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Criteria for new commodities:
* Should provide a new and unique economic role
* Does not duplicate existing routes or existing commodities
* Does not conflict with existing route balance (this will be very difficult for the casual observer to evaluate)
* Enhances role play opportunities for factions (creation of Synth Paste and Synth Gel are good examples of this)
* Trade crosses House borders

Original Post:
I'm not going to promise to post often, since I expect to largely keep specifics about new stuff very confidential until the next mod version's release.

However, moments ago I just finished the list of essential commodities to fully develop Gallia's economy like the other Sirius Houses are developed, as well as introducing a number of new commodities for use throughout Sirius. The list includes some "cloned" commodities, such as another Ship Hull Panels to separate Kyushu's and Stokes' production. I've also cloned Prisoners to make balance easier, and separated that from another class of naughty folks in handcuffs to be picked up from police outposts and carted off to the local dungeon. Plus, a couple other sorts of people who need help of various kinds due to various circumstances.

The list also includes several beverages (which you can probably predict with decent accuracy). Shall I provide hints? Here are their initials: LA, W, G, V, S, R, R. There is also a new commodity that can't be traded, but should be useful for some of our more rant-inclined factions.

The rest of the list is made up of various elemental metals for GMS, a new alloy, and several tech products for Solar to produce.

I've also nearly finished importing my past work from google's spreadsheets into a single open office calc spreadsheet. It is over 13,300 rows deep so far, and I still have over half of the new commodities to chart, as well as all of the "people" and luxury items. Each row represents one manually set price, and I expect to reach 20,000 prices this version. By way of comparison, there are about 7,000 in the mod currently (excluding pilots, oxygen, food, & water).

Total new commodities planned so far: 47.
It doesn‘t matter a huge amount if you don‘t/can‘t post everything, however it is nice. Although more so is the openess these logs provide and they improve the player <-> dev relationship on Disco.
(09-21-2012, 05:53 PM)Deitar Wrote: [ -> ]
' Wrote:Raise prices for contraband so that smuggler must pay 20-30 mil for full cargo of contraband,
but let him make 20-30 mil profit if he finish his route.
That way risk factor can be balanced and smuggling will not become new power-trading.
Also people will still trade,not everyone will risk 20-30 mil per cargo just for the fun of it.


Is exacly what we need, high-value cargo that is expensive to even procure in the first place, not the current ~1k per good at buy-point and selling for 8k at the end of the route.

High buy-price, higher sell price, appropriately high risk.

Make traders dread for the loss of cargo they paid a hefty sum to acquire. Hell, even the "basic cost" would be high enough to make cargo piracy somewhat-viable.

*Imaginary numbers alert*

Trader pays 30mln to fill up his 5k, meets a PTrans, decides not to cooperate, gets blasted to pieces, PTrans pick stuff up and sells it for 15mln at a closest unlawful base.

*Alert off*

No ooRP trading routes from lawful to unlawful bases? Check.
Less silent traders? Somewhat Check.
Thrill of avoiding dangers (be it lawful on a high-risk road or smuggler) Check.

High value cargo could be artifacts, cardamine, processed metals like Gold (which right now is less valuable in processed form than ore) and so on.
I wanted to quote this regarding the Contraband runs.
I'm curious as to those Gallian commodities. I do hope you got some other ideas. If that alloy you mention is the Vanadium-Gallium that I've thrown out there, I've since soured on the idea of calling it alloy and instead think it should just point to Superconductors :/ It was similar at the time but I was trying to make it original and differentiate it to fit with making a new one for Gallia. I don't think it would look too out of place in game but right now I think it should just point to superconductors.

Many thanks for the work and I will say I hope I didn't just make much more.
I just finished adding the new metals into my spreadsheet, and it's up to 18,000+ rows. I have 10 more commodities to add, at 337 prices each. So it looks like the next mod version will have 22,000+ manual prices. That's nearly three times the current amount.

Setting up new commodities from scratch for Gallia will mean that commodities produced in Gallia will have the most thorough trade routes in the game, since I can simply copy/paste a list of bases that I've configured according to their regional location, role, and profit tier. However, I've also added anywhere from 1 to 2 hundred additional prices to most of the previously existing commodities. Commodities will be trade-able to nearly every lawful base in the Houses, although only a few locations in each House will be in the highest profit tier, which varies by commodity. Metals, for instance, have privileged profit margins to shipyards, metal processing stations that produce alloys, and capital planets. The other bases are sorted into descending tiers, with unlawful loot locations at the bottom. Unlawful shipyards will still be in a fairly high profit tier, however, as will Malta and Crete.

Gallic products will fetch the highest profit margins when exported to Sirius, but will still have decent profits within Gallia too.
Beer from the brewery in Saar? :exclamation:
Today was mostly spent writing infocards although I also added a handful of commodities to the pricing spreadsheet. I have 8 left to put into the spreadsheet, and it's at 19,713 rows so far. I noticed three commodities in my notes that I had not put on my list yet, so that brings total new commodities to 50.

One of our resident artists on the dev team started work on commodity icons, and finished the batch of new metals. I hear he's working on frothy beverages next.
Had to take a few days off to deal with real world issues, and then the forums disappeared...

I finished almost all of the new commodity infocards over the weekend; there are less than a handful remaining. However, I am beginning to believe that the IDF shipping platforms in Gallia will need a new commodity for each one, except for Mining Machinery which I can put on one of them. These commodities would need to be designed for shipment primarily to GMS mining facilities, EFL fuel processing bases, and Solar bases where high tech stuff is produced. So, one commodity related to mining, one related to fuel production, and one for high tech manufacturing. I'll be thinking about it; ideas will be appreciated.

Other than that, the main goal this week is to finish assembling my spreadsheet so that pricing can begin, and assigning the new commodities to Gallic bases: metals to mining facilities, tech stuff to Solar bases, and ?something? to IDF platforms.
EFL could have gas-enrichment pumps. Combination of a filtration system with a basic pump. Used in 'purifying' the oil and adding the necessary combustibles.

Mining can either be mining machinery or ore smelters. Or potentially the parts for them.
IDF is a generic trading faction. Best thing to do with their bases I wager, is to set some prices for offworld commodities (Kusari imports, Rheinland imports) and okay prices for Gallic exports. So inter-house transports could dock with such a base, offload their commodity, load a new one, and go back the way they came rather then go to planet A to offload, leave empty, go to planet B to load, and then head back. That's how clearing houses/trading posts work after all. Convenience.