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To: LH~. From: Ghostnet (H:/). Re: Commendation - Thexare - 08-10-2013

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::| Sender: Ghostnet Administrator WhiteNoise

Recently, I accosted a Universal Shipping Mastodon near the Cortez jump hole in California. Her captain proved unresponsive (and later, suicidal and fluent in gibberish), and so the tedious task of destroying it in a Scimitar began.

One of your pilots, Marc Riviera, was nearby and moved to assist. While a Mastodon is far from a dangerous opponent, I was still surprised - and grateful - to see a Dagger engaging. Every extra gun helps.

His performance was quite impressive given his ship and, I assume from his equipment, the fact that he only recently joined your band. Unfortunately, few of the scientists aboard the ship could be rescued in time. A scan did pick some up in Riviera's hold, so perhaps he was more successful than I; I hope they made it to Mactan safely.

Your recruit shows considerable promise. Keep an eye on him.

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RE: To: LH~. From: Ghostnet (H:/). Re: Commendation - JonahC - 08-11-2013

[Image: OrlovFormal.png]

Greetings Administrator Whitenoise

Thank you for informing us of these actions by our recruit. We will indeed keep an eye on him. As I am sure you know, good recruits are few and far between.

Good luck in bringing misfortune to all the corporate snollygosters, and stay safe out there.