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Full Version: Farewell
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Before I start, I am NOT leaving Discovery. However, my years at college have caused me to reevaluate just how much time I can actually devote to Freelancer. I haven't logged on to my characters in close to two years apart from making sure that they don't get deleted. Today was the first day I played for over an hour since I started college if I recall correctly. The game is still fun, there's no denying that. However, I've noticed something about the nature of this game (or at least, the nature of the game that appeals most to me).

Each time you log in, you get sucked into hours of hanging out with other players in the same faction clan as you, working together to take down or rob someone. It was fun when I first started in 2009 and it's still fun now. However, back then, I had enough time to spread my hours of Freelancer gaming among the four factions I was in. Now, I only have time to devote to one faction.

Unfortunately, after analyzing how much time I've been spending on Freelancer and the factions I'm in, I've decided that because I spend less time in this faction than my most played faction, it's time for me to leave this faction. I wish I could spend more time here, but sadly, I just can't. And it just isn't fair to tell everyone that I'll be back when I don't have the time to come back.

Of course, the good times won't end here. As I said, I'm not leaving Discovery. Still, I have to decide where to put my time and unfortunately, it can't be in this faction. Therefore, the next time we meet, we may be on opposite sides of the battlefield or maybe we'll ally and gang up on a shared enemy. Nevertheless, we will still have fun together and still have a blast RPing with each other.

Until next time.

To tie up loose ends...
Order Pilot Eric McCormick...Retired, relocated to pilot training on Planet Akabat
Order|Eric.McCormick, Order|Eric.McCormick., and Order|Eric.McCormick.. will be deleted after credits are transfered to the Order bank ship (someone please provide the name of the Order bank so I can do this).

It's been an honor, every minute of it.


It's Order|Armory, just checked with Rod....(cry) (cry) (cry)
Was fun while it lasted, Klaw.

Take care.