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Full Version: To LH~ The Lane Hackers
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***static noises***
***encryption program in progress**
***decryption keys found***

…a picture’s flickering, some noises can be heard…

…a voice can be heard:
„Ah, it works, hehehe, good work, Blackbone, good work hehehe
(a man drinks, he burps)
/after a while a man can be seen on the flickering monitor)
Ah, well, well, well, bonjour hehehe or goodday, Ladies, hehehe, and gentleman oft he famous Hackers.
Well, gents, ladies, my name is…
Ah, well, who cares about names, except the naughty Navy guys, who’re always interested in names to put them on their hunting lists, hehehe,
so lemme say, my name sounds a lil bit gallic.
Hehehe, Blackbone, gallic or terrific, what’ya say, hehehe
But enough of that, call me Monsieur …
Ah what the hell, I’m Francois l‘Olonnais and I’m proud of my name
And I’ve a proposal for my , what shall I say, brothers in spirit – the Lane Hackers
Well, I’ve heard that you’re looking for something special and that those money making factory owners won’t help ya, damned pack that tis wearers.
Well, I, Francois Lolonnois, can help you. I can put my hands on 5 of that lil cloak babies – and I can deliver it to you , my professional colleagues,
well, and I make you a very special offer, just for you. So listen to me:
Usually a light cloak goes for,aroun‘ 180 million, you can find some for 150 million, but for you, and ONLY for you, I make it 125 million per unit – so for 5 light cloaks you pay me 625 million.
Well, whatta ya say? Don’t answer now, answer after you’ve thought about it and tell me your decision.
I’m here, or somewhere, or nowhere hehehe

And to make it clear: I deal with everyone, of course , not with the officials, until they come with a very special offer, but THIS OFFER IS ONLY for the LANE HACKERS.

Au revoir
Or have a nice day,
and may you meet many rich, disgusting traders hehehe
(the man puts a glass inhis hand and drinks to the viewer)

***picture flickers a last time***
***sound dies***


[Image: OrlovFormal.png]

Good day Mr.l'Olonnais.

It would appear that our new business contacts in Gallia have spread the word about our desire to purchase these devices. That is a good thing. We are definately interested in aquiring five Snub class cloaking devices. And to be honest your price point is hard to match. However I have always believed that when something appears to be too good to be true, it most likely is. What is more, we have never done business with you before and therefore have no established basis for trust. And 625 million credits is quite a sum of money to gamble with wouldnt you agree?

So here is what we will do. We will purchase one unit today, and test it out, and if all is well, we will purchase the other four units in a few days time. As a matter of fact we have traced your signal and have dispatched a ship to fetch the unit as we are speaking. Credits will be handed over to your account once the unit is successfully mounted.

I hope this transaction will prove beneficial to us both.

Au Revoir