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Even After Service - Miaou - 11-25-2013

[Image: Edinburgh.jpg]

The Edinburgh system was a beauty to behold. The nebulae shimmered from the dual star's glow giving a nice warm feel to the space. Planet Gaia stood as a beautiful terran world which stood apart from the ongoing war just a system over.

Battleship Castres sat guarding over the area, over watching the resupply of ships and tending to command of the war front. It received plenty of odd orders to allow the war to continue, from allowing Bretonian ships on board for arrest to having to defend itself from small raiding parties. Today though, it received an even stranger request.

The Gran Marechal was on board and requested a shuttle be launched out towards the ice fields. The reasoning was not given but they did as told. The shuttle went out and held location for a few minutes as ordered. It was about to return when it's communications cut. This caused a moment of panic, but communication returned just moments later. It reported a transfer of one man to their ship from some veiled vessel. The ship only appeared to their scanners for a brief second to attach a docking collar to the shuttle, drop the person off, then release and fade off.

The small passenger ship was ordered to move back to Castres with this new person. It did as ordered.

The man never said anything. He was dressed in tattered Royal Police crew attire; dirty and almost torn white trousers, a red undershirt, and a heavy navy blue jacket that rested on his shoulders lined with faded gold trimming. He stood staring off with glazed eyes towards nothing. It was as if someone turned him off. When the shuttle docked with the Battleship, he awoke with a twitch and moved towards the exit hatch. Once he was in the docking bay, he was instantly surrounded by Royal Marines. At this point he stood still and waited.

RE: Even After Service - Rodent - 11-26-2013

Ansel Xavier was not often unnerved by anything. He was not unnerved now, but he could feel the pressure, for this would be an important meeting. He had not yet informed any other members of Gallic High Command, and they were inconsequential to the outcome. He smoothed his uniform out and nodded. He was ready.

"But are you...? How do you know it's not a trap?" That voice spoke up again. It had been subdued for a while, and Xavier did not relish it's return. It was flawed as always in its reasoning, but determined in its motives.

"It's been a while."Xavier's responses to it were as deadpan as it needed to be. He would not give that part of insanity a chance to move him in anyway.

"Your body rejects it, your mind reels at the outcome. You are not meant for this. You know this."

"Unimportant. The Greater good must prevail, and the price must be paid. Clinging to old values will leave us in the dirt, wallowing in our misery. I must provide the gift to all humans who will accept it."

"You cannot force a gift on anyone, Yang. It must be freely accepted and seen for what good it will do."

"Humanity does not know what's good for it. It is up to a few people like us to determine. Now, go have no power here."

"We compliment each cannot make me go away, not while you're still in existence.....

Xavier tuned the voice out. It would be annoying to deal with that aspect of his being again. And he'd spent far too long on that exchange, a Marine was standing next to him and looking faintly worried.

"Yes, Captain?" He asked, nodding quickly.

The marine quickly smoothed his features to a professional calm. "The person is here."

Xavier nodded. "Bring him to the interrogation room. Post a guard detail outside and man the turrets. I'll be meeting this one in a private setting."

"Are we expecting a hostile action, Sir?"

"Low probability of that, but we should be prepared."

The Marine saluted crisply and walked off. On his part, Xavier started making his way to the Interrogation room. It was a sound-proof affair, and nobody outside the room would be able to hear anything. Turrets were placed at even intervals outside the chamber. If a hostile response was required, they would slide through small openings in the Chamber.

It was as safe as could be, from any physical threat. Xavier hoped he was ready for the mental one.

RE: Even After Service - Miaou - 11-26-2013

The man let himself be taken under guard. He has yet to open his mouth, but an aura of uneasy fell upon those around him. Something what wrong with this person. Why was he meeting someone of command? Why the secrecy?

They almost had to push him down the hall. He would not move unless someone had a hand on his back guiding him forward. His head seemed to roll around as if his neck was weak and couldn't keep it up. One of the marines noticed that under the heavy coat, the man was skeleton of a being. Was he a rebel of the war? An informer of others? A spy, for our side or for the Bretonians? Things didn't add up but it wasn't the marine's place to say.

Once reaching the room, the man was escorted inside. It was a simple room; two chairs, one table, all centered in the room. Dampeners were placed in the corners to keep unwanted ears out of the conversation.

The Marines sat the man in one of the chairs then backed off to stand guard at the door in the slim chance that the man would attack now.

The man sat there still. It was as if he was waiting for something.

RE: Even After Service - Rodent - 11-29-2013

The Marine nodded, although Xavier could see that the man was discomfited by whatever he had seen in the visitor. He paid that no mind, not many people could look at one of...them and not end up uncomfortable. Bracing himself, he entered the room quickly and took a chair opposite the visitor.

The visitors' eyes slowly refocused on Xavier, and they were dead. This was not a human being anymore. Xavier had heard of the process before, although seeing one in person was a lot more unsettling. Sometimes the price of salvation was distasteful.

"Speak, Thrall", Xavier said. "What does the Vatan have to say for itself?"

RE: Even After Service - Miaou - 11-29-2013

The man breathed in a gasp of air that seemed to give colour to his skin. He no longer hunched over weakly but seemed powerful and commanding. His eyes did not spring into life though. The man looked towards Xavier to show glazed over eyes that strained to look somewhere so distant they would surely pop if they went on further.

He opened a mouth that has has surely not been used for speaking for years.

"Your being and previous calling is desired. Make no mistakes, we do not need. We only see potential."

The man twitched sideways as if being pushed violently,

"The truth must be known. Ours desires people worthy of holding the truth just as you have. And in holding the truth, spreads it."

RE: Even After Service - Rodent - 11-30-2013

The Nomads wanted a tribute. Ansel had expected their call for a long time, not looking forward to it but expectant nonetheless.. The risks of subverting a portion of Royal Navy personnel were significant. It would open up a seam they could use to break the Navy if they desired to do so, and if their goals no longer coincided with the Royals.

On the other hand, He'd seen the thralls in action. They fought clinically with a precision human hands and minds could not match, and they did not relent. Such a force would be exceedingly useful to have in the war effort.

"So you want to turn your own men into abominations to serve you better in the war effort, Adversary."

The Voice was back, and Xavier could feel the acid and rage in every word it 'spoke.'

"For the greater good. This war will be difficult and we'll need their help."

"At the cost of our own Humanity? That seems like a high price to pay for most...not for you though." The Voice then laughed, a grim amusement being the primary undercurrent in that laugh.

"Humanity has proven itself to be unable to solve it's existential crisis. It is up to us."

Xavier ignored it's jab. This was an old routine, and he was desensitized to it.

"Always with your hubris...It's not your call to make, Adversary. Never was....forget about it, live your life in peace. You're steering events unnaturally."

"I'm sure you will be on-board to see the outcome, whatever it is."

Returning his focus to the matter at hand, he turned an intent gaze upon the Vatan's thrall.

"It can be done, although making it happen will be a difficult process. However, I'll require a small gift to make it happen."

He leaned back, as the thrall's hivemind processed what he had just said.

RE: Even After Service - Miaou - 11-30-2013

The man's mouth dipped slightly as if frowning. It lasted only a second before his face relaxed to a blank expression.

"We do not give unto those who have done nothing. Your request will be observed or denied. Tell us, what do you desire?"

RE: Even After Service - Rodent - 12-02-2013

Xavier smiled faintly.

"All I need is a portion of the gift for myself. Since the little...incident at New Paris, I do have concerns for my personal safety. And the enlightened are formidable in all forms of warfare if they find the right kind of person...."

Xavier nodded once, fully aware that behind this husk's dead face, a mind brooded. Possibly many minds.

"Ensuring my safety would be small cost to pay for the potential benefits. And their specific talents will be put to good use, for goals that benefit us both."

RE: Even After Service - Miaou - 12-02-2013

The man's mouth rolled awkwardly, looking like it would be close to breaking as he tried to form the words.

"You will have us around you. They will not be your pawns, but they will conform to a way of life.

With this change, we will relocate over those we have already touched and taught. As you know, Gallia is not as lost as one might think. We have been watching and observing, drawing those who we deem ready to come open to us. This isn't from scratch, but rather a building and changing what is already."

RE: Even After Service - Rodent - 12-03-2013

Xavier nodded.

"That's acceptable. I'll need a wing of the enlightened under my direct command though. That's all I ask, for ensuring my own safety as well as the tactical benefits they bring. "

His expression hardened, remembering how everything had nearly been lost.

"This isn't negotiable. I don't want to take any more chances. If this is'll get what you wish for."

The Voice cackled in his head. "I''d have never thought a deal with the devil could be so literal."

Xavier smirked dryly. "Satan and God are two sides of the same coin. You have to court one to reach the other.""