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RE: Sirius Coalition Commissariat (Info/Feedback) - Altejago - 05-09-2015

As mentioned above, this behavior is unacceptable.

This case will be reviewed.

As HGH of SCC, I apologize on behalf of the faction for the behavior displayed.

RE: Sirius Coalition Commissariat (Info/Feedback) - SnakeLancerGame - 05-10-2015

Alright... I guess I owe an apology. I realy had a bad day yesterday, especially with the horrible lag and overstressed "body" (Since days I'm working on my office with just 4 - 6 hours sleep, my back was hurting and I never actually could relax the whole week).

For the AFC guys, nah it's not ooRP grudge, more like the encounter we once had and the AFC intruded O-52 without permission. As the rest of the High Command agreed to "We killed them, it's over", I myself was kinda against it, because inRP Omega-52 is not passable without permission, hence why the debries field on O-5 Jumphole is present and Destroyers on both end of the Jumpholes are guarding it.

But the AFC still claimed to have passed through it, even send a transmission to SCRA like it's all fun and fluffy, so I declared a "warning" proceedure and this would mean we would avoid AFC and never be in same group.

But yesterday IMG was together with AFC and acted all like "Accept it or leave", it was then when I clearly had this strict rule to not be inside a group with AFC, because that would be silly and made a joke about it. Of course I didn't know that you people were already fighting someone and jack replied with an angry attitude.

Even though knowing, we can't engage the Outcasts unless they attack us first, because our ID DOESN'T allow us to. We requested this earlier, but Admins refused the change as appearantly it would become a "Terrorist ID" according to their logic. Knowing that we can't assist we had to watch, until one of the XTF guys attacked us, again with horrible lag.

There you have my rant of the day, after that I went quickly to sleep, slept over 10 hours and calmed. Allthough I planned to do much more activity last night, I went earlier because of this incident. Appearantly many have went to JayDee "Pfff what is this? SCC sucks" and all, which made it even worse.

To all Haters, stop hating because of one incident, it happened once, it was bad, it was my fault, I ruined it no need to push this towards the Faction itself that Alte is leading. Of course my action did hurt the image of the SCC and I get it that as a representative you should act accordingly.

RE: Sirius Coalition Commissariat (Info/Feedback) - SnakeLancerGame - 05-28-2015

// you know what, nvm

RE: Sirius Coalition Commissariat (Info/Feedback) - Council of Commissars - 06-05-2015

Project Red Star added.

RE: Sirius Coalition Commissariat (Info/Feedback) - Council of Commissars - 01-25-2019

We're back again. Recruitment is closed tho.

RE: Sirius Coalition Commissariat (Info/Feedback) - Neraxon - 01-25-2019

I don't see any point of your objectives that isn't already covered by SCRA, SCEC or TSB. You should overwork your concept

RE: Sirius Coalition Commissariat (Info/Feedback) - JayDee Kasane - 01-25-2019

(01-25-2019, 01:57 PM)Neraxon Wrote: I don't see any point of your objectives that isn't already covered by SCRA, SCEC or TSB. You should overwork your concept

With that in mind, you could always destroy all indie factions because their goals will 90% co-work with officials.

RE: Sirius Coalition Commissariat (Info/Feedback) - Anton Okunev - 01-25-2019

There like every coalition faction can be merged into SCRA as it was before, but we have reasons to not do it, even for example communications between all factions very close, and there no serious splits in playerbase. Just for players more comfort play in this way.

Guess we now pretty ok with sorting out any overlaps, especially when for example SCEC intel branch work in more of black ops flawor, SCRA intel branch more as politic police, and TSB nohow not cover intel tematic ever. So i have no doubts any interference problems could be sorted both inRP and ooRP.

There more important question, it will be as indies, or you with Snek will ressurect this on SCRA base?

RE: Sirius Coalition Commissariat (Info/Feedback) - SnakeLancerGame - 01-25-2019

I guess i've to clarify that I'm also part of this, we're reviving the old SCC. My Character was always Coalition Intelligence (aka Commissariat) and I used to lead this with alte back then. We merged it with SCRA because it was in the brink of disbanding, but right now SCRA in my opinion does realy good on its own so I'm giving this another shot with a couple Vets.

RE: Sirius Coalition Commissariat (Info/Feedback) - Council of Commissars - 01-31-2019

Roster and diplomacy updated