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The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - The Archangels Fighter Club - 07-21-2014

[Image: 7OUbac7.png?1]

WELCOME TO The Black Cherry

[Image: sexysilh.gif]

[Image: UfoEjgF.jpg?1]

The sound of the bass booms outside the doors of the club. You walk in finally past the large bouncers at the entrance and open the door and the club music floods out and surrounds you with its welcoming pounding presence. Walking down past the crowds of people dancing to the beat and rhythm of the music, dancers and entertainers are seen around at their locations around the club elevated a bit higher on lit platforms or sometimes dangling and dancing in the air attached to ropes and pulleys above or on a net. Some walk around in the crowd, teasing and luring eyes. Others are seen at the small bars with other people in their skimpy outfits, flirting as they drink and sometimes dancing on the counter tops if given a tip. Lights flicker in different colors in the darkened large hall filled with the smell of lust, alcohol, and the feeling excitement, adrenalin and passion.

[Image: VjYYY02.jpg?1]

The large club hall with its dancers and crowds is connected with another set of doors to the separate club bar and lounge. Soundproof walls separate the music from the club to the bar with its own sound of rock music playing in the background. The bar is lit up with moody lights, mostly dark, with dark corners and couples or sometimes a dancer with someone else making out. The furniture is padded and cherry dark and the bar is lit up with the drinks on display and a female bartender waiting to serve. The classy bar with the music playing in the background and the dim lighting makes a relaxing chilled environment. Some laughs from some groups can be heard sometimes, some yells from one side of the bar to the other, and the sound of pool balls cracking in the background.

[Image: xARwFL6.jpg?1]

The smell of smoke lingers in the air for a while... Synthetic marijuana or sometimes other drugs could be sensed... though they disappear rather quickly. The bar is decorated with some of the AFC's club items, pictures, and some pieces of a ship or land motor bike decorating around the bar.

[Image: PY6akVy.jpg?1]

Pool tables are around the dark bar, lighten up by white lights above. Bets are made around the table often. Sometimes deals or jobs discussed while playing and other times in more secrecy around a separate table at the side with some drinks. The tables are often times the places where most of the smells of drugs and cigars come from and linger for a while in the air as the light reflects off the smoke as it rises slowly up.

[Image: TYTKGrc.jpg?1]

Posted at the entrance of the club doors are the following:
1) Pay your tab/bill.
2) No weapons. Leave at the front desk before entering. Weapons will be returned upon exit.
3) No fighting. Take it outside. No disruption of the peace.
4) No cardamine.

Failure to follow these rules will lead to be taken out of the bar until deemed otherwise.

//Allowed to enter are those confirmed friendly by the AFC. This can be confirmed by speaking to the president or seeing if one has docking permission on the AFC base.

//music linked is just an example
//no oorp allowed as usual

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - nOmnomnOm - 08-05-2014

[Image: vJuwqJ1.jpg?1]

The sound of bass booming and crowds of people laughing and talking seeps into the Black Cherry bar as the large elaborate sound proof doors slide open and Sunny walks in already with a small bottle of whats left of some gin in his hand, having gotten it from the small bars at the night club. He takes a long swing from the bottle and downs the drink as he steps in with a slight wobble in his step, not too noticeable and well hidden. he felt a bit tipsy but not too much. The high was a good feeling that he liked to get into often but he knew when to draw the line... most of the time.

He is wearing his black AFC jacket on and a dark red shirt underneath, the letters not clear of what the shirt says. He has black jeans on too that aren't too baggy but not too tight either. The bar plays a rock tune in the background, setting a light mood.

He walks to the bar counter with its shelves illuminating bottles of what seems like all shapes and color., neatly organized and placed on display. He slides the now empty bottle on the bar counter to the bar tender working at the bar and gives a smirk. "Could you..." He shakes his head with a little groan, "fill this bottle up... or get me another one... maybe a whiskey... and some of that synthetic weed from the back too.. with something to roll it in."

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - APDAF - 08-06-2014

Mara was behind the bar "Hey Sunny..." She passes him a bottle whisky.
"I'll get ya weed in a moment..." She says then telling the real barmaid to get it.
"I hope you are well..." She giggles as a few other woman surround him.
"Girls... I know you want some fun... but give him a minute..." She says adjusting her hair.
"So... ya here not just for the drink... are ya?"

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - nOmnomnOm - 08-06-2014

Sunny smirks as he looks up at her and then notices the surrounding women around him. He casually takes a seat at the bar stool and opens the bottle, taking a sip straight from it and placing it back on the table as his eyes are fixed at her.
"My ... my... Mara my dear. Seems you've gotten around here ... *sip... ahhh...* mmmm... thats some good whiskey... but ..." he looks around looking at the other women around him, "...your probably right about me not being here only for ... *sip .... mmmm.....* this lovely little mmm..."
He puts the bottle again back on the table and leans forward just a bit. "So darling... you want a little... fun, do you?" He smirks again and turns to one of the girls next to him and takes her around the waist and brings her near. "I see you've brought a few ladies with you too... whats your name, darling?"

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - Big_B - 08-06-2014

The main doors into the club opens and a good looking man enters. His face expression shows that he is annoyed because of the fact that the bouncers don't let him in even after he said that he knows the owner but the bouncer only replied with a mocking laugh
"Yea right... now go back into the line with all the other guys who know the owner"
But the his mood gets immediately better after he sees the people dancing and having fun in the Nightclub. He turns to the doors with the sign "Bar" above them and he walks straight for them. As the doors to the bar open and the light of the bar hits the face of the man it was clear who he was, the one and only Logan Torrio.

He looks around in the bar for some familiar faces and spots Sunny with the girl and Mara behind the counter. He smiles and walks over to Sunny
"Sunny my friend!" He greets him with a thumb clasp handshake "How is it going?"
He sits down on the bar stool turns to Mara "Hey sweetie, making some money on the side here huh? Nice" He smirks "How about you give me a big scotch and soda and I give you a huge tip in exchange?" He winked at her and turns around in the bar stool, leaning on the counter and putting his elbows onto them

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - nOmnomnOm - 08-06-2014

Sunny smirks as he looks over and sees Logan walk in. He grins as he returns the handshake and swings another mouthful of the whiskey down. "Hey its good to see you... get something to drink. Whatever you want." He turns to see another barmaid come with some weed and puts it in front of him on the table. With one hand to takes it and rolls it up. Reaching in his pocket he takes a lighter and lights the roll as he sticks it in his mouth. He inhales and then blows off to the side.

"Logan. Still flying around Liberty ? Anything happen?" He smirks and pulls the girl in closer, now having her sit on his lap and lean against him. "You keep your engine on that fighter in check. There will be more races to come... though I dont think you -need- to be in any more to show you've earnt a place in the finals.... well unless you wana race again... But this time I'll be right on your tail" he smokes a bit more and grins.

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - Big_B - 08-06-2014

He looks at Sunny "Yea I still fly around Liberty and annoy the Navy a bit. Besides that nothing exciting happened" He smiles "No thats not true... I met a nice Kusarian girl a while back and we spend a night together. Unfortunately she didnt give me a chance to... well... you know....and I'm not that kind of guy who likes to force women into something" He lets out a little laugh "But still, she had something on her what I liked and I hope to see her again"

He takes a short sniff from the air which has the smell of Sunny's weed "Thats some nice stuff you have there" He looks around the bar for a moment and then back to Sunny "Of course. I keep my engine always in check or else I would not be able to kick your and the others arse in the last races" He laughs "I build the engine myself, mostly used parts from the black market which gives the engine the nice blue color with the red pulse rings. Anyways you know me Sunny. I cannot resist a challenge and I'm ready for every race you have to offer me" He grins

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - nOmnomnOm - 08-06-2014

He nods with a smirk and takes another puff of his joint before raising an eyebrow. "You want one? Allow me..." He flicks a finger making eye contact at the barmaid and she goes off behind the counter at the bad to get another. He looks back at the girl and gently nudges her back on her feet and slides a disclosed number on her back pocket of her short shorts and taps twice as she gets off. He leans back and smokes a bit more and nods again.
"I've got another two planned alright... probably one after the other. Pretty sure I know where too.... just gotta get all the final details organised.... Say... what did you spend all that dough on anyway hmm? The prize money."
He looks over to see the barmaid come back and put another round of synthetic marijuana in front of him on the counter.

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - Big_B - 08-06-2014

He nods "Nice, count me in. Cant wait to let them eat my dust again" He smiles "The prize money? For the Man's basic needs. Girls, drugs and alcohol" He laughs "Also quite a bit of the money went into new parts for my ship, a new painting and I bought one of these fluffy dices which you hang somewhere in the cockpit"
He smiles and rolls the Weed before he sticks it into his mouth. He searches in his Jacket for his lighter "Damn it... Hey can you give me your lighter?"

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - Walligig - 08-06-2014

Steven burst through the doors like a man with something to prove. He looks over to the bar and makes his way to the nearest unoccupied stool. Steven then sits in the stool and puts his feet up on the bar. "Bartender, poor me a glass of whiskey...... No wait......... Sake.. I haven't sampled the exquisite taste of Kusari in a while." He then glances over at Sunny and Logan who appear to be having a conversation. Mr. Colbalt rudely interrupts.. "My Friends.. Colleague who delivered me from that god forsaken prison cell." The bartender hands Steven his sake. "Let us toaste to you guys and to that Lane Hacker who is a wizard in technology and did........ whatever he did to make your jobs easier" He takes a drink and then sets the glass down. "LOGAN!!!!, I appreciate what you did for me on that day, but that does not change the fact that I want another shot at you in the next race. Sunny!!!! consider me signed up!!!"