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Full Version: Admin Notice: Account or IP Banned?
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This is the place to post if YOUR ACCOUNT is banned.

Account issues only in this thread, please, with just your character names and any other information you may feel is relevant to your predicament.

One post will be sufficient, and it will be edited when there is progress on
your situation. Check the thread regularly. Anything else will be removed immediately.

Before you post:
  • Check here to see if you've been banned in accordance with a sanction.
  • Include your character names in your post.
  • If you modified your installation and got auto-banned, un-modify it (reinstall Discovery, and Freelancer itself if necessary).
  • If you cheated and you're here, stop cheating, or you'll keep needing to be here.
  • Do not post more than once about the same ban. No bumps, no quotes. It makes the queue confusing and harder for us to deal with.
Heyo guys.

Got banned again, pretty sure it's the high ping from connecting to the other side of the planet.
Done a complete reinstall of the original game and Discovery in case it was a file that tripped it.

Character names:

Unbanned - Ramke
Tried Logging in and I appear to be IP Banned. Was removing some BDM| Tags from personal ships earlier today without issue, now I can't login?

Last account I just tried logging into contains:


Edit: It appears to be working now.

Seems to have fixed itself, nothing banned. -STR
Account got banned due ... Selling my Coalition Battlecrusier for a Fighter (?)
I wanted to create a history for streaming it but it blows x.x
Natalia_Kamneva is the Battlecrusier i wanted to sell (coalition)
Other chars in the Account:
RNS-Montelimar (Gallic Battlecrusier)
Ark|Elaine (a SHF from Gallia)
and some others...

The Account wasn't banned - SD
Thank you for unbanning ElNino, but i also have another account with Greenhawk, ElTitan etc, please unbann those, so I can play with my son. Thanks.

Believe this is sorted ~Alex
Good afternoon,

I seem to have had some mod issues, which caused a ban while I was trying to troubleshoot the issue The account had the characters




I've since reinstalled a fresh Disco and was able to log in on a second account. I think.. maybe it was FL Companion causing the issue, so I'm gonna just not try that again.

Thank you.

Unbanned. ~W
Good morning ,

I had some connection issues which caused my account to be banned when i attempted to reconnect . the issue has been resolved with a fresh install but one of my accounts is still banned.



thank you .

Unbanned. ~W
Just bringing this forward a bit with additional accounts.
FFs, it'a one every minute. 12 13 14 now.


Unbanned. ~W
I don't know if I am banned or not I try to log in to the server and I am kicked out right away my name is ZonerSnake.Plisskin

Unbanned. Check your antivirus for quarantining capitalclassfixes.dll. If you still end up being kicked, reinstall Discovery before trying to connect again. ~W
I have been having trouble, trying to connect to the server because of my antivirus, yesterday\last night. Just now I reinstalled the game, and the mod. Then put in the same multiplayer number\id, and now when I try and connect to the server, it says that I am banned. The new character that I made is named Calvek.

Unbanned. ~W
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