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Full Version: Rollcall - January 2013
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Post using following template. Do mark your main (highest ranked) character by bolding name.

[color=#FFFFFF][b]Character names:[/b][/color] <First name, surname>
[color=#FFFFFF][b]Ranks:[/b][/color] <ranks here>
[color=#FFFFFF][b]Skype ID:[/b][/color] <skype here>
[color=#FFFFFF][b]Timezone (preferable in GMT):[/b][/color] <timezone here>

[color=#FFFFFF][b]Additional notes:[/b][/color] <notes here>
Character names: Anthony Wilson
Ranks: Veteran Agent
Skype ID: mc_temka
Timezone (preferable in GMT): +2

Additional notes: I've just been promoted ^^
Character names: Michal Golanski, Adriana D'Angelo
Ranks: Overwatch, Cell leader
Skype ID: michalfranciszekgolanski
Timezone (preferable in GMT): GMT 0

Additional notes: ))))
Character names: Brian Scott
Ranks: Veteran Agent
Skype ID: I guess you all know it already
Timezone (preferable in GMT): GMT+3

Additional notes: Trying to start flying more.
Character names: Ciana
Ranks: Agent I think
Skype ID: Hrimthur
Timezone (preferable in GMT): GMT+1

Additional notes: Trying to get some more RP and activity
Character names: Kyle Alvera
Ranks: AiT
Skype ID: you know it
Timezone (preferable in GMT): +2

Additional notes: I like pie!
Character names: Benjamin Stone
Ranks: Veteran Agent, Battlebrotha
Skype ID: You have it
Timezone (preferable in GMT): GMT+12

Additional notes: Stone is currently undergoing an independent RP and will not function as standard member of the Order| until it is complete. When it ends depends on what happens with the little story. Shouldn't last longer than a month of two.
Character Names: Zephyr Eonaros
Ranks: Agent
Skype ID: duskowolf
Timezone (preferable in GMT): GMT +1

Additional notes: Buying more Order VHF / LF and use them for Order purposes only.
Character names: "Taweret", Santos Bolevara
Ranks: Overwatch, Cell leader
Skype ID: [Image: 4xvNJ.png]
Timezone (preferable in GMT): [Image: emoticon-00147-emo.gif]

Additional notes: [Image: emoticon-00107-sweating.gif] Will try to be more active.
Character names: Jay Zito
Ranks: Agent
Skype ID: jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
Timezone (preferable in GMT): GMT+1

Additional notes: I think Bolevara took my beer again.
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