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Full Version: Rollcall - 2013 April
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Use attached template below. Do bold your primary character and its rank if you have more than one. It will end in aproximately 1 month.
[color=#FFFFFF][b]Character names:[/b][/color] <First name, surname>
[color=#FFFFFF][b]Ranks:[/b][/color] <ranks here>
[color=#FFFFFF][b]Skype ID:[/b][/color] <skype here>
[color=#FFFFFF][b]Timezone:[/b][/color] <timezone here>

[color=#FFFFFF][b]Additional notes:[/b][/color] <notes here>
Character names: Alexander.Salmin
Ranks: Agent
Skype ID: qovtsin
Timezone: +4 GMT
Character names: Hayato Kenshin
Ranks: Agent
Timezone: GMT+1

Additional notes: I noticed how you made the template bright and shining and the important char info grey so I gave it a taste of rainbow!
Character names: "Constantine", Adam Roth
Ranks: Overwatch, Agent Commander
Skype ID: solfeanor
Timezone: GMT + 2
Character names: Anthony Wilson
Ranks: Cell leader
Skype ID: okay
Timezone: +2

Additional notes: RAEG!
Character names: Zephyr, Eonaros ; Typhoon ( Same Character )
Ranks: Agent
Skype ID: duskovujinovic1971
Timezone: GMT +1

Additional notes: Will try to get an Reshie and be more active.
Character names: "HEL"
Ranks: Agent
Skype ID: critical.failure
Timezone: +2
Character names: Onius Flathstaw (Ingame Order|Asuras)
Ranks: Agent-in-Training
Skype ID: Stalker_merlin
Timezone: GMT +2
Character Name: Ray Stantz

Rank: AiT (Agent-in-Training)

Skype ID: ognjen.cigoja2

Timezone: GMT+1

Additional notes: // My original Order char is lost, doing everything i can to make another one.
Character names: Nicholas Rogers
Ranks: Agent
Skype ID: Not available at this time.
Timezone: GMT +2

Additional notes: I'm still around, I have limited time because of my faculty, I'm in my last semester and I have a lot of work to do. I'll be done with it in July.
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