.000.000 SC according to the severity of the committed crime.

§ Illegally possessed ships may be destroyed.

§2.3. Piracy and Terrorism:

§2.3.1. Piracy is described as performing or attempting to perform actions such as the disruption of trade lane rings, and/or extortion for sums of money, equipment, cargo or personnel in exchange for the immediate or future safety of the target of the said actions.

§2.3.2. The intent is shown by the accused party being present in the close vicinity of a trade lane ring when the disrupted party drops out of the lane.

§2.3.3. The following regulations are implemented in the case of piracy.

§ Persons suspected of committing acts of piracy or terror are to be put under arrest.

§ Persons spotted committing acts of piracy or terror are to be arrested or executed.

§ In the case of hostages being held by pirate or terrorist, an attempt to negotiate and rescue the hostages before the elimination of pirate should be performed.

§2.3.4. Supplying or otherwise aiding enemies of the state and undesirable entities is prohibited.

§2.4. Disorderly conduct:

§2.4.1. Violation of orders given by law-enforcement authorities’ representatives.

§2.4.2. Denial to provide law enforcement authorities’ representatives with information concerning your identification, documents on your cargo or your intentions in Rheinland space.

§2.4.3. Public swearing or threatening.

§2.4.4. Insulting the Emperor, the Empire, the representatives of law enforcement authorities.

§ Impersonation of Rheinland nobility such as using the 'von' nobiliary particle.

§2.4.5. Flying ship as captain or pilot while being under influence of alcohol or other drugs which affect the ability to control the ship or communicate properly with law enforcement authorities.

§2.4.6. Moving persons with symptoms of Planet Harris syndrome in Rheinland space as well as attempting to land on planets and stations with such persons onboard.

§2.4.7. Disrupting trade lanes or any other action disrupting the smooth flow of trade or execution of law enforcement.

§2.4.8. Assault on civilians or representatives of law enforcement authorities.

§2.4.9. Offering a bribe to a law enforcer. This action may be punished by issuing an additional fine in the same sum of money as an offered bribe was.

§2.4.10. The following regulations are implemented in the case of disorderly conduct:

§ In any above case, the pilot should be warned once.

§ If the pilot continues to disobey the authority of law enforcement authorities' representatives, a reasonable force can be used.

§ In case of successfully resolving the issue by reasonable force without destroying the vessel, the violator is to pay from 500.000 to 1.000.000 SC fine for every point of disorderly conduct.

§ Assault on civilians or representatives of law enforcement authorities may be punished by a fine up to 100.000.000 SC or by death sentence.

§2.5. Violations of information security regulations:

§2.5.1. Hacking into secure channels on the Neural Net or transferring information from secure channels to third parties.

§2.5.2. Hacking into docking and mooring control systems.

§2.5.3. Hacking into government databases or transferring information from them to third parties.

§2.5.4. All the aforementioned violations are a reason for arrest and future investigation. Violators can be also fined from 1.000.000 to 100.000.000 SC according to the severity of a crime.

§2.6. Corporate violations:

§2.6.1. Any of the aforementioned crimes if performed by employees of a corporation, company or any organized group marked by the same identification tag, are a subject for multiplied fines or sanctions against the whole organization.

§2.6.2. Any of aforementioned crimes if performed by the administration of a corporation, company or any organized group marked by same identification tag, may be a subject to an arrest of all vessels of that organization present in Rheinland space for the time of the investigation as well as a subject for multiplied fines or sanctions against the whole organization.

Article Three: Trade regulations

§1. Cargo classified as restricted:

§1.1. Following cargo can be transported only by ships of the Rheinland law-enforcement authorities and organizations listed next to the respective cargo type:
  • Ageira White Boxes - Ageira Technologies, Deep Space Engineering, Universal Shipping and their affiliates
  • Armaments - Rheinland corporations
  • Azurite Gas - ships tagged [*USI*]
  • Blue Jillies - Rheinland corporations, Orbital Spa and Cruise
  • Criminals
  • DT Fuel - Rheinland corporations
  • Hydrogen Cyanide - Rheinland corporations
  • Light Arms - Rheinland corporations, ships tagged EFL|
  • Military Salvage - Rheinland corporations, ships tagged B|-
  • Military Vehicles - Rheinland corporations, ships tagged EFL|
  • Munitions - Rheinland corporations
  • Nuclear Devices - Rheinland corporations
  • Plutonium - Rheinland corporations
  • Prisoners
  • Depleted Uranium
  • Side Arms - Rheinland corporations, ships tagged EFL|
§1.1.1. Following organizations are considered as Rheinland corporations: Daumann Heavy Construction, Kruger Minerals, Republican Shipping and their affiliates.

§1.2. A small amount of weapons and ammunition may be transported for the purpose of a crew and passenger defense. Freighters and transports with cargo size of less than 2500 units are allowed to carry 1 cargo unit of Munitions and Light Arms or Side Arms. Gunboats, permitted civilian carriers, yachts and transports with cargo size of 2500 units and more are allowed to carry up to 3 cargo units of Munitions and Light Arms or Side Arms. Liners are allowed to carry up to 5 cargo units of Munitions and Light Arms or Side Arms.

§1.3. Restricted cargo transported without a license is declared as contraband and will be handled according to §2.1.4 of Article Two, however fine is set as half of the sum defined by §

§1.4. Transportation of more than 100 persons is restricted only to liners and ships of size up to 3.000 cargo units.

§1.4.1. Fines for violations are set as half of the sum defined by § of Article Two.

§1.4.2. All ships caught within Rheinland space violating this regulation will be detained and passengers will be reloaded in space if a ship of law enforcement authority suitable for their transportation is available. Alternatively, detained ships may be either returned to the spaceport where they loaded passengers or to the nearest station or planet. After that, captains of these ships are obliged to unload all passengers and then undock for leaving check to make sure no one stayed aboard. In extreme cases, law enforcement units are authorized to use necessary force. If such an event happens, responsibility for any possible injuries of passengers lies fully on uncooperative captains.

§1.5. Temporary restrictions until further notice (see NeuralNet links for details and handling guidelines): None at this moment.

§2. The supremacy of Rheinland corporations in Rheinland space and measures to maintain it:

§2.1. Administration of mining fields: Rheinland corporations maintain the right to modify, trade, lend, gift, and sell the rights to their respective mining fields to any party.

§2.2. In the Munich system, all mining fields are administrated of the Daumann Heavy Construction.

§2.3. In the Omega-7 system, all currently-known mining fields are divided between Daumann Heavy Construction and Kruger Minerals. Newly-discovered mining fields, however, may be claimed by any licensed corporation.

§2.4. Only vessels belonging to the company that administrates the area, in addition to Rheinland law enforcement vessels, can patrol and/or mine in said areas. This holds true unless an agreement has been reached between the visiting vessel and the area's administrator.

§2.5. Area administrator has the right to forbid entrance completely to the said zones to any entity, group, company, corporation or individual except members of the Rheinland law enforcement and ships of Rheinland corporations and their affiliates. This must be announced in Rheinland Government Channel. In specific situations, temporary on-spot entrance denials may be issued by the owner party vessels without the formal announcement in the government channel.

§2.6. In case of violation by ship which is not allowed to enter the area, the violator will be ordered to leave the area once, then reasonable force may be used. Repetitive violators may be also fined up to 50.000.000 SC fine.

§2.7. If ore theft is revealed, the stealing party is obligated to pay equal to stolen ore's worth compensation to the field administrator which will calculate exact value according to market prices.

Article Four: Directives for foreign capital ships and law enforcement vessels

§1. All Battleship, Carrier and Cruiser class vessels that do not belong to the Rheinland law enforcement are banned from Rheinland space unless they are permitted by a High Command member of the official Rheinland's Law Enforcement, or by the Reichstag, or listed in the exceptions below.

§1.1. Rheinland corporations and their affiliates are allowed to use the "Bustard" Civilian Light Carrier.

§1.2. The "Corvo" Civilian Deep Space Explorer is not considered as a capital ship.

§2. Violators of §1. may be fined up to 15.000.000 SC fine for Cruiser class vessels and up to 30.000.000 SC fine for Carrier and Battleship class vessels and are to be escorted out of Rheinland space by the shortest way. Ships that won't comply may be destroyed.

§3. Any vessel that doesn’t belong to law-enforcement authorities may be ordered to move away from planetary orbit.

§4. All foreign police, military and intelligence agency spaceships of any size are banned from Rheinland space unless permission to enter is given by a High Command member of the official Rheinland's Law Enforcement or the Reichstag.

§4.1. Following organizations are considered as foreign police, military and intelligence agency:
  • Bretonia Armed Forces
  • Bretonia Intelligence Service
  • Bretonia Police Authority
  • Confederal Gallic Defense Forces
  • Crayter Republic (access to merchant's vessels is left at the discretion of law enforcement officials)
  • Gallic Royal Enclave
  • Liberty Navy
  • Liberty Police
  • Liberty Security Force
  • Liberty Separatists
  • Kusari Navy
  • Kusari Police
  • Kempetai
  • Office of Confederal Intelligence
§4.2. Violators may be fined up to 10.000.000 SC fine and are to be escorted out of the Rheinland space by the shortest way. Ships which will not comply or commit violation repeatedly may be destroyed.

§4.3. Following organizations are permitted to enter Rheinland space for the purpose of trading with freighters, liners and transports, which may be accompanied by an escort of the same affiliation. For the systems of Hamburg, Hudson and Bering specifically there are no limitations and may use a ship of any size: the Crayter Republic, Liberty Separatists.

Article Five: Enemies of the state and undesirable entities

§1. A number of organizations are declared extremely dangerous and all the members of those organizations are to be arrested or eliminated:
  • Bundschuh for repeated acts of terror and piracy.
  • Buro Der Marineintelligenz for treason, acts of terror and crimes against the people of Rheinland.
  • Coalition for repeated acts of terror.
  • Corsairs for repeated acts of piracy.
  • Das Wilde for treason.
  • Federalist forces for treason, acts of terror and crimes against the people of Rheinland.
  • Gas Miners Guild for support of criminal and terrorist groups, allying with Red Hessian Army and attack on the Fulda Border Station (see war declaration).
  • Landwirtrechtbewegung for repeated acts of piracy and terror.
  • Red Hessians for repeated acts of piracy and terror.
  • The Order for cooperation with terrorist organizations.
  • Xeno Alliance for repeated acts of piracy, terror, and genocide.

§2. Any aliens identified as Nomads as well as any other alien life forms or sentient beings are to be treated with caution and to be destroyed if any hostile intentions are experienced.

§3. Providing any help to any member of the above-mentioned organizations is punishable by fines up to 50.000.000 SC, imprisonment or death sentence according to circumstances and severity of the crime.

§4. Following entities are not welcome due to their dubious reputation:
  • Auxesia
  • Blood Dragons
  • Farmers Alliance
  • Gaians
  • Gallic Brigands
  • Golden Chrysanthemums
  • Harmony
  • Hellfire Legion
  • Lane Hackers
  • Liberty Rogues
  • Mollys
  • Outcasts
§4.1. If ships of mentioned entities are found in the Rheinland territory, their cargo may be confiscated and are to be escorted out. Ships that will not comply or repeatedly return may be destroyed.

Article Six: Restricted areas and security zones

§1. Entry to following areas is allowed only to ships of the Rheinland law-enforcement:

§1.1. Sectors A-B 4-5 and the entire area of the Westerwald nebula in the Frankfurt system

§1.2. Sectors G-H 2-4 in the Hamburg system.

§1.3. Thuringia system in its entirety.

§2. Unauthorized entry to restricted areas or revealing any information related to them is considered as a serious crime that is punishable by fines up to 25.000.000 SC, imprisonment or death sentence according to circumstances.

§3. The area of 10 kilometres around the Omicron Rho jump hole, which is located at the border of sectors E3-F3 in Sigma-15 system, is considered as The Core's Security Zone where The Core is allowed to enforce its laws. The Rheinland law-enforcement is allowed to patrol in this zone and act in situations when both Rheinland and The Core laws are violated simultaneously.

Article Seven: Modular bases

§1. All modular bases within Rheinland have to be registered in the Modular bases registry before the construction begins. The registration fee is 50.000.000 SC.

§1.1. Every organization or individual, which wants to construct a station in Rheinland, has to answer the following points truthfully:
§1.1.1. Name of the base
§1.1.2. Name of the station administrator
§1.1.3. Affiliation
§1.1.4. The purpose of the station
§1.1.5. Existing trade agreements
§1.1.6. Location of the base

§2. Any deviation in the information provided by paragraph §1.1. and its subsections are subject to an official investigation and may be sanctioned.

$3. Affiliation rules:

§3.1. The affiliation of the station administrator has to be at least neutral to the law-enforcement authorities.

§3.2. The affiliation of the station administrator has to be hostile to the Rheinland unlawful groups.

§3.3. Paragraphs §3.1. and §3.2. apply also to the station security members.

§3.4. Conditions mentioned in paragraphs §3.1. and §3.2. have to be proven if the station is owned by the non-Rheinland entity or upon request of the law-enforcement authority.

$4. The law-enforcement authority has the right to restrict the trade to any station if it's necessary to interrupt the violating of Rheinland laws. Any contraband found available to be sold on the station is a reason for the start of official investigations and may be sanctioned.

§5. A violation of the Rheinland laws may result in suspending or revoking permission.

§6. Trade agreements with restricted goods have to be approved by the Rheinland Reichstag.

§7. Criminal database:

§7.1. If an entry in the criminal database declares a member of the security of the station as criminal, the fine for amnesty is to be paid either from the violator or the station administrator.

Failing to do so may result in a revoking of the permission and/or the removal of the violator from Rheinland space.

§7.2. In case the arrest warrant is issued, the station administrator has to replace the member of the security of the station.

§8. Responsibilities of the station owner and administrators:

§8.1. The station administrators have to ensure that the official law-enforcement authorities have docking rights all the time.

§8.2. The station administrators have to ensure that trading on the base is not in any violation of the Rheinland Laws including not supporting any illegal, criminal or terrorist groups or individuals.

§8.3. Construction of weapon platforms must be approved by at least one of the official law-enforcement authorities or the Reichstag before construction begins.

§8.4. Construction of manufacturing facilities that produce cloaking devices, hyperspace jump drives or hyperspace survey modules must be approved by at least one of official law-enforcement authorities or the Bundestag before construction begins. The law-enforcement authority has the right to specify conditions for distribution or sale of manufactured equipment which must be adhered to.

§9. Construction of base without proper registration as well as any other law violation related to modular bases is punishable by fine.
[Image: O2WIlXx.png]

Laws of the Corsair Empire

Agreed upon by the honorable Corsair Council of Elders, the following legislature is essential reading for all Corsairs and must be adhered to by all who are privileged to wear Corsair uniforms and fly Corsair ships. These laws are in place to promote the advancement of the Corsair Nation and promote prosperity of its people.

The laws herein apply to all Corsair territory and beyond and are enforced by the combined forces of all factions and pilots loyal to the Corsair Empire, including but not limited to the The Brotherhood, other Corsair groups and represented independents.

Offenders who breach the laws herein will be subject to be sent into the Corsair Supreme Court. The Court reserves the right, upon conviction, to punish offenders with sanctions which include but are not limited to:

  • Financial penalties.
  • Punitive destruction of property and ships
  • Punitive confiscation of property and ships
  • Incarceration
  • Torture
  • Execution
  • Deportation to the custody of allies
  • Exile from Corsair territory
The Corsair Supreme Court reserves the right to utilize the services of allies and mercenaries to hunt down fugitives.

I. Administrative laws and regulations (articles 1 to 5)

1. The Corsair Empire represents the following collection of star systems:
  • Sparta (a.k.a Omicron Gamma)
    Attica (a.k.a Omicron Theta)
    Castile (a.k.a Omega 41)
    Andalusia (a.k.a Omega 5)
    Maghreb (a.k.a Omega 47)
    Aegea (a.k.a Omicron Xi)

1.a) The following star systems shall be recognized as Corsair protectorates:
  • The currently occupied Canarias (a.k.a Omega 49)

The Empire will respect the mentioned star systems' autonomy for as long as their inhabitants will respect the Corsair laws and regulations and the Empire shall offer it's full support to the citizens of the protectorate star systems, be it military or economic. It will also strife to remove foreign occupation to guarantee autonomous rule.

1.b) The Heraklion region of Omicron Gamma holds a special status within the Corsair empire, ruled by the Custodi government.
The Empire will respect Custodi autonomy for as long as they will respect the Corsair laws, diplomacy and regulations. In return the Empire shall offer it's full support to the Custodi, be it military or economic.

2. The Leadership of the Corsair Empire is exercised by the Corsair Council of Elders and it alone.

3. Corsairs must not attack other Corsairs unless;

An order has been issued by a Corsair Council Elder.
The target is in violation of Corsair law AND is a threat to other pilots.
A warrant for the execution of the target has been issued by the Council of Elders.
The target has failed to comply with a sanction issued by the Council of Elders.

4. The current Corsair Council of Elders is headed by:

Elder Hector Beltran of the Brotherhood
Elder Rodrigo de la Guerra of the Brotherhood
Elder Juanez Buonocore of the Brotherhood
The Council of Elders welcomes an ambassador of the Custodi to observe and debate imperial matters.

5. Corsair citizenship may only be acquired via birth to a majority Cretan heritage. Outstanding and exceptional individuals may be offered residence on Crete by the Council of Elders, to further the strength of the Empire.

II. General rules for Corsair Pilots (articles 6 to 12)

6. Corsairs must not breach the Sirius Codex

7. Corsairs have a duty to defend Corsair territory, bases, colonies and assets. Corsairs must, when possible, aid the defense of the empire. Enemy or hostile vessels that enter Corsair territory or the proximity of Corsair bases must be destroyed.

7.a) Corsairs must not commit acts of treason against the Empire. Acts of treason include, but are not limited to:

Fraternizing with known enemies of the Empire. (does not include official negotiations)
Flying alongside enemies of the Empire. (with the exception of when in battle against a greater threat or common enemy)
Providing goods or services to enemies of the Empire.
Disclosing classified information to enemies of the Empire. Such information includes the coordinates of hidden bases, ship blueprints, Corsair technology schematics and more.
Threatening the liberty of the Corsair people through acts of terrorism.
Plotting or conspiring to overthrow the government of The Corsair Empire. (does not include bids to win political power through legitimate processes)
Initiation of hostilities with Corsair allies*.
Deliberate sabotage of good relations with Corsair allies*.

7.b) Corsairs and allies* must be allowed to dock on Corsair bases (unless fugitives of Corsair law, or suspected of nomad infection).
Wether a neutral vessel may dock is at the discretion of whoever is guarding the base, and should be judged on a case-by-case basis. Neutral vessels bringing useful cargo should be allowed to dock. Neutral vessels not carrying cargo may be sent away, and told to return with useful cargo for the empire before they are allowed to dock.

7.c) The Corsair Empire recognizes the following organizations as allies: the Gaian Guard, the Farmers Alliance, the Hogosha and Samura Industries

7.d) The Corsair Empire respects the Custodi government's external diplomatic ties with entities non hostile towards the Corsair Empire

8. Corsairs must not attack other Corsairs unless;

An order has been issued by a Corsair Council Elder.
The target is in violation of Corsair law AND is a threat to other pilots.
A warrant for the execution of the target has been issued by the Corsair Council of Elders.
The target has failed to comply with a sanction issued by the Corsair Supreme Court.

9. Corsairs must not attack allied ships unless;

An order has been issued by a Corsair Council Elder.
The target is a threat to other Corsair or allied pilots.

10. Corsairs must comply with by-laws of individual territories or colonies belonging to the Corsair empire as long as these by-laws do not contravene Corsair Laws. Corsairs should try to, when possible, follow instructions of experienced pilots and commanders, in particular Elders of the Corsair Council.

11. Corsair ships must not enter Liberty, Kusari or the Tau Systems, except under the following conditions;

The mission has been approved by a Corsair Council Elder or deputy.
The Corsair is smuggling, or is a fighter/bomber escorting smugglers. (lawful forces must be avoided)

11.a) Corsair ships must not enter Gallia (or its bordering systems) or the upper Omicron Systems (beyond Omicron Delta) unless the mission has been approved by a Corsair Council Elder.

12. Corsairs must not be in possession of, or make use of technology or ships stolen from our allies*. "Stolen" refers to any ship or technology obtained without the express permission of a faction's ruling body and without review by the Corsair Council of Elders. Items considered stolen must be returned to the appropriate faction.

III. Trading laws and regulations (articles 13 to 17)

13. Possession of the drugs Cardamine, Liquid Cardamine and NOX is forbidden. Possession of Blood Diamonds and Slaves are also forbidden. Those in possession of these commodities should be made to drop every unit or be executed. Confiscated commodities should be destroyed immediately, Slaves brought to the nearest Freeport or Junker base.

14. Transport of Tourists, VIPs, Passengers, Refugees, Slaves or Vacationers to Corsair bases (especially Planet Crete) is forbidden. Transports found bringing these cargoes in should be stopped, and sent out of Corsair territory or to offload their cargo on a nearby freeport. If the pilot refuses, Corsairs are authorized to destroy the offender, his ship and cargo.

15. Transport of Alien Artifacts throughout Sirius space is to be encouraged. Corsairs must not pirate allied, friendly or neutral vessels carrying a majority cargo of Alien Artifacts. (kos/hostiles should be destroyed)

16. Transport of Food Rations, Luxury Food, Synth Paste, Fertilizers, Pharmaceuticals or other useful materials to Corsair bases (especially Planet Crete) by allied, friendly or neutral vessels is to be encouraged.
Corsairs must not pirate transports bringing these goods to Corsair bases. (kos/hostiles should be destroyed)

16.b) Useful materials include but are not limited to raw or processed metals (including scrap metal), all types of fuel, vital supplies for space stations or battleships (Oxygen, Water, etc), ship components, electronic components, weapons or weapon components, ammo, consumer goods, etc. (kos/hostiles should be destroyed)

17. Piracy of Corsair, Hogosha, Farmers Alliance or Samura vessels is forbidden.

17.a) Corsairs must not pirate or attack a neutral, friendly or allied vessel under the protection of another Corsair pilot.

17.b) Neutral transports or freighters passing through Corsair territory empty or with insignificant amounts of cargo may be taxed. It is recommended to impose a reasonable tax (starting from 500 000 SC but it may be raised if they show hostility or refuse to cooperate) and to encourage their pilots to trade with the Empire, either by bringing us useful commodities or buying artifacts

17.c) Kusarian law enforcement and naval forces should neither be attacked or provoked into attacking as long as they do not threaten Corsair installations or vessels.

IV. Laws and regulations for Warship** Captains (articles 18 to 21)

18. Behavior of a warship captain must be befitting of such a vessel. Appropriate behavior for a warship captain excludes:

Violation of the Sirius Codex
Unintelligible communications chatter. (//oorp chat)

19. Warship captains must be responsible guardians of the Empire's asset that is in their keeping. Responsible guardianship excludes;

Unnecessarily placing their ship and crew in danger.
Entering battles that will almost certainly lead to their ships destruction unless the safety of Planet Crete is at stake.

20. Warship captains must not take their ship outside core Corsair territory*** unless;

They are accompanied by a balanced fleet, with at least as many fighters and bombers as there are warships.
Their operation has received the approval of a Corsair Council Elder or one of their deputies.

21. Warship captains must not waste fuel on unworthy endeavors, such as pirating, escorting smugglers, chasing individual enemy fighters, or other tasks that could be done by a smaller craft. Warships should only be deployed when necessary.

V. Laws and regulations for Visitors (articles 22 to 26)

22. Visitors to Corsair territory should follow the advice or instructions of experienced Corsair pilots.

23. Visitors to Corsair territory should obey by-laws for individual territories within the Empire.

24. Visitors to Corsair territory should, when possible, give advanced warning of their arrival in Corsair territory, and ask for docking clearance before docking, mooring or landing at Corsair bases.

25. Allied warships are welcome in Corsair territory. Allied warships should, when possible, be escorted and supervised by Corsair vessels.

26. Neutral warships (including Gunboat and Gunship classes) are not welcome in Corsair territory. Unless they have the Corsair Council of Elders’ approval, neutral warships should be escorted out of our space and the use of force is authorized if they refuse to comply.

VI. Laws and regulations regarding exotic devices (articles 27 to 28)

27. The use of cloaking device within the Core corsairs territory*** is limited for corsairs ships only, unless the Corsair Council of Elders emitted a permit for its use.

28. The use of jumping device within the Core corsairs territory*** is limited for corsairs ships only, unless the Corsair Council of Elders emitted a permit for its use.

*Allies: Gaians, Farmers Alliance, Hogosha, Samura Industries
**The term "Warship" is used to refer to ships of Destroyer, Cruiser, Battlecruiser, Battleship, Dreadnought and Carrier class.
*** "Core corsair territory" refers to the systems of Omicron Gamma, Omicron Theta, Omicron Lambda, Omicron Eta (south of minefield), Omicron 91, Omicron 94, Omega 5, Omega 41, Omega 47 and Omega 49.

Hostiles are NOT defined as such because they appear red on a ship's radar. Ships such as Zoner or Junker Guard vessels, allied guard vessels, or incoming Samura trade-ships are NOT considered a threat to our security and should not be considered a target under Law 7, or an exception to Law 15 or 17. The laws 26, 27 and 28 are still to be applied to the vessels quoted before.

//Update April 2019
Updated 16 May, 2020 (827 A.S.)
Codex Feedback located here

Section 1 - Kusari, its territory and its people

1-1The Laws of Kusari, as outlined by this codex, are the irrefutable rules and regulations regarding all conduct within the House of Kusari.

1-2 The following areas are considered Kusari Territory:

1-3 The following areas are considered Kusari Zones of Influence:

Tau Decree - Agreement between Republic of Kusari and Kingdom of Gallia.

Treaty of Nevers - Kusari-Rheinland Treaty of Peace and Amity

1-4 Vessels bearing the following identifications are considered Kusari Law Enforcers:
  • Kusari Naval Forces
  • Kusari State Police
  • Kempeitai

1-5 Vessels bearing the following identifications are considered Kusari Corporate Vessels:
  • Kishiro Technologies
  • Samura Industries
  • Hogosha

1-6 The following areas are restricted to Kusari Law Enforcers and their allies only. Any unauthorized vessels found in these areas will be detained or destroyed. Other penalties for being seen and apprehended in these areas can include fines and forfeiture of cargo.:
  • Tohoku
  • Chugoku

Section 2 - Crimes

2-1 Insulting a Kusari Law Enforcer is a crime, and you can be fined for doing so.

2-2 Piracy is not tolerated in Kusari Territory and Kusari Zones of Influence.
  • Ships suspected of committing piracy will be escorted to the nearest exit from Kusari space.
  • Ships proven guilty of committing piracy will neutralized.

2-3 Assaulting lawful and civilian vessels is not tolerated in Kusari Territory and Kusari Zones of Influence.
  • Ships which assault lawful or civilian vessels but cease their attack will be fined and asked to leave Kusari Territory.
  • Ships which do not relent in their attack will be executed.

2-4 Disobeying a direct order from a Kusari Law Enforcer is a crime.
  • Ships which refuse to comply with a Kusari Law Enforcers demands will be fined or executed. Execution are to be used as last resort.
2-5 Enforcers shall not use lethal force against allied vessels, except in self-defence.
  • Enforcers shall record as much of any incident as possible, and refer the matter to their superiors for further action. Enforcers shall at all times use utmost discretion and restraint when dealing with other law-enforcement agencies.

Section 3 - Fines and Punishments

3-1 In any scenario in which a Kusari Law Enforcer confiscates illegal cargo from your ship, you will be required to pay a fine to the officer. Your fine will depend on your ship class and the cargo you carry:
  • Fighters and Bombers will be fined 1,000,000 credits.
  • Freighters will be fined 1,500,000 credits.
  • Gunboats and Gunships will be fined 2,000,000 credits.
  • Transports will be fined between 3,000,000 and 5,000,000 credits, depending on the amount of cargo confiscated.

3-2 Kusari Law Enforcers may add to or subtract from these listed fines if they find it necessary to do so.

3-3 If you successfully resist arrest or refuse to pay a fine, your name will be added to the existing Kusari Criminal Databases.
  • To get your name removed from the Database, you must contact KNF High Command or the KSP Chokan and pay your original fine.
    The KNF and KSP reserve the right to assign you additional fines or require you to complete other tasks in order to be completely removed from the Database.

Section 4 - Cargo and Equipment Restrictions

4-1 Contraband

4-2 Restricted/Licensed Cargo

4-3 Bases related supplies - Items marked can only be transported by vessels registered in the bases regulation database.

4-4 Embargos

The government of Kusari might issue economic embargoes on entities or goods of limited scope, for the duration of states of emergency or war. All active embargoes shall be published in the Kusari Government section for public access.

Section 5 - Spacecraft Directives

5-1 The following ship classes are prohibited from entering Kusari Core Space without prior permission from KNF High Command, or the acquisition of License for Capital Ships and Large Vessels.:
  • Destroyers
  • Cruisers
  • Battlecruisers
  • Battleships
  • Carriers
  • "Bustard" Civilian Carrier

5-2 Foreign police, military or Intelligence ID'd vessels are only allowed inside Kusari Territory under the following conditions:
  • They are invited by their Kusari counterpart
    They are escorted by Kusari Law Enforcers

5-3 "Private police forces" are not recognized, condoned, nor desired.

5-4 The following ship types are not welcome in Kusari and will be considered hostile targets if encountered:
  • Any and all ships of Blood Dragon technology
  • Any and all ships of Golden Chrysanthemums technology
  • Any and all ships of Junker technology
  • Any and all ships of Pirate (Z-Line) technology

Section 6 - Enemies of Kusari

6-1 The following organizations are declared extreme dangers to Kusari. Members of these organizations found in Kusari Territory and Kusari Zones of Influence will be arrested or executed:
6-2 The following organizations are unwelcome in Kusari. Members of these organizations found in Kusari Territory will be subject to deportation, cargo interdiction, or execution, depending on the situation:
  • Junkers
  • Crayter Republic
  • The Maquis
  • Bretonian Privateers
  • Gallic Royal Enclave

Section 7 - Base Construction

7.1 All bases constructed in Kusari sovereign space must be registered in the Regulation Database. The vessels authorized to supply each base must also be registered against the same database.

7.2 Any legally recognized group is entitled to construct bases near existing permanent bases they own. Secondary affiliated organizations may also construct new installations near that organization base, provided they obtain and present a written authorization from said primary faction.

7.3 All bases, unless exempted in writing, are subject to the following conditions:
  • Do be owned and operated by persons in good standing with Kusari authorities.
  • Do incorporate the name tags of all lawful Kusari authorities into their base administration computers.
  • Do Not be constructed within 5K of an existing structure. This includes other bases, tradelanes, jump gates or docking rings.
  • Do Not be positioned as to obstruct tradelanes, docking points or other areas of heavy traffic flow.
  • Do Not deploy defense modules within 4K of other structures, unless authorized in writing.
  • Do Not be used as staging ground or repair depot for groups that are hostile to Kusari.
  • Do Not be used as any kind of freeport within Kusari space.
  • Do Not construct the following factory modules without written permission: Hyperspace Survey Manufacturing Factory, Cloaking Device Factory, Jump Drive Factory.

7.4 Any base in breach of one or more of these conditions may be subject to fines, seizure or destruction of base assets by force of arms.

7.5 Attempts to prevent foreclosure of a base shall be deemed an act of hostility against the Kusari Empire, and offending bases shall be subject to an embargo order.

7.6 Any unauthorized ship breaching a embargo order without lawful excuse, shall be terminated with extreme prejudice.

7.7 The Following zones have been designated free development areas for bases owned and operated by foreign groups without ownership of an existing permanent base. Organizations are welcome to establish themselves in the following locations on the same plane as other bases free of charge:
  • In the vicinity of Deshima Station, Shikoku system.
  • In the vicinity of Narita Station, New Tokyo System.
  • Honshu system, in the area bounded by the following tradelanes: Planet Honshu -> Akita Border Station; Akita Border Station -> Aomori Station; Aomori Station -> Planet Honshu.

7.7.1 All bases constructed under section 8.7 are subject to all the rules and regulations in Section 8, as well as the following conditions:
  • Maximum construction distance from Deshima and Narita is 10K.
  • Minimum distance from Planet Honshu and Aomori Station is 10K.

7.8 Bases to be constructed outside of the designated free zones are subjected to a one time fee for approval of the project, dependent of the System where the base is located:

  • New Tokyo: 120M Credits
  • Honshu, Kyushu Systems: 80M Credits
  • Shikoku, Hokkaido: 60M credits
  • Rishiri, Tottori, Nagano: 50M credits

7.8.1 Base Projects that have paid a fee for approval, but due to lack of capability or will to construct the approved base, express their intent to withdraw their base request within 14 after registration is complete, will able to get a ¾ refund of their fee. On any other conditions, no refunds will be made.

7.9 Kusari law enforcement reserves the right to reject base applications that present liabilities to the security of Kusari, or located in regions deemed unviable for the sustenance of the installation (Nebula areas, Sun Corona perimeter, etc.)

Section 9 - The Service
(//Under Redevelopment)

In accordance with the ratified interstellar agreement, Registered capital class vessels of The Service are cleared for Jump Drive use and limited operation within Kusari conditionally.

9-1 Registered Lead Jump ships:
  • [KNF]IKN-Shokaku
  • Adm.Chistu.Wanabe

To register lead jump ship, you should send formal request to KNF High Command.

9-2 Jump Entry point
  • Kusari forces will provide the relevant co-ordinates to members of the Service. The registered Jump-in point is at area near Narita Outpost.
  • Any ships found using jump equipment outside of the designated jump-point will be subject to the Legal Codex and treated as hostile targets.
  • All members of the jump convoy are subject to the Kusari Legal Codex and will not transport illicit materials.

9-3 Regulations

9-3-1 Notification
  • Registered foreign lead ships must moor with Narita Station upon arrival, as soon as it is safe to do so, and will immediately submit to state police inspection crews when present. Foreign lead ships are required to stay within 14k of Narita until the next jump.
  • All Lead Jump Ships are obliged to send a message (code frequency /fm) to any active [KNF] or [KSP] vessels before activating their jump engines.
  • Kusari authorities shall respond in a reasonable time, and may refuse permission to jump into Kusari space if the entry point is deemed unsafe.
  • Jump Ships are also obliged to notify the authorities of any suspicious activity from convoy ships (stowaways, smugglers).

9-3-2 Weapons
  • Foreign capital-class lead ships are prohibited from activating weapons systems, except in the case of self defense.
  • Service convoy members are prohibited from activating weapons systems, except in the case of threats to jump convoy security. This includes, but is not limited to, piracy, common assault, intentional ramming, attempts to steal/destroy fuel, attempts to hijack or stowaway.
  • Under no circumstance shall any members of the jump convoy fire upon Kusari lawful forces.

9-3-3 Convoy
  • Jump convoys must not contain any capital ships (Destroyer, Cruiser, Battleship), except the lead jump ship.
  • Any ship violating section nine will be treated as a hostile target.

9-3-4 Fees
  • Sixty million credits fee to register Jump ship and obtain jump coordinates.
  • A Service Fee of one million credits per ship is payable to any Kusari registered Jump Ship upon entry to the ship's jump zone. Fare evaders shall be forcibly removed from the jump zone
[Image: th_CR_Logo_zpsd60b5e38.png?dateline=1358280225]

Laws of the Crayter Republic

Article I - Introduction & Legal Statements

Section 1 [Key Principles, Structure]
  1. This Republic constitutes itself as a democratic society which employs liberty, justice, equality, and political pluralism as the superior values of its legal order.
  2. As an independent state, this Republic is governed through popular sovereignty.
  3. The structure upon which this Republic is set is that of a unitary representative republic.
  4. Sirius Standard, or English, is the official Crayterian language of this Republic. All official communications, statements, transactions, etc. are therefore supposed to use it accordingly.
  5. This Republic recognizes the freedom of religion, and thus no official church, temple, synagogue, or otherwise, has been created.

Section 2 [Uniformed Services]
The Uniformed Armed Services serve to uphold these laws, defend the independence of this Republic, and honor our citizens' proud way of life. Additionally, protection is extended to those maintaining cordial relations with the Crayter Republic. The Services include:
  1. Crayter Planetary Forces (ground army and "wet" navy)
  2. Crayter Marines (space ship or station foot soldiers)
  3. Crayter Military (space naval pilots, commanders, and crewmen)

Section 3 [Major Corporate Entities]
These are government sponsored, funded, and/or run companies. They are non-partisan, but subject to parliamentary oversight.
  1. Crayter Defense Industries (military engineering and construction)
  2. Ares Logistics (military transport)
  3. Integral Systems Engineering (civillian transport and maintenence)
  4. Conveyor Minerals Incorporated (civillian mining operations)
  5. Hephaestus Constructions (civillian construction and infrastructure)
  6. Yuma Robotics (civillian engineering and design)
  7. Felix Manufacturing (civillian goods production)
  8. Yuma Ocean Farming (food prouction and distribution)
  9. Intersun Luxury Liners (entertainment venue handling)

Section 4 [Territory]
The following regions are considered the sovereign territory of this Republic. As such, these laws are applicable in the following space
  1. Coronado: The entire star system. (15k around Planet Yuma, Sabah Shipyard is RESTRICTED SPACE. DO NOT Enter without authorization).
  2. Cortez: Within five kilometers of the Coronado jump point only.
  3. Tau-44: The entire system."

Section 5 [Citizenship]
Citizenship within this Republic is granted for those born to any current citizen or legal immigrant, provided the birth took place within
  1. Crayterian Territory (Tau-44 only prior to its loss), including consulates on foreign soil
  2. Barrier Gate Station
  3. The Crayter Sector
  4. Any Crayter Uniformed Services station or ship.

Legal immigration is permitted, and citizenship through it may be obtained by;
  1. Serving within the Crayterian Uniformed Forces for at least two years, then remaining there for at least one year after citizenship is granted.
  2. Registering as an immigrant, then actively seek employment within the workforce for a period of five years and taking a citizenship test upon completion of that phase.
Registered immigrants may have their status revoked for committing any felony offense, and both they and citizens will have their status stripped if convicted of treason.

Section 6 [Leadership]
  1. The president of the Crayter Republic is elected by secret vote at every three years.
  2. There is an unlimited number of mandates.
  3. The Vice-President and the Ministers are nominated by the President.

Article II – Crimes

Section 1 [Trade Interdiction, Contraband]
  1. The following goods are considered contraband:
    Counterfeit Software, Black Market Munitions, Synthetic Marijuana, Nox, Human Organs, Cardamine, Liquid Cardamine, Stabiline, Slaves, Colonial technology (Article VI), Hostile technology (Article VI). Alien technology (Article VI).
  2. Licenses for those commodities may be issued by Crayterian authorities for research purposes.
  3. Possession of contraband goods, for commercial purpose/personal use, Crayterian or not, while passing through Crayterian Territory is strictly forbidden.
  4. Crayterian Military pilots will never impose taxing to provide a safe passage to possessors of contraband goods.

Section 2 [Piracy/Seizure of Credits and Cargo]
  1. Piracy is described as;
    (A); The disruption of a trade lane ring with intent to conduct acts of piracy. Intent is shown by the accused party being present in the close vicinity of a trade lane ring when the disrupted party drops out of the lane.
    (B); Attempts at extortion, successful or not, for sums of money, equipment, cargo or personnel in exchange for their immediate or future safety.
  2. Members of the Crayterian Uniformed Services, along with individuals or groups entrusted by Crayterian authorities, are permitted to seize credits and cargo as defined by these laws or the agreement with said third parties.

Section 3 [Assault and aggression]
  1. The assault of any member of the Crayterian Uniformed Services for any reason is forbidden.
  2. The assault of any civilian within Crayterian Territory for any reason is forbidden, unless ordered by an officer of the Crayterian Uniformed Services.
  3. Assault by a Crayterian civilian or citizen against other party without legal justification is forbidden.

Section 4 [Obstructing of justice]
  1. Any individual preventing, evading or delaying the Crayterian Forces of punishment on to an individual found to be breaking the law will be subject to any punishment deemed necessary by the ranking officer on duty.

Section 5 [Slavery, kidnapping and hostage taking]
  1. All slaves or lawful pilots will be release at the will of Crayterian Armed Forces.

Section 6 [Murder]
  1. Murder of a Crayterian citizen is punishable by life in prison or death depending on the circumstances.

Section 7 [Terrorism]
  1. Terrorism is the deliberate use of violence aimed against civilians in order to achieve political, religious or ideological ends.
  2. Hacking into secured Crayterian transmissions and channels is considered a terrorist act.

Section 8 [Bribing]
  1. Crayterian Authorities are not allowed to accept any kinds of bribes to foster an illegal action.
  2. Attempts of bribing Crayterian Authorities and their representative is a crime.

Section 9 [Bounty Hunting without permission/registration]
  1. Crayterian Authorities are not allowed to allow anyone who is not registered on the Crayterian Republic Bounty Board to Bounty hunt within Crayterian space unless hired by a Crayterian to do. Crayter Republic Bounty Board Registration
  2. Attempts to bounty hunt without clearance is a criminal offense and will be dealt with accordingly.

Article III - International relations

Section 1 [States and groups]
  1. The following states are recognized by the Crayter Republic as independent and legal entities: Kingdom of Bretonia, Council of Gallia, Republic of Liberty, Republic of Rheinland, Sirius Coalition Revolutionary Army and Gas Miners Guild.
  2. The Crayter Republic is allied to the Council of Gallia, the Independent Miners Guild, and the Temporary Autonomous Zoners.

Section 2 [War]
  1. The Crayter Republic is in a state of war with an illegal and abusive regime, the Kingdom of Gallia.
    Additionally, the Crayter Republic is in conflict with another illegal regime that has taken a point to harass Crayter citizens, the Republic of Kusari.
  2. Finally, the Crayter Republic has waged a longstanding war against the sick, inhuman Maltese Nation.

Article IV - Foreign Installations

Section 1 [Permission of construction]
  1. A foreign spatial installation (or facility) is defined as a space station of any size and form which is owned by anyone else other than the Crayter Republic.
  2. The construction of a foreign spatial installation is prohibited within Crayter sovereign space (Article I, Section 4), unless prior permission and licensing is acquired prior to its establishment.
  3. In order for an individual or group to legally obtain permission and a license to construct a station, they must issue a formal request to the Crayter Republic government. This request will be reviewed and the said license will only be granted if the installation will not violate any Crayter Laws.
    The following form must be included in the transmission to request a license;

Section 2 [Fees, Fines and sanctions]
  1. The acquiring of a construction license comes with a 50.000.000 Sirius Credits fee to be paid (Pay To: CR|-Treasury), and docking rights granted to all Crayter Republic vessels, after permission for establishment is granted. If the fee is not paid, the license will be revoked.
  2. After paying for the construction license there is a further payment to be made which was a monthly payment but is not a permanent price of 350,000,000 Sirius Credits. Failure to pay these fees will result in the license being revoked.
  3. Failure to notify the Republic government with regard to the establishment of a foreign installation, as well as not forwarding a request for license, prior to the construction of such a station is viewed as a crime and is punishable by fines or the destruction of the facility, depending on the circumstances. The same sanctions apply in the event of license revoking.
  4. The station owners once paid for construction licenses and was authorized to construct the installation, then is eligible to make whichever internal station modifications they see fit, including construction of shield relays, storage depots, and factories. But the station owners –must- seek permission from the Crayter Republic Government before the construction of weapon platforms, due to the highly dangerous nature of the structures. Once request has been reviewed and granted, the owner of the installation may only place up to four weapon platforms unless given special permission for more.

Article V - Foreign Capital Ships

Section 1 [Permission of access]
  1. A foreign capital ship is defined as a colony ship, battleship, dreadnought, carrier (Civilian Carrier), battlecruiser, cruiser, destroyer and siege cruisers which is in possession by anyone other than the Crayter Republic or Military.
  2. The foreign capital ship is prohibited within the Crayter Sovereign space (Article I, Section 4), unless prior permission and/or licensing is acquired to its entry.
  3. In order for an individual or group to legally obtain permission and a license to enter Crayter sovereign space (Article I, Section 4), they must issue a formal request to the Crayter Republic Government or Military Personnel. This request will be reviewed and the said license will only be granted if the is necessary reasons upon entry.
  4. Temporary access may be granted by a high ranking member of the Crayterian Primary Fleet or Government personal if present.
  5. If the license has been revoke, we demand all unlicensed vessels to leave Crayterian space within a 24 hour time frame. Refusal to comply with lead to having sanctions apply.

Section 2 [Fees, Fines and sanctions]
  1. The acquiring of a permit comes with a 50,000,000 Sirius Credits fee to be paid, If the fee is not paid, the license will be revoked.
  2. Failure to notify the Republic government with regard to the permit of a foreign capital ship, as well as not forwarding a request for license, prior to the entry of such a capital ship is viewed as a crime and is punishable by fines or the destruction of the ship in question, depending on the circumstances. The same sanctions apply in the event of license revoking.

Article VI – Technology

Section 1 [Crayterian technology]
  1. Crayterian military hardware consists of the following ships and weapons:
    A) Ships: "Eros" Crayterian Light Fighter, "Nyx" Crayterian Very Heavy Fighter, "Pytho" Crayterian Bomber, "Hydra" Crayterian Gunboat, "Thanatos" Crayterian Cruiser, "Zephyr" Crayterian Carrier.
    B) Weapons: Crayter TEW-C Gun, Crayter TEW-BT Turret, Crayter TEW-B Gun, Crayter TEW-AT Turret, Crayter TEW-A Gun, Crayter LKEW-10 Gunboat Turret, Crayter MKEW-32 Cruiser Turret, Crayter HKEW-51 Battleship Secondary Turret, Crayter HKEW-73 Battleship Primary Turret, TEW-OP Crayter Antimatter Cannon
    C) Equipment: Crayter Engines

  2. Crayterian civilian hardware consists of the following ships: "Atlas" Crayterian Transport, "Celestra" Crayterian Armed Transport.

Section 2 [Interdiction]
  1. Crayterian technology can be acquired only after meeting specific conditions set by the Crayterian Authorities.
  2. Possession of Crayterian equipment without the necessary licenses is forbidden.
  3. The use of Crayterian technology against Crayterian civilians and citizens is forbidden.
  4. Use of Crayterian Equipment against allies of the Crayterian Republic is forbidden.
  5. Use of Crayterian Equipment against states that hold diplomatic relations with the Crayterian Republic is forbidden.

Section 3 [Hostile technology]
  1. Any technology produced by states or groups that are hostile towards the Crayter Republic are considered Hostile Technology.
  2. Possession and trade of ships or weapons manufactured by a hostile parties is forbidden.

Article VII – Laws

  1. Legislative projects for the Crayterian Law may be proposed by any citizen of the Crayter Republic.
  2. The modifications must obtain a majority of votes in the Higher Commandments in order to become active.
[Image: xaxabt.jpg]


Glorious Premier Ben Warner, Hero of the Revolution, Chairman of the Communist Party of the Sirius Coalition (CPSC), hereby decrees that this testament shall be enshrined as law.

Prime Definitions:
1. Coalition Law is supreme and absolute in the areas hereby noted below.
2. SCRA| and Coalition pilots are the only enforcers of the laws hereby noted below.
3. Ignorance of these laws will result in immediate termination.

Area of effect:
The Sirius Coalition hereby decree that the laws passed down in this document shall cover wholly and completely the New Moscow (Omega-52) system , the system of Minsk (Omega-9), the Kiev System (Cayman) and a 10k exclusion area around the New Moscow jumphole in Omega-49.

Furthermore Coalition Law also applies in the entirety of the New Beijing system (Omega-55).

Any individual, regardless of nationality or affiliation, will be subject to these laws.

New Moscow is a restricted zones open only to allies and those holding a valid, registered Visa. Any non-authorized vessels in New Moscow will be pried open and have the atmosphere forcibly vented.

Claimed/Contested Territories:
The People's Republic of the Sirius Coalition contests the illegal claims made by foreign organizations/nations, the territories are according to the State Duma occupied Core Territories of the People's Republic or Sectors of interest to the Coalition.

Claimed Territories:
'* Kiev System (Cayman) (Occupied by the Terrorist Organization 'Reapers of Sirius')
'* The Kingdom of Bretonia [Excluding Dublin & Poole] (Occupied by the 'Kingdom of Bretonia')
'* Omega-3 (Occupied by the 'Kingdom of Bretonia')
'* Omega-5 (System of Interest, Contested by the 'Corsair Empire')
'* Minsk System (Omega-9)
'* Omega-41 (Occupied by the 'Corsair Empire')
'* Omega-49 (Coalition Protectorate, contested by the 'Corsair Empire')
'* New Beijing [Omega-55 in Sirian Standard] (Contested by The Core & 'CLASSIFIED')
'* Omega-58 (Occupied by 'CLASSIFIED')
'* Omicron Gamma* (Occupied by the 'Corsair Empire')

Due to the intense hostile presence the Sirius Coalition cannot guarantee the safety of civilian traffic/locals so long as these belligerent entities control these territories.

* The Coalition additionally lays claim upon linked 'Corsair' systems in order to ensure the Primary territories are secured from further attempts at hostile occupation by Corsair pirates.

Restricted area:
In addition to the aforementioned restriction over New Moscow, The following areas are declared as OFF LIMITS to all Non-Coalition vessels. Any vessels or individuals caught in an area declared as OFF LIMITS will be subject to immediate termination.
'€* Planet JiangXi and Planet Volgograd are completely off limits to all traffic. Any vessels attempting to land on the planets will be shot down by the planetary defense grid.
'€* Equipment dealers onboard our stations. No technology is permitted to be traded or sold without a valid authorization.

In order to enforce these laws - Security Guards will escort you while you are docked at any Coalition controlled station. Do not provoke the guards, do not speak to the guards and do not wave at security cameras. Do not leave pets unattended. Do not leave personal belongings or children on our stations. Any individual left or any asset lost is subject to Communist decree and will be shared amongst the station crew.

We encourage you do drink from our bar, and enjoy our finest Vodka.

All vessels within Coalition space are subject to the directives of SCRA pilots. Failure to carry out any of their instructions will result in immediate termination.

Trade and Cargo:
Trade within the Sirius Coalition has been opened up to our allies. For the Sirius Coalition, its Revolutionary Army oversees a fleet of Transports crewed by Civilians.

All items aboard traders within our space must be of legal source and comply with the contraband regulations set below. Items of a non-legal source (ie stolen or embezzled) are not permitted. Items of Contraband found will subject to the offending vessel being destroyed without exception or exemption.

The following items have been decreed as Contraband:
'€* Cardamine of any variety.
'€* Slaves (Unless proven to be liberated and to begin a new life within the Coalition)
'€* Coalition or Allied Pilots.
'€* Artifacts.
'€* Nox
'€* Hypnotainment Bands
'€* Nomad equipment and remains

'* Scientists **

** These are the bright minds of our people, they represent the future of the Sirius Coalition and are subject to protection from unlawful employment [[Coerced Employment]], those who wish to transport these individuals must apply for Red Clearance from the Coalition Border Control.

Equipment and Identification:
Coalition equipment such as fighter craft, weapons and technology are not permitted to be traded or used on any craft except ones owned and operated by the Sirius Coalition. There are no exceptions to this law. Any pilot caught with Coalition technology, will be assumed to have stolen it, and will be subject to immediate termination.

Unauthorized vessels equipped with weaponry or technology belonging to vessels hostile to the Coalition will be subject to immediate termination. This is regardless of intention, affliction or nationality.

Capital class vessels of Cruiser size or larger are not permitted within our space, vessels of such size will be terminated with extreme prejudice. Exceptions to this are Capital ships bearing a diplomatic status and any Capital class vessels that the Premier approves to enter our space.

Diplomatic Relations:
All nations and individuals are considered hostile to the Coalition unless explicitly stated below.

'* Red Hessians
'* The Molly Republic
'* LWB
'* TAZ
'* Blood Dragons

'* Bundschuh
'* Gaians
'* OSI
'* The Colonial Republic
'* The Independent Miners Guild
'* Zoners

'* Gas Miners Guild
'* Junkers
'* The Council
'* The Order
'* Civilians not listed

'* Unioners

'* House Government Law Enforcers
'* Corsairs
'* Outcasts
'* Pirates
'* Bounty Hunter's Guild
'* The Core
'* Alien Forces/Infested Forces
'* Daumann Heavy Construction
'* Kruger Minerals
'* Bretonia Mining and Manufacturing
'* Ageira Technologies

Piracy and Terrorism:
There shall be no acts or attempted acts of Piracy or Terrorism within our space. Acts of Piracy or Terrorism will be met with your immediate execution.
[Image: fr0fIsy.gif]

Freeport Network Laws

Herein lies the laws and rules governing the majority of the Freeports and Zoner stations in Sirius. We strive to keep the peace, as well as create a safe and welcome home to all Zoners, as well as visitors to our installations. We will though not allow ourselves to be pushed around or over due to those who deem us weak or without defenses. Below you will find the list of Zoner stations and their administrators, as well as Freeport Network Laws.

Section One - Base Administration

This is the current listing of station administrators for the various Zoner installations. It also contains recognized systems controlled by Zoners.


  • Baffin - Temporary Autonomous Zoners
  • Omega 49 - Open to all Zoner groups. A protectorate of the ZFN.
  • Omicron Theta - Open to all Zoner groups. A protectorate of the ZFN.

Section Two - Laws

The following are laws which apply to Freeport Network Zoner installations:

1. The No-Fire Zone (NFZ) covers a 10 kilometer sphere around each Freeport Network station.

2. The No-Fire-Zone is an area in which no offensive actions against any vessel is allowed. This includes attempts at piracy/taxation, the use of weapons (Guns, missiles, mines, cruise disruptors), intentional ramming and the malicious redirection of weapons fire. Acts of piracy within the No-Fire-Zone are also prohibited. (Exception Zoner security assets.)

A) Combat or attempts to induce others to combat of any kind within the NFZ is prohibited as it endangers the station.

B) Vessels fulfilling a bounty posted by a Zoner faction or the Freeport Network are classed as Zoner Security assets (With regards to law 2) for the duration of their combat with the bountied party. Engaging of vessels other than the bountied party, other than in self defense or in direct pursuit of the bountied party will result in the immediate revocation of this privilege for the duration of combat and the vessel will be treated as a normal vessel subject to all penalties associated with breaking the No-Fore-Zone.

3. Use of Freeport Network stations to base off of for attacks against any group is prohibited.

4. No non-zoner capital class vessel shall remain within the NFZ of any given Freeport unless assisting ZFN approved vessel or the vessel in question is granted temporary permission by on-duty ZFN approved vessel. Capital class vessels that are asked to leave the NFZ shall do so immediately or face the full ramifications of violating Freeport laws.

A) Capital class vessels include Destroyer, Cruiser, Battlecruiser, Carrier, Battleship and Dreadnought class vessels. Not included in this definition are Gunboat and Gunship class vessels and below.

5. A ship that runs to the Freeport under fire and docks is as guilty as the pursuer for bringing the fight to the base. The person chased will be fined or in extreme circumstances denied docking rights based on the severity of the offence and the vessels used in the altercation as well as the pursuer. Pursuing a ship into the NFZ for the purpose of combat or bounty collection is prohibited, unless otherwise noted below.

A) Any zoner vessel that initiates hostilities and then attempts to run to the NFZ for cover shall be held in contempt and will be treated as any other pilot.

B) Zoner vessels that enter combat not of their own accord shall not bring said conflict towards a Zoner station, and if attempts are made to enter the NFZ while in combat will not be exempt.

6. Those deemed criminals or hostile towards Zoner installations as determined by Freeport Network station administration and their associates will be denied docking.

7. No base or other installation may be built within 15k of any ZFN claimed space without expressed approval from members of the Freeport Network.

A) Pre-approved installations are the exception to this rule

8. Those judged to be in violation of the law are subject to penalties that include, but are not limited to: fines, bounties, and in extreme cases destruction of the vessel and denial of docking rights at all Zoner stations Sirius-wide.

The following are laws which apply to Omega 49 and Omicron Theta:

9. Combat between gunship and smaller vessels is permitted system wide, but are prohibited within 10K of any Zoner installation (This includes planet Gran Canaria).

10. The presence, passage, and combat of cruiser class vessels is permitted in Omega-49 and Omicron Theta, however, combat between these entities is prohibited within 20k of any installation except in self defense. Any vessel initiating combat with such vessels within 20k of any permanent or semi permanent installation is grounds for a fine or ban under Freeport Network Law.

11. The presence, and passage of Battleship, and Carrier class vessels is permitted in Omega-49 and Omicron Theta, however combat involving such vessels is prohibited except in self defense. Any vessel initiating combat with such vessels liable for a fine or ban under Freeport Network Law.

12. Any group or vessel found to be in combat with a Zoner vessel within Omega 49 and Omicron Theta will be required to make an official communication to the Freeport Network explaining the circumstances. Should they fail to respond or fail to have a compelling reason the commanding officers or superior organisation of said group will be contacted, and will be liable for a fine or ban under Freeport Network Law.

Section Three - Restricted Space and Installations

  • Baffin - The entire system is held as a NFZ by the Temporary Autonomous Zoners, and NFZ policies apply system wide. Their laws can be found here.

  • Pueblo Bunito - Only TAZ members and approved persons may dock at their sacred Temple.

  • Omega 49 - The entire system is held as a revised NFZ by the Freeport Network (Please see Section two, articles nine through twelve).

  • Omicron Theta - The entire system is held as a revised NFZ by the Freeport Network (Please see Section two, articles nine through twelve).

Section Four - Exemptions/Treaty List

1. Treaty Of Bethlehem

Affected Zoner stations: Ames Research Station, Bethlehem Station, Freeport 2

Affected Govenments: Liberty

2. Treaty of Snowdown

Affected Zoner stations: Freeport 1

Affected Governments: Bretonia and Rheinland
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