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to: Lane Hacker Leaders -||- from: IMG| -||- topic: Aggression? -||- Encrypted - Jack_Henderson - 11-05-2013

[Image: jack.png]

**** SENDER: Jack Henderson, IMG Operations Coordination ****

**** TO: Nicole Hunter; Lane Hacker Leadership ****

Dear Miss Hunter, Dear Leaders of the Lane Hackers,

I received some disturbing report about a Waran heavy bomber with LH~ transponder, not unlikely flown by Ms. Nicole Hunter herself, attacking an IMG convoy in Kyushu.

As this seems hard to believe at first, I had to double-check the evidence, but there can be no doubt.

This is the communication log of the badly damaged transport, which also shows a very surprised Transport Commander, Julia Morrow, by the way the very person that established voice comms between you and me around 2 weeks ago in Magellan.

Quote:[05.11.2013 20:04:35] IMG|Lucky.Hit: Greetings, Miss Hunter. Nice to see you again.
[05.11.2013 20:04:49] IMG|Gyrlas: Good day.
[05.11.2013 20:04:57] LH~Nicole.Hunter: You will drop your entire cargo in 10 seconds
[05.11.2013 20:05:05] LH~Nicole.Hunter: I am not kidding.

[05.11.2013 20:05:12] LH~Nicole.Hunter: 8.... 7... 6...
[05.11.2013 20:05:13] IMG|Gyrlas: Weapons online!
[05.11.2013 20:05:40] IMG|Redstone: What the hell.
[05.11.2013 20:05:44] IMG|Redstone: Assissting convoy.
[05.11.2013 20:07:14] IMG|E.Roderich: LH.... do you copy me?
[05.11.2013 20:07:45] IMG|E.Roderich: if you not answering.... i have to engage you
[05.11.2013 20:10:23] IMG|Lucky.Hit: I will make it
[05.11.2013 20:10:37] IMG|Lucky.Hit: All IMG, Dock at Kyushu Planet
[05.11.2013 20:10:45] IMG|Lucky.Hit: We did it. My transport is pretty much scrap.
[05.11.2013 20:10:51] IMG|Lucky.Hit: But we made it.
[05.11.2013 20:11:05] LH~Nicole.Hunter: This is just the begining.

Ms. Hunter, you scared one of my most reliable employees, shot her transport to scrap with military grade Nova torpedos, stripped her ship of pretty much every attached piece but the armor plating and promised even more. This doesn't leave too much room for interpretation about your intentions in this attack.

I am interested in what happened, as obviously there has been a change in mind since we last talked and cooperated in the Freeport 4 matter and I organised the swift transfer of IMG-built ships.

Enlighten me, after you lit up my convoy without any provocation and warning.
I guess that not too much to ask for.

Jack Henderson
IMG Operations Coordination

[Image: end.png]

To: Jack Henderson, Independent Mining Guild - Nicole Hunter - 11-06-2013

[Image: 1b.png][Image: 7.png]

Dear Mr Henderson,

You have made a mistake. You took my politeness and courtesy as a sign of weakness. Did you really think that it was a good idea to send a repair ship from supposedly Navy-occupied Freeport 4 to aid our enemies, the Xenos, attacking us in our system and in the vicinity of our base? Think twice, please. And if you have problems with your memory, let me present you with a suitable refreshment.

XA-Pygmy:.: Evenin' lowlifes.
XA-Pygmy:.: Or.. 'least two?
XA-Herald: Hey?
XA-Pygmy:.: Oh, that'll be three then.
XA-Pygmy:.: Gotta love them whores.
XA-Herald: Wow, they must be angry
LH~Nicole.Hunter...: You've got a nerve to come here like this.
XA-Pygmy:.: That I do. I got balls the size of your stomach fat.
XA-Pygmy:.: That's t'say a lot.
LH~Nicole.Hunter...: Well, people don't consider me fat, so that might be true....
XA-Herald: What the hell is up with that Kelly thing?
XA-Pygmy:.: I do love killin' me some whores.
LH~Nicole.Hunter...: Naturally.
XA-Pygmy:.: I wonder.. Does the whore bite or nibble?
XA-Pygmy:.: Do you swallow maybe?
XA-Herald: Lets light em up.
XA-Pygmy:.: Well then.
Kelly-087-[101st]: Focus on Herald.

IMG|Red-5: This is IMG repair ship approaching.
IMG|Red-5: We hate the Outcasts.

XA-Pygmy:.: Eh?
Kelly-087-[101st]: What?
LH~Nicole.Hunter...: Keep on them.

IMG|Red-5: Tom: This is for Tau 23.
IMG|Red-5: For what you did yesterday...

We were just about to kill the Xeno you have supported with the load of nanobots. The other would be dead soon enough as well. However, your help turned the ties of this battle. You have bought the Xenos enough time to call for Hellfire Legion reinforcements and as a result one Mactan Interceptor was shot down.

I do not really care with who do you sleep. For all I care, you can marry the Liberty government or even hang out with those lobotomized monkeys from Ouray, although I cannot possibly imagine why would you want to do it. We were never friends and we will never be. We were just business partners. However, it appears you have missed the most basic chapter from Zoner 101: How to maintain neutrality in a sticky situation.

I know very well that everything which concerns the Guild in Magellan comes through you, and thus I know that you are personally responsible for this incident. You have now two options, Mr Henderson. You can humbly accept my friendly warning from Kyushu, apologize for this "unfortunate misunderstanding" and send 25 000 000 SC to our R&D fund as a restitution for our lost assets, which will normalize our business relations... Or you can choose the road which will lead to the escalation of aggression.

The Guild is a very low priority for us. I will not be devoting our resources to wage a pointless war with the Guild. However, should you choose this option, I will personally make an example of you and the Guild. Without hurry, when and where you are least expecting, somewhere in Bretonia, Kusari or Taus, I will wait for you.

Make your decision, Mr Henderson, but remember, I am not to be played with.

Nicole Hunter

RE: to: Lane Hacker Leaders -||- from: IMG| -||- topic: Aggression? -||- Encrypted - Jack_Henderson - 11-06-2013

[Image: jack.png]

**** SENDER: Jack Henderson, IMG Operations Coordination ****

**** TO: Nicole Hunter; Lane Hacker Leadership ****

Dear Miss Hunter,

I see where this is coming from now that you linked the two incidents.

I did some research on that situation and can confirm that the event took place. However the goal of the repairship captain was not to harm you, but to inflict harm on the 101st Outcast craft Kelly-087-[101st].

It was not helpful for a calm assessment of the situation that the commander, Mr. Thomas J. Reed, was drunk quite a bit at that time. It is no secret that many in IMG hate the Outcast and the pilot was assigned to Freeport 4 and to a repairship because he was too impulsive for the Taus.

The combination led to the fact that he did not even question who he was assisting, as long as the Outcast would have a more difficult time. The words "This is for Tau 23, for what you did yesterday" show clearly that his action was aimed at the Outcast, even though it undeniably also affected you. Mr. Reed sends his apology from Omega 3 (his new place of work) and I apologize as well for not having the presence of mind to stop the situation unfolding.

Having clarified that, and seeing that until now no harm has been done that cannot be repaired, I would say we are even after yesterday's attack. An enemy escaped you due to IMG action and a fighter was lost, gladly without loss of life or severe consequences. You trashed a transport as a reaction, gladly no lives lost in that confrontation as well.

Consequently, I accept the friendly warning and you'll find your bank deposit heavier by the mentioned sum. This is the message that I got from the IMG Bank.

Quote:Transfer: 25.000.000 credits
To: Bank account of LH~Nicole.Hunter.
Time: 14:06:07 MMT (Magellan Meantime)
Transaction status: Completed

Going into a major conflict would not be in the best interest of our two groups, I dare say. I think the Guild has always profited from the Lane Hackers knowledge and their connections around Liberty. And I know that the Hackers have always profited from us turning a blind eye to certain contacts that pass the Taus towards Omicron Alpha.

Keeping mutual advantages and letting regrettable mistakes behind us, seems to me the right way to go. I hope this conludes the matter.

Good day, Ms. Hunter and let's hope our next communications are about more pleasant topics.

Jack Henderson
IMG Operations Coordination

[Image: end.png]

To: Jack Henderson, Independent Mining Guild - Adrian Malprave - 06-04-2015

[Image: 9a.png][Image: 2.png]

Hello there my friends from the Guild,

Our beloved Professor Hunter directed me to this old frequency in order to send you friendly feedback on recent encounter with one of your younger members in Shikoku. Fear not, we did all we could in order to pass to him as much experience and knowledge as possible, however, we believe it would be in better interest of the Guild if you had put these two points into your recruit training:

► Heavy transports are not especially efficient at attacking small targets such as fighters, bombers or freighters.
► If you are not a target of an extortion encounter and you are politely asked to go your way this seems to be much more wiser solution than actively defending a target of such encounter and getting hurt in the process, especially if the target is not even remotely associated with your Guild.

I send you some logs as well if you want to enrich the training of your recruits with some real life examples. There is no need to thank us for this feedback. Friendship requires such selflessness from time to time.

Without any regrets whatsoever,
Adrian Malprave


Adrian Malprave: Good evening friend.
IMG Captain: Good day.
Adrian Malprave: IMG, safe skies. ALG Ship, please be friendly and stop for a moment. You have a very nice cargo.
ALG Captain: Yes i do.
Adrian Malprave: So I would like to ask you for a nice donation to my personal... I mean to the Lane Hacker R&D fund.
ALG Captain: What you need sir?
Adrian Malprave: Let's say 4 million credits. I think this would be a nice help from your side. What will you say?
ALG Captain: 4 million is too high. Maybe 2.
Adrian Malprave: Loosing 4 million is certainly better than loosing entire profit from your cargo.
ALG Captain: That I can't do.
Adrian Malprave: Indeed, you cannot allow yourself to loose your entire cargo. So you will be a wise captain and transfer me now 4 million credits?
ALG Captain: I can't give you 4 million.
Adrian Malprave: Should I use unnecessary violence to persuade you that you can?
IMG Captain: Gustav, as a captain of my ship, I must inform you, that captain of this ship is going with me, and that I will be actively defending his life, if needed.
Adrian Malprave: Stay away from it IMG. I told you you may go. But do not test our patience with such threats. This we will not tolerate.
IMG Captain: If you didn't notice we have a contract on niobium, I can share with you another million if needed. So you get 3. I couldn't deliver this myself, and I hired his ship to help.
Adrian Malprave: This is not my concern, my IMG friend. I politely ask once again. This is the last time ALG vessel. The price for your freedom of profit is 4 million credits.
ALG Captain: No.
Adrian Malprave: Very well. I will have to resort to violence to persuade you.
IMG Captain: Last time, back off Hacker.
Wolfgang Weisen: Guten Tag. I heard you require assistance Mr Graves.
IMG Captain: Prepare weapons.
Adrian Malprave: Yes. Let's go down with the ALG.
Wolfgang Weisen: Activating combat mode. Weapon systems online.

IMG vessel attacks.

Adrian Malprave: And we meet again.
IMG Captain: Any attempt to shoot at me and I'll open fire. I assure you.
Adrian Malprave: You attacked us when we graciously allowed you to leave unspoiled.
IMG Captain: I am not paying you anything by the way. So you can try to make it easier for you and start it. So I can take a revenge for my friend.
Adrian Malprave: I need to make sure you understand your error. You should have simply either ignored our proceeding with that ALG vessel or help him silently by transferring lacking 2 million. It was up to you. Now we will have to teach you a lesson and then send it to your leadership, so they teach you another one.
Wolfgang Weisen: You need some proper respect towards the Lane Hackers.
Adrian Malprave: The lesson is as follows. You will drop your entire cargo. And we will let you live.
IMG Captain: Of course... Ha ha ha...
Adrian Malprave: Will you accept this lesson? Or shall we convince you the hard way? I take you prefer the hard way...

IMG vessel looses hull Integrity.

RE: to: Lane Hacker Leaders -||- from: IMG| -||- topic: Aggression? -||- Encrypted - Jack_Henderson - 06-04-2015

[Image: jack.png]

**** SENDER: Jack Henderson, IMG Operations Coordination ****

**** TO: Gustav Graves ****

Dear Mr. Graves,

I have heard about the incident and I can only say: If you make a bad choice while in an inferior position, you should feel the consequences of your action.

I won't hold the destruction of the IMG transport against you.
To be honest: I would have acted exactly the same way.

The IMG should have stepped aside.
The ALG should have paid the easy demand.

They chose to fight.
It was a combination of many bad calls on ALG/IMG side.

I will try to talk to the IMG pilot once he is out of sickbay.
I hope he learnt his lesson, but I am not sure.

Anyway, thank you for contacting me. It's good to have both sides of the coin when ships blow up.

Jack Henderson
IMG Operations

[Image: end.png]