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Full Version: A short survey - How did you find Discovery?
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Firstly I would like to thank Saronsen and others for their comments in the thread 'Is Discovery dying?' posted earlier today which has spurred the creation of this survey.

For those of you who haven't been clued in, put concisely, the proposition I put forward in the following post was that an attempt should be made to land some hard evidence as to how and why players are drawn to discovery. The resulting data should make it easier for us as a community to realise a means of attracting new players.

This poll may well be the first in a series of posts in attempts to gather data on the matter, so please do participate if you notice any further questions despite any similarities.

I am starting this survey with the assumption that the rate of incoming new players has decreased as opposed to the rate of players leaving the server increasing. This poll is also being made without assumptions that discovery's net income of players is in the red due to lack of interest, advertisment, accessibility or otherwise. It's all in the hypothetical stage at present so I ask kindly that you keep any sceptical comments you have in focus.

It is unknown yet as to how long it will take to draw up a conclusion so please do bear with until a clear and reliable set of results can be established.

Your participation would be greatly appreciated.


The majority of the votes obtainable have been collected and the results and thread are now open for discussion. Please be concise and focused on the facts when writing your conclusions and suggestions.

Additional votes are welcome if you have not voted yet.
funny thing - true story

by searching youTube for "freelancer capital ships"
I learned about the forums through a crises. Rheinland police come and blow my base up. Then say you shoulda have asked permission first by this (Don't remember the name) guy. And me confused of who this guy is and what is this forums web site is. So after a bit of asking questions me and my fellow friend decided to make an account so we can some how ask a guy to make a base in omega 15! .......................Ya still a little mad about it >Sad
In the very first beginning i was searching for a spacesim game for my mobile device, found Fishlabs: Galaxy on Fire, completed it and was hungry for something similar but for pc, then i found FL and done the campaign, then i was still searching for more and found this mod Smile and have stayed here because of capships, evolving story and the community Smile
Played it on a lan with my brother, son and friends. We then clicked on multiplayer server and it appeared. We joined and that was it.
Played the vanilla campaign and wondered if there were any good mods with active servers - and this was the one with the most players.
The Lancers Reactor. The very first hub of all things related to FL fan works and modding, before it closed down (we now have The Starport).

I downloaded Disco v4.79 in 2006 amongst other mods because it offered many new ships and systems. The server was not a RP server yet. I played for a few months mostly on my own before getting bored and looking at other big mods at the time, and then stopped playing FL altogether. In 2011 after a five year hiatus, I pulled my Freelancer disk out of the cupboard, checked out the new Disco, and decided to stay.

Of course, this isn't the life cycle of most Disco players...
Really, it was so long ago I can't really recall... I assume I found it looking for freelancer mods via google.
This if I remember correctly:
A friend invited me, and I liked it
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