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Full Version: Miaou's Story Dump
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Vatan, Gallic Hybrid
Moving On - Old Story
Ship Log - Logs and communications between those on the Vatan
Vatan Information - Ship Specific Information
Even After Service

Transmission to the Mollys
Message from the Tundra
Transmission to the 101st
Message to the Gaians
Another message to the 101st
Message to the Oracles
Databurst to Ozei Ruousha
Message Ping to Ansel Xavier
Message from 101st
Databurst to Crimson Cross
Message to Council of Malta
Omer's message to IMG
Mindlink to Melia
Omer to Revenant/Leviathan
Omer to Leviathan
Omer Affiliate Communications
Message from Midred Wolfe
Message to MRG/Naval Coordination Office

This is one of my oldest characters and ongoing stories. I formed the main character, Lucas Gerald, back in Shago's version of the GRP| and loved him ever since. He is a laid back man who simply grabbed the GRP gig because it was simple. He rose in the ranks and after a while ended up leading the whole operation as the Directeur.

While it started off with just Lucas Gerald, it climbed into this massive story. From law enforcing officer to drug addict, to GRP Directeur and criminal, and now something far worse. As is, the Vatan is past humanity. It has grown into a sizable mind-node within the Mirrorshare with new goals in mind.

Malachy Marshall, Armed Forces
Sibling Duty
Sibling Rivalry

Treading Back Home

Message to Allison Hunter
Message to Armed Forces Requisitions Office (Transfer)
Message to Veritas, LSF
Message from Commodore John Redmond (New Standing Orders)

Malachy is a weak boy who got caught up in the Gallic invasion. Originally from Leeds, he was forced to flee to Liberty with his sister, Marisa, went to Liberty to join the fight against the Gauls. Malachy didn't know what to do with himself so went to follow his sister and joined the Liberty Navy. After years of service, he decided to transfer to the Armed Forces after his contract with the Navy went up. He now holds the rank of Commander, running operations in Leeds and it's surrounding systems.

Malachy is afflicted by Leeds' heavy industrial smog, causing him to be more frail than most. Coughing plagues his body though there's nothing medically wrong with him. He's able to meet pilot standard only barely, and has problems keeping up in fighter fights. While he's not able to compare to most snub pilots, he does boast a more strategic mindset.

Merlin, The Cat
Of Cats and Men - Background Story
Flip of a Tail

Message to Occam Razor
Transmission to the Republic of Liberty
Manhattan Citizenship Office
Requesting for housing to Vice Admiral Baker
Acquiring a Independence-class Gunboat
Message to Natio Octavarium
Distress Call - Glaring
Message to Imogen Jau

So yeah, this is a little character I came up with when a few of us wanted to go mercing. But I would like to say a few things about Merlin.
  • Yes, he is a cat.
  • No, he is not a furry.
  • He can only say "Miaou", which is french for "Meow".
  • He talks through a voice translator when possible, mostly text.
  • Something else.
Basically, Merlin was more of a comedic character starting off. He fled from Gallia after being some sort of military experiment and found himself in Liberty. Not knowing anything else but fighting, he is trying to become a mercenary for the Navy and possibly settle down there as well.

Other characters to note;
Flavie Etienne, SBS~ Seabreeze Syndicates
Richard Alby, BAF|, Only as the character
Leon Dupont, GRN| (Shelved)
Briefly as Prince Joseph DeFrance (Dead?)
Pierre LePew - Formerly of the Hellbound/Reavers (Shelved)
"Gamboge", Reavers (Shelved)
Giovanni Russo, family head in the Maltese area. Slaver (Shelved)