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RE: Sirius Coalition Commissariat (Now our local feedback bar!) - Council of Commissars - 05-18-2014

Well, decided to turn this into feedback and discussion.

As little flaming as possible, we all know what ends up happening...


If you have a compliment, suggestion or a critique then we'd like to hear from you.

RE: Sirius Coalition Commissariat (Now our local feedback bar!) - SnakeLancerGame - 08-20-2014

Commissars get your *** back to work! Tongue Tongue Tongue

RE: Sirius Coalition Commissariat (Now our local feedback bar!) - Council of Commissars - 03-07-2015

Faction back up. Lore and additional RP will be edited.

RE: Sirius Coalition Commissariat (Now our local feedback bar!) - Council of Commissars - 03-10-2015

Ranks and Players updated

RE: Sirius Coalition Commissariat (Info/Feedback) - Council of Commissars - 03-20-2015

Division inside the Commissariat added

All rights to Snake, with his permission.

RE: Sirius Coalition Commissariat (Info/Feedback) - TheJarl - 04-06-2015

Encountered one of you guys, SCC|Wakizashi, a few days ago while I was flying VWA|Morgensonne. I enjoyed the talk we had. Was quite happy to actually encounter something (friendly) in the Omega's and have some diplomatic RP all the way till Bruchsal. You definitely succeed at being different from SCRA from what I saw during that encounter. I look forward to more encounters!

RE: Sirius Coalition Commissariat (Info/Feedback) - Council of Commissars - 04-06-2015

Thank you for feedback. We will do our best to keep that level and improve. Our aim is on a little more fresh RP then commonly used DAICAPITALIST! We want to try approach Coalition RP from different sides to make it fun and new. But ofc shooting those evil corrupted houses still our top priority Smile
Also once our lazy HC member will stop being lazy, VWA shall recieve the message you were promised to recieve.

RE: Sirius Coalition Commissariat (Info/Feedback) - Jack_Henderson - 05-09-2015

There is a fight in T23.
Your guys are in Taus to fight OC.
You log to Taus bc of emergency channel call.

And all you do is spam the group with "AFC! He intruded our home world!" "Will fight him!" and stuff like that.

If you want to be useful, do better.
That was bad.
I need allies. Not people who spam when they should listen, discuss when they should hurry, and claim to attack the wrong side for some mess that I do not care about and that you can clarify later.


RE: Sirius Coalition Commissariat (Info/Feedback) - The Archangels Fighter Club - 05-09-2015

[09.05.2015 18:30:16] SCC|Basilisk: AFC
[09.05.2015 18:30:18] SCC|Basilisk: the *****
[09.05.2015 18:30:26] IMG|Laura.Huntington: Shut up and fight
[09.05.2015 18:30:36] SCC|Basilisk: ***** OFF
[09.05.2015 18:30:46] IMG|Laura.Huntington: he is hunting for IMG BB
[09.05.2015 18:30:56] SCC|Basilisk: mkay
[09.05.2015 18:30:59] SCC|Basilisk: he's intruder though
[09.05.2015 18:31:00] IMG|Laura.Huntington: And if you have a prob, you can f off
[09.05.2015 18:31:03] SCC|Basilisk: fukin entered our home system
[09.05.2015 18:31:08] SCC|Basilisk: without permission
[09.05.2015 18:31:12] IMG|Laura.Huntington: How about you fight?
[09.05.2015 18:31:13] SCC|Basilisk: We even killed one of them
[09.05.2015 18:31:17] IMG|Laura.Huntington: And do what you are here for`?
[09.05.2015 18:31:18] SCC|Basilisk: ye I will fight
[09.05.2015 18:31:19] SCC|Basilisk: the AFC
[09.05.2015 18:31:27] SCC|Wakizashi: que?
[09.05.2015 18:31:29] IMG|Laura.Huntington: //u are useless
[09.05.2015 18:31:31] SCC|Wakizashi: are u nut?
[09.05.2015 18:31:38] SCC|Basilisk: Jack's just mad
[09.05.2015 18:31:41] Death: {AFC}-Dart[P] was put out of action by [-=XTF=-]-Vizaresh (Gun).
[09.05.2015 18:31:43] SCC|Basilisk: so I m pushing him around
[09.05.2015 18:31:44] SCC|Basilisk: 8)

yeah joining the IMG group chat and the first thing you said is "AFC F*** OFF"
Kekkekekekek rude

And then you know that Jack is mad and you purposely troll

RE: Sirius Coalition Commissariat (Info/Feedback) - JayDee Kasane - 05-09-2015

This incident is being discussed, this behaviour was unappropriate.